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Tough! Nissan computers had the name first, cease and desist from this unfair attack. My wife and I drive Nissan product, we belive in you as fair traders and certainly not bullies. If your suite continues we will no longer be customers.
Jonathan Miller

Please add me to your list of supporters against the bully tactics of Nissan Motor Co.  While I find their products appealing, I cannot encourage their actions and will not buy that maxima i've been looking at. I will try to get my message to the dealership as well

To Whom It May Concern:
Please wake up and wash your face.  No one appreciates the "scare" or "backstabbing" tactics as this issue shows.  If anything else I believe MORE PEOPLE ARE READY TO STAND FOR RIGHT than have priveleges yanked.  This only shows that there are no creative thinkers on your team.  There could be other creative names and you choose to go to court?
I have been sold a truth... DO NOT BUY NISSAN AUTO OR PARTS.
Try looking up the words: Dignity & Integrity.
At this point you are hearing from a person that will SHARE WITH OTHERS TOO and never be a customer.
Dee Fitz

Unless and until I hear you have dropped your lawsuit and compensated Mr Nissan, even though I own a Nissan vehicle, I shall endeavour to persuade all mu friends and acquaintances not to buy any NISSAN product.  Right is right and if the E-mail I received is true then you are wrong!
Brian Neighbour

You snooze you loose. Im sick of hearing about these corporations trying to make up for slow pathetic business decisions by using their attorneys.
Ive been in the IT business for 10 years and remember trying to convince some companies to hop on the internet soon. Some of them waited and are now paying the price. They made the business decision to come to the show late and deserve to pay for it....LARGE. 8 figures sounds cheap to me!
They would have paid that to get in early anyways.
Its going to be costing them more than that in lost sales. eg...Ive just bought a lexus over a nissan...partially because of issues like this.
Rob K.

I applaud the efforts that are being taken to defend your ability to conduct business according to the rules and standards of conduct that exist within the context of our present worldwide web system.  I am close to this issue as my sibling lost his site's name (and some business due to the rename) due to a similar hijacking effort.  In his case, he did not have the money to fight the case (he is not located in the US and the cost of fighting the case on U.S. soil would have been extreme).  He gave in to save his personal sanity over the 50 different counts of trademark law imfringement that were trumped up against him just because he had registered a name that contained the two letters "RT" within a word (sad but true).
I have supported big business within the net but this has gone too far.  Nissan and their endless supply of lawyers may win the battle due to their vast resources, but they will surely lose in the end with the bad press this will bring.  Nobody likes a bully!!  For that reason, I will a note to my esteemed web professional friends throughout industry and encourage them to boycott a company that is lacking in its principles. 
All the best in your fight!
Carmen Rans

I think its absolutely disgraceful the way large corporations and stars i.e. Madonna try to fight in legal battles the so called 'right' of themselves to hold certain domain names.  If they want domain names and someone else holds it why shouldn't they pay the holder adequate compensation and if no such deal can be brokered, then they should choose another name...every other person on the planet has to do that and it is unjust that large corporations should have any sort of monopoly on freedom of choice and registration.

This dispute is ridiculous. Nissan is only part of both company names, neither of which copyrighted those six letters alone, as a company name. If Nissan Motor had gotten either of these domain names first, Nissan Computer Int. would have saught out another domain. The internet is a vast universe of first come first serve. My advise to Nissan Motor is to stop complaining, and get in line for a new name.
Jay Cole

Greed driven Nissan, the internet is a free space of opinion and an excellent tool for which any legal business can grow and expand. You must understand better than me, because you have been in business longer than the time I’ve lived in because of this I call you greed driven. You have no right to sue a company based upon the notion that they operate a site with the domain name NISSAN.COM or NISSAN.NET. 
If you do this and win, i will be asking the Israeli culture to sue you for using their calendar month name for enrichment purposes, of which all of the profits are because of the name Nissan, so all profit receive during your company life span should be redirected to the Israeli people.
Just think about it. How much money is enough? Are you really happy because your destroying a small business for a internet name?
Give me a break....
Sincerly  Christian Marquez

You have no right to steal this person's domain name!
Ethan Shapiro

I think that this lawsuite is a farce. If the Nissan Motor Company can not come up with there own name, then they should stay off the net. With Nissan Computer Corp being registered for so long, if the courts allow this suite to go through, then the judges need to be removed from the bench. This practice of hijacking domain names, must not be allowed to continue.
Richard L. Davenport

I think that it is just tough luck for Nissan Motor to not be able to use the domain name. Nissan Computer was first and is not in violation of any copyright/trademark laws, and thus this seems like a frivolous lawsuit.  Nissan Motor is just wasting the courts' time and the taxpayer's as well as Nissan Computer's money.
Good luck!

I think that it is wrong for you to try and take a lejit domain name from someone who has been using it for years.  They had it first, so give up!  F__k you and your money for dragging the other company through the courts!
Bruce Dujardin

I am totally against the lawsuit against Nissan Computers. It is wrong. they had the name first. I am also very much for the institution of laws preventing the use of names improperly.
Diane MacIntyre

I am writing to protest the frivolous lawsuite brought against Nissan Computer.
Darren O'Hare

Let Ceasar's what he got.  Same thing for Nissan.  Keep your car out of my way.
Bernard Bouchard

I think it is outrageous that Nissan Motor would sue Nissan Computer and I think that this law suit should end.  It is a classic case of the big corporation against the little guy.  I think that Nissan Motor should be ashamed for doing this to Nissan Computer.  Nissan Computer got the name first and if Nissan Motor wants the URL then they should buy it off of them and if Nissan Computer didn't want to sell then Nissan Motor should use a URL like
Troy Flett

We must start taking a stand, not necessarily at the big companies, but to all that want to just take, just because they think they deserve it.  I applaude anyone that stands to bullys.  I am for you, you have my complete support.
Alexandra Fincher

Too bad for the auto makers, they got on the band wagon alittle bit LATE, duh!  Just because they have loads of money doesn't mean they can break the law.  Nissan Motor comp. YOU LOOSE!
Christine Pyle

I fail to understand Nissan Motor's claim to ownership.  Nissan Computer has a ligitimate claim to the domain and they claimed it first.  If Nissan Motor want's it they should try to buy it.  Dragging it into court doesn't make sense and is counter-productive because it pisses people off and will end up cutting sales.
Robert A. Salisbury

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