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To Whom it may concern:
I have own my 1990 Nissan Hardbody 4x4 since new.  I have also owned a 1970 Datsun 240Z and also a Datsun 510 that I raced in SCCA GT-4 Road Racing.  Why did I tell you all of the above?  Because I wanted you to know that I have always loved your products and will eventually get another one.
If you keep up the practice of trying to take away a man's family name and business the next vehicle I purchase will most assuredly NOT be a Nissan.  Have you never seen a Jewish calendar?  Nissan is a month, NOT a motor company!  Check the man's geneology out for yourself.  He is 100% legitimate on the level.  He began an Internet company that has NOTHING to do with the automotive industry, let alone Nissan Motor Cars.
Please leave the man aloe in peace.
Thank you,
Larry Joffe

I have very happily owned a couple of your automobiles, recommending them to friends and anyone else who asked.  However, the matter of the domain name dispute, in my opinion, is an example of the worst of "corporatism". This must negatively affect any future purchases I make, and will be part of any discussion I have with persons about their purchasing decisions.  I sincerely hope you will "come to your senses", call off the legal dogs and settle this matter in a fair and equitable manner.
Thank you for listening.
Bruce Harmon

Money can buy anything especially EVIL. I will never touch nissan again.
Roland Waithe

I find it reprehensible that Nissan motor company would see fit to drag a small business through the courts over an internet domain name- as if Nissan Motor Company couldn't find a way to include the word "Nissan" in a domain name without infringing upon Nissan Computer Corp.'s domain name. Count me out of buying ANY Nissan Motor Company products. Companies who bully smaller businesses and abuse the court system to get their way sicken me, and certainly won't get my business.
Lady Bug

I don't know if true or not but if true the car comp can make there web name (nissan car corp) Or something and if they continue this kind of Nazi take over on a small, large, or other comp, I will never buy a car for my wife or our church.
God bless
Harold Matthew Budry

Nissan Motors should be ashamed of themselves.  They lost out because they weren't on the ball and now some poor guy in North Carolina is being made to pay for their mistakes.
Shame on you Nissan Motors!!  I am sorry to say that I have owned several Nissan cars (we called them Datsun back then) but you can bet that my next car will be a Toyota.
Renee Ofner

This case is absolutely insane; Nissan Motor cannot conclude that just because they are a bigger company with more popularity, that they own everything involving the world nissan.  I hope Nissan Computer wins this case.  These companies are being totally unreasonable; If they want the domain, they need to come up with a couple million to buy it from Nissan Computer.
Dante Lee

My name is Myers.  Do I have to get permission to use my own name for a business of my own, or must I allow someone with the same name tell me I'm not allowed?
This is how rediculous this lawsuit is to me.  The larger the company the more the little guy gets the shaft.  If Nissan has had that family name back to Biblical times, you best allow the man to use his own family name.  Otherwise, who's greasing who's palm?
Thank You,
Janice L. Myers

If Nissan Motor company wants the name then they should buy it !!!  The computer company had it first. Or spend some money and come up with a better name.  Besides if you piss enough people off, they will boombard you site so nowone will be able to do businees with your company..  Result either buy it, or change it.
Chuck Moore

This is so ridiculous!  I can't beleive that a company would do that.  It is not your place or anyone else's to take something away from another just because you feel it should be yours.  This ip address does not belong to you!  It belongs to whoever got it first.  That's like Madonna suing for her name too!  Someone's got mine - but you don't see me sueing anyone over it!  Big deal!  Live with it!  ITS NOT YOURS TO TAKE-IT WAS NEVER YOURS.  YOU DIDN'T GET TO IT FIRST.
Janelle Parsons

Nissan motor co. is wrong.  They got there to late, and they did not get the site they wanted.  If they were incorporated as "" then maybe they would have a case.  Good luck to you, I hope that Nissan Computer Corporation wins this case. 
Dave Wind

I think this is silly from the big player. Not the best PR. though!
Mr. Markkanen

Please leave Mr.Uzi Nissan alone.
Uzi Nissan, an Israeli-American, is the founder and president of Nissan Computer Corp., incorporated in Raleigh, NC in 1991. Nissan registered the domain names NISSAN.COM in 1994 to help expand his computer business and NISSAN.NET in 1996 to provide Internet Services (ISP).
Nissan's last name has been in his family for more then seven generations and can be traced back to biblical days (identifying the seventh month in the Jewish calendar), long before Nissan Motors was in existence.
Please leave Nissan Computer alone!!!
James Jones

Dear Nissan,
If you were asleep at the wheel and did not get a domain name that you wanted, please do not fight the little guy who has a right like anyone else to get the name that makes the most sense for his business. 
Shame on you Nissan.  If you have no imagination of what to do, let me try a few for you in 1 minute or less:
Ok, you get the picture.  Now stop trying to ruin this guys life and business and do what you need to do before you make the press and look like total fools.
Bob Adams

Your unwarranted pursuit of this frivoulous lawsuit is contrary to the democratic and economic principles of the United States. Perhaps, being Japanese you are unaware of our strong committments to these principles in defense of the underdog. What you are doing is not right.
Bert W. Shaw, MA

I think it is horrible that Nissan Motor Company must use these means to get what they want.  They should realize that every person in this world has the same rights as they do and to learn to deal with it and solve their problem in another way.
Good luck to Nissan Computer Corp.
Jamie Schmidt

That sounds like a really interesting lawsuit. I would think that Nissan Computer should win- there was NO bad faith registering the domain name- one of the requirements of the Cybersquatting Bill. I think this case is an excellent opportunity to show how wrong the current law is and, hopefully, it'll set a precedent to other similar cases. Nissan Motors should lose. Nissan Computers to say the least, has a common law trademark rights in their name. Nissan computer, as a last name, has also a valid claim in their last name, Nissan, as their property. There is no dilution and no confusion - none of the consumers are confused once they open the page. Furhtermore, how about the trespass to chattels as a claim against the Nissan Motors? Whoever registered the domain first should have it. Plus why can't Nissan Motors register as their domain  name?
N. Kitty

What we have here is a case of first come first served. It's too bad that Nissan (The Auto Company) didn't have a better advertising staff or they would've gobbled up the name earlier. I do not like big businesses or their bully attitudes. I am proud to say that neither myself or anyone in my family owns a Nissan. As for Nissan...It's time to stop crying and time to start thinking of a new domain name.
Max C.

It looks as though we have witnessed another case of money overpowering justice.  I do realize that many have tried to squat domain names but this seems to be a legitimate situation.  If this was such a big issue to Nissan, than why did they wait so long to penetrate the web medium?  They are just another corporate lemming to jump on the bandwagon of the Internet medium - and probably only for the reason that "their competitors are doing it."  WAY TO GO NISSAN!!!! I HOPE YOUR GREED BRINGS YOU WHAT YOU DESERVE...

Good luck NCC - You got the name first you own it until you stop paying for it. Nissan Motors can find 100 and 1 alternative domain names to use. Ultimately it's first come first served.

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