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I have been a Nissan owner and leasor for many years now. If Nissan Motors does not drop this ridiculous suit, the current 2 Nissans that I am now leasing will be my last.
Hank Sierakowski

Dear Sirs,
Can't you use NissanMotors.Com or some other such thing? This law suit is wrong. And I will never buy a Nissan Car because of the suit. Thanks!
Dave Willard

It is just plain wrong and against natural justice that Nissan Motors can use it's financial muscle to steal a rightfully owned domain name from a small business. Nissan has lost me as a customer until they apologise and make restitution to Uzi Nissan.
Current Nissan car owner.
David R Moore

This action is just plane wrong. A mans name is a mans name, that cannot be changed by the whim of a large corporation.
On the stregth of this I am canceling my Nissan Pathfinder and going to landrover. Shame but I'll not buy from a bully.
David Cuff

Nissan Motors (Datsun Motors) has no right to this name under any circumstances, if the presented facts are correct.  If I were every thinking about purchasing a Japanese anything, especially a Nissan automobile, this insures my decision.  I won't.  Nissan Motors needs to remember where they are from, Japan, where they are, America and not attempt this sort of "crap".  Go home Nissan.
John F. Williams

My wife and I were considering replacing our 150,000 mile Mercury Villager with a Nissan Quest.  We will research this domain hijacking by Nissan, and if it holds up to be true, we will NOT buy from a company that treats people in such a way.  Imagine, Nissan trying to take the domain of a company based on the company owner's family name.  Preposterous, and we wont let the deep pockets win.
Larry Ganz

This cannot happen!  What in injustice!  I also have someone threatening me, wanting to STEAL my website (that is what it is - theft) from me because she has the same name as me, and says that my website ( infringes on her copyright of her business (a web design company with the name "Leanne" in it).  If Nissan Motor wins this lawsuit I, along with SO many other small businesses, are in DEEP trouble!!!
LeAnne Brown

I think that Nissan motor company should re evaluate their stance against this man.  Perhaps instead of suing him, they could suggest that he use his given name as well as his family name in order to aleviate some of the confusion.  THere is no sense for a lawsuit for using one's family name.  They've got all kinds of money.  They should have some nice negotiations instead.
Angel Stoner

Why are you in this court case, when the company has had the name for 9 years.  Too bad you wern't up to date enough to figure it out sooner.  Get a life and off the original owners back.
Patrick H. Rosemann

Please tell everyone I AGREE that you should keep the domain names.
Good Luck
Tim McCoy

I, too, own a dot com, and as far as i know no one else has a company that would have that domain name.  However, if one were to come up, I would not want them suing me.  I'm behind you all the way!
Keith Wagner

I have recently become aware of the lawsuit between Nissan Motors and Nissan Computer.  While there is tremendous value in the domain name, I do see clear and rightful ownership of the domain for Nissan Computer.  With documentation, the owner of Nissan Computer can verify his use of the Nissan name.  There are many companies and individuals who, due to late adoption of the Internet as a marketing tool, have lost their 'ideal' domain name.  If the current owner can show a clear and legitimate use for, and rational attachment to, the domain name, then I feel that they have every right to use the domain.  Maybe Nissan should consider as their domain.
Chris Steven

In today's world, domain names are sold on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis. The first person to register and buy the domain is the proper owner of it. Nissan Cars (NC), in my opinion, has no right to sue Nissan Computer Corp (NCC). for owning the domain of Perhaps it can be bought by NC from NCC, but as stated by NCC on their website, the domain was bought while NC was still known as Datsun. I see no right for NC to sue.
Jim O'Neill

To the big corporation,
You do not own the name NISSAN!  You should sue Nissan Popcorn, Nissan Port O' Potty, and Nissan Rollover. The arrogance of your company to say that you own NISSAN is appalling.  Obviously you want that domain name so go ahead and pay for it!
Bob Bridgeman

I think its ridiculous that corporations are so unimaginative that they cannot think of a domain name other than their company name. The internet, as with many other things in life, is first come first serve. Nissan has no right to think they can bully their way to "the front of the line" with money and lawyers. They need to get a life, and more intelligent ad execs.
Heather - University of California Berkeley

If you were registered first I support you and your claim.  Keep up the fight, it is right.
Anthony Munoz

What give a person or corporation the right to stop any person from using their own name.  If there is a company named mark, does that mean that i have to change mine?!  pure stupid!!

I think its sad that a company can steal domain names just because they have the bucks to do so. Taking away a persons right to use their own name, even after they have registered their name is even worse. I have a small company and would like to register it as a domain name but a famous person with the same last name already has it registered. I don't begrudge him of it because he was there FIRST... I will just have to modify my own domain name. I will never support those who trample on the innocent just because they own political or influential officials.
Jim Ochsner

I think what you are doing is excellent, don't lose this dispute.  From all your evidence, it looks pretty good that you won't lose out.  It only make sense that you keep your  The way the web has been is always first come first serve provided you are not "cyber squatting" in which case you are not.  So I am 100% with you.  I clicked on some sponsor links for you cos I don't know what else I can help.

I think it is ridiculous for a big corporation like Nissan to be suing a small company like Nissan Computer.  Obviously, Nissan is a name that belongs to more than one person or organization, or business for that matter.  If Nissan Computer used the Nissan name for its domain before Nissan Motors than Nissan Computer should be able to keep the domain name and Nissan Motors should have to reimburse Nissan Computer for all legal expenses in this matter!
Nancy Harrison

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