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I am not ever going to buy any Nissan cars.
Michael Hood

Mr. Nissan, for what it is worth... I am an owner of two Nissan Motor Company vehicles and will not consider purchasing anymore cars from them due to their position they are taking with your company.  I support the initative of the small business man and wish you the best of luck!  If there is ANY way I can help your cause, please email.
David Whittington - Houston, TX

Bad mistake Nissan Motor Co.  I am continually searching for a Nissan Maxima or Toyota Cressida to buy.  I own two Toyotas and one Nissan currently.  As of this date I will eliminate Nissan vehicles from my search until such time that Nissan Motor Corp. withdraws this attempted LEGAL THEFT.  Such a shame.  The SHAME is on you, nissan Motor Corp.  The lower case "n" indicates my feeling for this type of business practice.  Too bad I can't serve on the jury in this case.
C. Fulco

If Nissan Motors value the name so much why don't they just buy it - at any cost! Strong arm tactics are not the way and I for one have just removed Nissan from my car purchasing list. God save the little man from you corporate bullies.

Bullyboy tactics should not be allowed.. I would NEVER buy a Nissan Car now
David Foster

Give the guy a break Nissan (Motors)!  Can't you just use Nissanauto or some other variation of?  Be creative - the company can afford to advertise and get the name out.  Mr. Nissan (computer) got his domain name first and has a right to it as it happens to be his name. I have lost respect for Nissan Motors - shame on you!  Live and let live.
Nancy Ouellet

I think that NIssan motors should have better foresight being a much bigger corp. While, NISSAN is synonymous with automobiles in Asia, I feel that it is more appropiate for the domain name to be with them. However, it does not give them to right to hijack and a form of compensation is only justified to make up for their lack of foresight and complacency to protect their brand..
H. Lee

To Whom It May Concern:
This attempt by Nissan Motors Corp. to highjack a domain name from its rightful, registered owner is despicable!  We all need to realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  If Nissan Motors wins this case, it will be a clear sign to all the wealthy and powerful that you can hire a stable of high-priced lawyers to get almost anything through our shameful judicial system.
I remember when Nissan was Datsun!  Good luck to the real Nissan.
Robert Collins

This is a stupid suit from nissan motor corp. and I hope they cease this line of thought.  Good Luck
N. Roman

To Nissan Computer:  You had it first and I would hope the judicial system will work in your favor, i cannot see how they can take it away from you. Good luck!
To Nissan Motors:  Wouldnt you think you could just register another similar name for around 15 dollars, instead of spending millions in lawyer fees? be realistic, is it worth it?  and you have to know you arent going to win.
Jon Hasbrouck

If they didn't bring any legal action before this then the have no rights to the name. Its typical big business attitudes they OWN everything.  Someone MUST stop them, but until then FIGHT to the LAST!
Steve Hall

If the facts are as you state them, then tough luck Nissan. They could have registered the domain and elected not too. This is not Nissan Computer's problem.
Fight them!
Mark Singer

I believe the case here is clearly and unmistakably in favor of Mr. Nissan.  Although I have not heard any input from Nissan Motor Co., I believe there is no manner in which any other opinion could be held.  It saddens me that Nissan Motor Co. is enough of a Bigot to try and stomp on smaller businesses with rightful claim to what they own.
Ben Tippin

Nissan Motors is wrong, the first one to properly register a domain name with legitimate support is and should be it's rightfull owner. To bad Nissan Motors, try to be a little bit more current in your advertising planning.

I am outraged by NMC's suit.  This is a horrible attempt to make up for their lack of foresight in registering the domain names.  Are they trying to protect their reputation in this suit, or destroy it?  I would be embarrassed to be associated with them.

I think that this is a very tragic case that ones family name is being contested and being hijacked by a large MNC to suit their vested interests. It is high time that we took a stand and as a banker will try to spread this awareness around in my part of the world.
Joseph Claude

You are entitled to your name. Just because Nissan is a large company does NOT mean they own you or your name, nor can they tell you how or when you can use your name. I personally think this is a disgrace and the auto makers, Nissan, should be ashamed for trying to keep a small business down by taking a domain name away from them that has been used for years. Fight The Power!
Josh Workman

I dont agrre with what is going on and fail to see why a resolution cannot be reached.  I think that it is pathetic that Nisson motors is going to let this go through the courts and tie up tons of money in efforts of getting their own way and forcing this computer company to give up their rightfull claim to their internet site addresses.
this motors suck!!

I believe that what Nissan motors is an absolute disgrace.  It is ridiculous that they would even consider taking this matter to court.  Shame on you!
Alex G.

Nissan motors should have better ethics than this.
Mark Bloore

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