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Shameless!  Nissan Motor didn't bother registering the name, so now they're just going to take it.  Nissan CPU has my total support with this.  Everyone is sick and tired of big-money, corporate bully tactics.
I will never purchase a Nissan in my life.  I will dissuade my friends and family from buying Nissan.  I will encourage anyone I know who has a Nissan to trade it in.  I hope this gets more press than it has to date.
Mike York

Nissan Motor Representative(s):
I find it objectionable that your company finds the actions towards Nissan Computer justifiable - people have the right to name their businesses after themselves, regardless of the existence of other businesses with the same name selling completely different products and services.
I was a dedicated Nissan automobile supporter, but my enthusiasm for the company is quite dampened by this position towards another business. For certain, I'm far more likely now to purchase the non-Nissan vehicle my husband has been so enthusiastic about rather than buy the Sentra I wanted and have it go towards fighting people out of legitimate business rights.
To put it bluntly: Ick. PR nightmare for you guys, I'm sure. How about laying off and being decent to the non-mega-corp businesspeople you're harassing with this insane lawsuit?  What an alarming precedent to set! Just that fact that Nissan thought this was reasonable action to take bothers me. Ick. I'll be sharing this info w/ all of my friends, family, and co-workers, that's for sure. Makes me glad that I'm on 6 widely-distributed internet email lists...perhaps more voices can make Nissan wake up and smell the transmission fluid.
J.G. McKelvy-Smith

This sort of commercial terrorism represents the worst kind of big-business bullying. A company that has little to nothing to lose files a groundless suit to bankrupt someone who has something they want. This suit should have been thrown out of court before it even began.
The Nissan corporation will have none of my business from now on, nor will any company that thinks it deserves anything it fancies simply because it wants it.
Angus Reid

What is wrong with you people?  It's the man's family name!  I'm sure they had it long before your piddly little car company came into existance.  How is it possibly going to bankrupt your company?  Why can't you use or something similar?  If he registered the name before you could... too bad!
This has just insured that I'll never buy a Nissan product.
Thadd Evans

Thank god I don't own Nissan right now, but had a good opinion of Nissan motors and wished to purchase one but now it is totally out of mind.
Elders should behave well so the youngers follow them.  GOT THE MESSAGE.
Prasad Shetty

I can not believe that Nissan Motors is claiming infringement rights regarding this case.  People also have the right to use their last names in naming their own business or even internet address.  I think Nissan motors merely acted too slow to claim these domain names and should choose another variation such as  Nissan should reconsider this lawsuit for it may due damage to their trademark name in representing themselves as greedy and irrational.  I also was considering buying a Nissan but may also reconsider like some other which have voiced their opinions.
Denise Galluzzo

Hey, I'm just some punker kid that would have never bought a Nissan car anyway, but hey, I figured I'd go on record for my generation and say NISSAN SUCKS! 
Good luck with all your battles, and stick it to those greedy corporations!

The internet is for everybody, it is an anarchistic place, this means amongst many other things -first come first served! If big corporations like nissan motors or madonna (the entertainer) can "hijack" domain names first registered by someone else, it won't take long before they can shutdown any site writing negative things about them. Stop capitalism taking over this wonderful anarchistic place called the internet.
Jari Wiklund

I'm really sorry for you, Uzi. Nissan Motor obviously think they are more important. I just hope the government don't want their tax dollars too much.
There is obviously nothing wrong with the way you got, and the fact that you also registered a year after you were first contacted by Nissan's legal people just shows how slow Nissan were. They were the ones that missed the boat.
Good Luck and I hope you win.

If Nissan Computer Corp is using their own personal name for their Domain they have EVERY RIGHT to do so. The name was given as their birth right and NOT as an incorporated business such as the Nissan Motors.
The Nissan Computer Corp should therefore legally be entitled to use the Domain that they have chosen to use without any restrictions whatsoever.
Dr Elizabeth

Well, what can I say that has not been said yet, Nissan suit has no legal base of any kind and the use of this domain names by Uzi Nissan is completely legitimate. Only have to say that Nissan motor has failed twice.
1.They not registered the domain name when they had the chance.(Sorry internet world is a fast one)
2.They are wasting time and resources in a suit they'll never win, if there is any justice in this world, when they simply could have tried to friendly buy the domain from Uzi Nissan or arrange some agreement that would cost them almost the same that this suit. Now they won't win and the will never get the domains.
If I was nissan motor I would wonder what's wrong with the company.

I am in total support of your plight against Nissan Motors.  The Internet is slowly becoming a big Las Vegas style showcase, where only Big Names are allowed and recognised, and this is defeating the whole purpose for which it was designed.
Hilary David

I came across this web page while looking for a page to make a complaint about my recent dealings with Nissan Motor Company.  I find it particularly exciting that a small business man can use his own name and be proud of that.  A lawsuit by Nissan Motor Company is further example as to how the "Big Corporation" is trying to make a statement that they are "more important" than the business man that makes the wheels of america roll. I hope that not only is the lawsuit droped by the court, but also Nissan Motor Company should be taught a lesson for harassing Mr. Nissan and pay him a substantial monetary penalty.
Jack Berube

First come first serve. Stop crushing small business with lawyers.
James Hedrick

As far as I can tell, Mr. Nissan has and should have all rights to his last name.  Mr. Nissan beat the corporation to the punch.  Perhaps if the corporation had been more intelligent and had learned to get on top of things, then they could have registered the domain name.  As far as I am concerned.  It's first come first serve.   Besides, what right does anyone have to copywrite a name?

Yes, I have been watching this since the new law took effect, with worry. And my fears have been coming true. I saw some possible benefits but more negatives. This will keep growing into a more serious problem if it is not addressed properly.
Thank You.
Terrilynn Hall

I am opposed to you picking on Nissan Computer. Stop the bullying by legal blackmail. If you have a case, let the Judge hear it immediately instead of using your funds to wipe out the small guy.
Dennis Garetano

Hang in there Uzi,
This is absurd, there is no reason why you should have to refrain from earning a livlihood because Nissan was too short sited as to seeing the benefits of the internet. They could have registered the name first if they saw fit, but now are trying to fix their mistatkes by infringing on your rights.
Best regards,
Frank Bruno

Just because Nissan Cars is a big multinational doesn't mean they have a right to persecute someone who is trying to make an honest living.  Yes, illegal domain name sitting is bad (ie: where people purchase domain names just to get money out of big companies) but this isn't a case of that, and it's just not right.

Not impressed at all... His company has been using the name for years before you decided to change your company name.  Another case of "I'm bigger than you and I'll prove it"?  I tend to think so... This one I hope I will see lost by the big guys, as even if it was strictly his own homepage, he has a right to it... And I hope he sues you for legal fees too...
An unhappy, and former customer...
M. Brugmans...
(maybe i should leave my last name out of this in case you decide to change your name again and....)

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