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We will boycott any entities who infringe upon legitamate Domain names and their owners.
We believe there may be some abuse of domain names  but there must be many such as this who (If this is true , Mr Nissan has been a familly name in business for years ) are small get there name chalenged by Corporate Giant with Major Corporate Law Firms , with unlimited funds.  I remember a restaurant in Queens, NY. They were called "The Olympic Diner" . That is a very common name among Diners. The names may vary a little but they use "Olympic" as part of the name.  The story to that was , The "World Olympic association" (who puts on the Olympics around the world , filed a lawsuit against the tiny Olympic Diner. I believe the Olympic Diner won the Suit . Maybe Nissan should contact the Lawyers who represented the Olympic Diner.
F. Modica

If Nissan Motor will decease their lawsuit.  With this information, I will reconsider any futur purchase of a Nissan Motor company product!
Russell Bennett

I wouldn't ride in a Nissan to the hospital to save my life after all of this bull. I think that all of the auto companies that compete with Nissan should financially support the defendant. Does anyone own the domain name
Dale G.

Nissan Motors is an arrogant bully and should be ashamed of itself. I have a 1986 300ZX with 217,000 miles and it still runs fine. But when it comes time to replace it, it will NOT be with another Nissan Motors product. Shame on you Nissan Motors!
G. Evan Kelley

Appalling but not unexpected.
It is very similar to that software "toys" site that was sued by a company with a similar name in California.  What I don't understand is this: domain naming and ownership are not the purview of the California courts (nor the U.S. Federal courts for that matter).  When they come up with a GLOBAL court with an applicable GLOBAL law that applies, then this should be heard.  Without this GLOBAL authority it should be dropped as frivolous (or stupid, depending on your state of mind)
Nissan auto's are now on my list (just as Exxon and Phillips Magnavox is) of companies that will never see a cent of my money
Jim Flis

I have read the web page on your dispute with Nissan Computer. Now I want to hear your side.  If what is stated on the Nissan Computer site is accurate, you are guilty of a act that makes me ashamed to have been an owner of one of your vehicles. Indeed, I have been preparing to purchase a Nissan car....that is now on hold.
If the Nissan computer site is accurate, you may be assured that I will spare no effort to discredit your products and your company in any way I can. After all Honda makes an excellent car and they are not to my knowledge being accused of such a low act.
Thank you,
Norman E. Rondeau

I thing Mr. Uzi Nissan get his name too much years ago, before Nissan Motors Co.
Please be just.
Jose Urbina

Since Nissan Computers registered the and websites first; and that is the name of their legitimate business, then they should be allowed to keep them.  Why can't Nissan Motors be statisfied with a website named  There are many other similar website names out there and as our population becomes more familiar with Internet use, it is not a problem finding the website a person is looking for.  This lawsuit is frivilous and just another example of a large corporation trying to be a "bully".  In this case, against a company that is not even a competitor.
Bruce T. McKinnon

I don't believe that it is right for Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. to harass Uzi Nissan of Nissan Computer Corp.  just because it is larger and richer than his corporation.  Nissan Motor Company wishes that it had thought of Nissan.Com and Nissan.Net first, but it did not.  These domain names rightly belong to Uzi Nissan and are registered properly in his and his corporation's name.  It is not right to waste all the time and money when Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. doesn't have a case.
Thank you, I hope you will consider this opinion,
Brian Hanna

I admire your courage!  Stand fast and continue your fight. I strongly feel that e-commerce legislation needs to be introduced so that the rightful owners of companies in Australia & throughour the worl are able to ake use of other way of conducting business.  I believe that this should be basd on rightful company ownership, so that business will be able to move forward in this new millennium working within a fair and just e-commerce environemnt.
Mary Bailey

Nissan Motor Corp., you do not understand that people will soon decide to revoke the charters of Corporations like yours, which behave illegally.  New laws will soon reflect the truth that Corporations do not have the same rights as individuals.  The misuse of power will no longer be tolerated.

Well I like Nissan cars quite a bit, drive one myself.  I came across your site, like many others, seeking Nissan Motor's web site.  However, I couldn't care any less that you have the domain name, but I do feel offended that the Nissan Motor Corp is trying to intimidate a smaller company.  How irritating.  You're obviously not doing anything wrong.  However, in your position I'd eagerly consider selling the domain name to them for a sizeable amount of money.  If you have not already considered this, I'd donate a small portion to me, Mike Pearson, in the tax-deductible form of a scholarship to pay for my education in Computer Information Systems.
Thanks and have a great day!
Michael R. Pearson does not infringe on Nissan Motor Company's rights, as there is little doubt that Nissan Motor Company provides computer products.  Lay off, you are going to lose.
Christy Webb

I disagree that Nissan Motors or any other big business can take someones buisness name away from them.  I am sadden that you will spend countless dollars on the court system to accomplish it and or bankrupt another individual.  Think of the good that could be done with that same money if it went to a good cause.
Ann Mc Coy - California

All my support to you Mr Nissan ... I hope that everything works out in your favour.
Amber Jacobs

I completely support Mr Uzi Nissan's opinion and rights.
Marina Miliutina

I just wanted to express my opinion of your situation...  I just think that companies these days can get away with whatever they want and it's not right.  Mabey they will realize that this is a capitalist society and they do not own special rights that the majority of us do not.  I dont know what they are expecting from this case, but I do know that if the judgement is in thier favor it will do more than just hurt you and your business... it will be a strike against every american who dreams of starting thier own business one day and earning the american dream.  This is truly a sad thing to hear... do you REALLY think Nissan Motors needs  the extra revenue this domain name provides? I don't.
Lucas Rohenaz

I think the first owner of the domain name should have the rights to the domain name.
Hannu Koski

I support Nissan Computers right to continue using their legally registered domain name.
Mr. D. Trevaskiss

I totally agree with Uzi Nissan and people who, like him, are victims of big corporations. He was first to register his domain name : first come, first served !  Let the Giant Nissan find themselves an internet name.
Caroline Vallet

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