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Stop harassing people trying to make a legitimate living.  If this is what Nissan is about, I will never buy another Pathfinder.
Pinny Davidman

I was considering buying a NEW Nissan Grand Road, but this story has changed my mind and I will look for a Toyota.
Hans de Roode

Mr. Nissan,
I am very distressed to hear that Nissan is suing you over your registered domain name. I stumbled upon your page, because i wanted to look at the 2000 sentras. immediately i knew that it wasn't it and I thought, i hope this guy doesn't get sued and then i was the words Nissan Inc vs. Nissan Motors and that confirmed my thoughts. it makes me mad that they are going to waste money trying to sue you over a domain name that was never theirs. its not your fault that waited until ' 95 to go online. anyway. good luck, with faith you can come out on top. you did nothing illegal and you have the right to any name you want. they need to understand that this is America, big shot names don't count. and to think i used to like Nissan. our van lasted for 14 years and we have an '94 altima. and just today i went to the dealer to check out the sentra. good luck with your case. I don't think i'll be getting the 2000 sentra anymore.
Jane Girl.

Mr. Nissan,
I just called 1800 Nissan1 to try and get a straight answer out of them. they wont give me one, in fact the guy got very belligerent with me. I asked him IF they were suing the owners of he refused an answer, then I asked IF they were, why didn't they make mention of that on THEIR website if they thought it was such a great idea. also, since he refused all info, I asked him if he thought that a legal action taken by a publicly owned corporation was a matter of public record and he told me that if that what I thought then I can call every court in the US to try and find it myself! HA. keep in mind, not only am I a Nissan owner, I was just thinking about getting a new xterra and also my HUSBAND sells Nissans at a Nissan dealership. All of that is about to change. I think their sneaky and underhanded actions are despicable. the guy kept insinuating that I was trying to find out WHY they were suing and I said I KNOW why you are suing, because you were simply too narrow minded and stupid to register the $70 domain name in the first place. I was at your site again today and was reading the updates! you mention other trademarked names. You forgot a VERY important one and that is, that is owned by timelife corporation.!!!

Wow, this is great.  I went to to look for one of those 4-door trucks that I saw in the commercials.  I am ready to buy one in the next 4 to 6 weeks, but after reading this, I think I'll look in to who else makes one.  I think Ford does.  I hope you spend millions in legal fees, and lose anyway.   The internet is not your domain, it is a free society, that was created by computer professionals and entrepreneurs, a category which you do not belong to and Nissan computer does.   Save yourself the legal fees and buy out the name for $1M if you want it that bad.  Otherwise, you will continue to lose business.   You obviously don't understand how the internet works, nor are you aware of the power it holds. 
One Less Customer, James

Best of luck to you!  Sounds like you have every right to use your family name.  Why doesn't Nissan just pay you $1,000,000 for the domain name; they have probably already spent that much on their bloodsucking attorneys. Still, you are right to defy them on the principle alone.  I admire and applaud your entrepreneurial endeavors, keep it up.
Eric Worthen

I think that what Nissan Motor Co. is doing is not a good idea. When you change your corporate identity, Datsun to Nissan, problems like this are bound to happen.  It's best if they register another domain name for their own use since yours has been in operation ahead of theirs.

To Whom It May Concern:
I don't personally think that you guys are doing the right thing.  My grandfather's name was also Nissan. You guys are not the only one who have the name Nissan. What if I wanted to have a website for my grandfather? you guys would sue me too? I think you guys are being unfair and you should do something else in order to get a website for your company. For g-d sake! You guys are rich, spend some of that money to buy that domain name! Not sue the poor guy! You guys are just making it harder for yourself! because if you want to buy it, I am sure he'll sell it for higher price.
Arash Kahen

Shalom Uzi
I am very sorry about all what I have read.....and for sure very upset and angry.   I am an Israeli , as you ,living in Atlanta. I hope that your "Tzarot" will end and you will recover the Peace that you need. My prayers are with you...
Ruth Coriat

I visited the site in response to an email about your problem. My opinion: You've been using the name and you can validate that fact. And you registered the name first.  I see no reason you should not have that web address. AND to top it off the very first thing I saw when your page loaded was the proper address for Nissan Driven - you couldn't be more helpful !! If people are trying to get info on the auto's and go to your site - you provide them with all the information they need to get there. You aren't even a competitor that could cause them concern.  Their suit is a waste of time and money and also a burden on the tax system.
Tammy Blinn

It is obvious that the auto-industry (I work in the internet-auto industry) didn't take too well to the internet initially.  For that reason, they have lost out on some of the benefits of the internet.  In your case I think it is absolutely undisputable that Nissan Motors should try to buy the domain name from you, but legal action is both frivolous and ridiculous! Nissan Motors should be embarrassed!!!
Brian McMillen

It's sad to read about Japanese Nissan ugly behavior. Please be strong! I'll pray for your success.
Erez - Bnei-Brak, Israel

To whom it may concern:
I think that Mr. Nissan should be able to keep his registration of  I came to this site looking for Nissan cars. So big deal, I have to do a little more looking. No big whoop. I'll just go to or whatever it is and go from there. Nissan Motors should have a little more sense than to sue a small business owner.
Gavin McCollam

I was trying to reach Nissan's Motor website and was directed here at  I say you keep as your computer website, and Nissan motors should just stick to  I read your article on your surname, and how you used it since you came to America. You registered your website legally, I think Nissan just wants to make more money, ya know? I'm sure millions of people know that the web site is now, and should just let it be. People here in America sue for the littlest things. For example I got into a fight way back in Middle School, I broke this kids nose for trying to bully me, and his mom tried to sue us. Just let it heal and move on....
Johnny Lacanilao

I am a 40 year old, white male. My occupation is Broadcast Technician. I am married with 2 children and am currently in the market for a new car. After typing in the name I came across the domain name dispute you are now involved in. I see no reason why Nissan Computer Corp. should give up this domain name, and absolutely no reason for  Nissan Motor Co. to attempt to wrestle it away by using legal actions. It clearly belongs to the Nissan Computer Corp. My attempt to view your automotive choices has been tarnished by this petty squabble. My gut instinct is to flee your site and not even consider purchasing one of you vehicles, as I suspect any other potential customer would do. However my  experience with cyber negotiations has inspired me to offer you both some sensible advice, should you choose to listen. Both of you companies could greatly benefit from each other if you will agree to share the domain name, Yes, I did say share... Both companies could benefit from the web traffic that the other company draws. Simply make the web page a choice to continue to one or the others site. And while you are at it take the time to consider the others point of view. Possessing a  domain name is only useful to a company if it can attract business, a wise customer already knows which path he will choose, but may stop and remember the strong sign post that pointed him in the right direction. Make a peace offering, give Mr. Nissan new car, and give the C.E.O. a new P.C.  Share your common unique name, and be amazed at the response from the public and the press that such a maneuver can generate!
John Devine

Domain names are first come first serve. I don't believe in the practice of buying names just to sell them for profit. Nissan Computer, however, did not do this.  There should be no lawsuit.  Nissan Motors should kick themselves for undermining the power of a domain name.  I wish lots of luck to Nissan Computer.
Normand Duquette

Dear friends:
According to the law, you are protected to conduct your business and use your last name as business trade name.   The reason why Nissan Motors is suing you is because when people like me want to access their net site we always type  "" and your page appears on the screen rather than theirs.  This bothers Nissan Motors big time.  You have all the ammunition to start a legal war against them and win it. I believe this is a free country and the constitution protect your  rights.  Please keep me updated on your fight.
Martin Pacheco

I am absolutely disgusted with the way corporate America tries to play as a "big baby" when it comes to getting their way.
Joe Macinitire

Don't let big corporate enterprises bully you into submission.  The "net" is how we express our freedom of speech, among other things.  "First come, first served" should and will always be the name of the game when it comes to the Internet.
Cecil Johnson

Great story.  You were first, they were not.  Done deal, no need for suit. I would ask for two things: a) counter suit for legal expenses and business interruption and b) tell them you'll sell the name for $10 million.  Then you don't have to worry about working anymore.  If you use my idea, send me a cut.  Just kidding.  I wish you well.
Steve & Tiff Liff

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