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I am ashamed that I own a Nissan vehicle and I have no intention of ever buying one again.
Howard Seay

Yet another example of the big corporations trying to squash someone else. My wife and I are in the process of looking for a car for her in the next year or two...
Guess what, we won't be considering a Nissan or any vehicle made by any company affiliated with it.
Stephen Gideon

I will never buy any think from them again.
Don Holt

I can't believe that Nissan Motors would try to take the man's name away from him.
I'm buying a new SUV soon and I guess I'll just cross Nissan off my list of candidates. 
Reno Lamb

I am in the market for a new car not used and found your web-site on my  own. I am sick by this deal. These car companys have pushed people around for to long its time we stand up to them. I will take my business some place else. I hear Honda is nice!
In unity,

To The Corporate Trick Rats,
An attempt to undermine a business that somebody has worked hard to establish based on the fact that the poor bastard has the same name makes me want to puke.  Be proud though coropration buffoons it is companies like yourself and general motors who are legally attacking the smaller entities for bullshit reasons that will piss the public/consumer off.  You see my friends this wonderful network is just about to work the way we need it to.  It will inform, educate and prompt change.  The power of an educated decision will soon be able to change the world again.  So I thank you blind instigators for your spurring of the global eye.  So as you pursue your trademark infringement, please remember, you don't have a case, and man you are pissing us off.  Time to back off.
Carl DeVries - Small business owner

What is wrong with you guys ? Why don't you do the honorable thing and buy it.
Jim Metz

I fully support your endeavor.
What we see is reverse hijacking of geniune business operators with good intention. Big business has got the help of congress to pass a so-called "cybersquatting" law and the big busines is utilizing this to hammer small business or people who see the potential of making money or would want to start a busines in the future after realizing internet's potential for the small business owner.
I fully support you and your organization morally.
Hari Iyer

I understand your concern. In fact it is the concern for the small business peoples throught the world.  My understanding about a domain name, is just a name any body may like to have.  Because the domain name, i.e a few word(s), which can not be treated as a physical substance.  For example, my name is "David", that does not mean anyone else can not keep the same name for their baby. I think the same is true for domain name. No body should be given the right to inherit certain word(s) from rest of the peoples.
Roy Dipak

Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know that I think you are taking the wrong tack.  He bought it before you did.  He owns it.  Plain and simple.  Your company did not jump on the web wagon until someone else had already purchased the spot you would obviously prefer.  Mountain Dew has, why can't you all just settle for or something like that.  maybe pay the guy...I like the Maxima, I want to get one in about a year and a half, but I will think twice if you use your corporate wealth to bully a small businessperson out of their domain and out of their life's work. 
D. M.

Nissan Motors,
The world is growing way too small for a big corporation like yourselves to even think you could assert yourself in such a way like attempting to bring legal charges against Mr. Nissan and his computer business website. 
Do not forget for one minute that the consumers - us "little guys" - are the ones who have allowed your the luxury of becoming the financial giant that you are.  Your grasp on power is but a mere illusion.  Think not for one second that you are invicible.  You can choose the highest, fairest and best choice by dropping your charges against Mr. Nissan (his family name in existence for millenia).   We all are tired of this global corporate caste system.
Jon Aguilar

This sort of thing is typical and defies belief.  You both have an equal claim, but you got there first.  Nissan, the big boys, suddenly realise that computers are important, as are domain names. But someone has already got it. So lets sue 'em.
My argument is this. - NISSAN.COM is not what they have trademarked, they will have trademarked NISSAN or NISSAN MOTORS or something.  NISSAN.COM is an AMERICAN domain. NISSAN should use a Japanese domain suffix (or whatever). Just as UK comapnies should use .UK - Why can't they use a different domain sufix? .org? - Why can't they use the doman name 
I think this kind of thing is rediculous to the extreme.
Good luck.
Lee Ramsbottom

If someone wants to accuire someone elses property, the accepted method is an offer to purchase the property. To file a lawsuit in an effort to take the property is tantimount to extortion in a case such as Nissan Motors Vs. Nissan Computer. This as a bad reflection on both Nissan Motors and the legal system that allows such abuse.
David Reavis

I am very dissapointed in Nissan, what a load of crap! Too bad your unsophisticated butts weren't there when the Internet revolution was on!
Let the REAL NISSAN (computer) get the domain name. I'm sick of the big bad bullies trying to squeeze everything out of us people who are just trying to make a living.
That goes for you too, Madonna.

On the face of the articles that I have read here at this site, I would like to offer my best wishes to you for the pursuit of your claim.  It is my hope that you will win against NMC, as it appears to be your right (and even your birth right) to use your surname in your business.  It is also my opinion that the legal system is currently abused by wealthy corporations, as a weapon against smaller businesses!  So I also hope in your case that it is found that they have incorrectly pursued this matter, after which the court should also ensure that NMC pay full restitution for the capital outlay that has been required from Nissan Computers in countering NMCs claim.  It does appear to be a tactic that a large financially advantaged corporation can force a smaller business into court, which destabilises a businesses financial position. 
Please know that I will continue to monitor this matter via your site, offering my support in email and by following the sponsors links.
My sincerest best wishes to you Uzi Nissan.
David Roxburgh

I Robert Clarke fully support Nissan Computer in their effort to keep their domain name.  To all concerned I urge you to stop big business from overpowering the average small business with power demands and company destroying techniques from the likes of big Corperations.
Robert Clarke

Obviously this is wrong. This gentleman has been using the trade name of Nissan long before Nissan has in the US.  If Nissan wants this domain they should buy it from him.
Jim Payne

I think this is completely disrespectfull and idiot to sue an honest man that registered a domain of his familly name for the business _he_ started... THE POINT YOU DON'T WHAT TO SAY THAT IS, IS THAT YOU THINK THAT 'chevrolet',, "STICKS MORE" TO IT than ''. Don't be ashamed 'not to be like the others ones. Show you have some kind of intelligence... I personnally think that you just did the complete opposite. Why don't you just prove that sometimes (pun intended!)'real life' persons are more important then some domain names. If people want to get infos on your cars, they'll look for the proper URL. I'm sure that Uzi's surname is more legitimate and established that your compagny name. Heck, stop rushing everything everywhere, and think for a minute, he !
Francois Houle

I wonder why Nissan Motor didn't try to buy the domain name if they needed, rather than trying to destroy innocent company.  This is the very sample of how the big company take advantage of others by using their power.

I have been on the corporate end of a domain name dispute.  We have a trademark for such name, a competitor registered our name with an s on the end and redirected the traffic to their competing site.  I believe we had a legit claim to the name. 
Nissan motors has no claim to a name that is 1) being used, and 2) the register has a legit tie to the name.  I hope that nissan motors does not recieve this name and if they do then I expect them to reep the benfits of the hate mail they would recieve.
Thank you
Ben Franklin

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