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I support the Nissan Computers in its right for domain names and
Nissan car has dropped of my list for the new car. Hell I would'nt even rent one.
Petar Hitij

Unless Nissan Motors reverse their decision and drop the suit we too have owned our last Nissan Motor Company product.  This is totally absurd!  Come on Nissan get real!  Think of your customers.
L. D. Jantz

From now on it's Toyota for me!
Hellmut Meister

You are right, they are wrong.  I will not buy Nissan products while they pursue this, and I will encourage others not to buy Nissan products.  This is outrageous!  My hopes are with you.
God Bless.
Michael Kammer

I feel there already is too much greed in this world without this sort of thing going on as well.
I will never buy a Nissan car and I shall tell everyone else I know too.
Di Carlton

When the legal system is used as a financial weapon against people something is seriously wrong.
Nissan motor corp is shameless and will never benefit from any of my family's business ever again.
C. Y. P.

Are you familiar with  The huge battle between corporate greed and independent freedom?  Guess what this nissan situation is similar to?  Guess which one in the battle lost?  Guess who's stock became worth much much less?  I'd just give up now.  Please just make it easier on yourselves and read over the laws pertaining to e-commerce and domain registration.  Nissan Ltd. had the name before you, had the domain before you, so just because you feel the need to impose upon them because you have more money doesn't mean you will succeed.
Have fun.
Jordan Stefanelli

The internet is a true tool of democracy.  I provides information and promotion to businesses on a first-come first-served basis. To sue someone becasue they were clued into the power of the Net before you were is ridiculus.  Using a family name for a business is the most logical step for most small business owners.  If Nissan Motor can not remain a strong entity becasue their website has to be something other than then there is something wrong with the companies marketing strategy - and it has nothing to do with domain names.
Andrea Mahoney

I think its unfair for Nissan to sue you for usng your name. I hope you get what you deserve! ITS YOUR OWN NAME YOU HAVE MORE RIGHT THEN ANYONE!
Richard Telles

Please reconsider, any efforts you are taking against nissan computers that smack of bullying a smaller company which has not the resources to defend themselves against such overwhelming opponents.
Michael Noon

I would like to say that my friends and I in Singapore are only thirteen, but we have a better set of morals and beliefs than any of you Nissan Motor people do. You are adults, professionals and you are supposed to be wiser than us; can't you see the foolishness of this lawsuit, since others so clearly can? If a man doesn't have a right to his own name, what does he have? You are like small, mean-spirited, selfish children clamouring to have whatever you want. I am deeply ashamed that professionals like you can be reduced to this level. My parents were horrified, and my father has promised to inform all his numerous contacts about this. My friends' parents are also working against you. You have everything to lose, and nothing to gain by this. Won't you stop this childish, immature (and not to mention ridiculous) lawsuit and let it rest? I despair to think of us young people's future in industries like yours if such is the situation it is in now.
Denise Fernandez

Back off! ... Leave Mr. Nissan alone! You don't own the world you know.  If someone else already owns the domain name you happen to also want, do what everybody else does, find another one that works just as well, like There's lots of other choices out there. Grow up!
It's "David against Goliath" cases like this that turn your customers and potential customers into enemies FOR LIFE! Consumers are not mindless statistics .. we have feelings and memories that last forever.
Mike Rossi

In my opinion, Nissan Motor Co.  should have gotten permission from the existing Nissan families before naming their company.  Did your lawyers check out the origin of the name, or check to see if there were any existing Nissan families at the time of developing the company??  There are very few "Ticheli's" in the USA, but there were at one time, 3 Ticheli Grocery stores in my home town, and each one of them were owned by a "Ticheli" family, very distant relatives who barely knew each other, or didn't know each other at all.   All three families had the same right of  using the name, and none brought a lawsuit against the other as they understood this fact of life.
If Nissan is the family name of the person founding Nissan Computers, then they have a right to do so, and obviously Nissan Motor Co. does not OWN the name.
Evelyn Ticheli

Dear Sir/Madam,
We think you are being unfair in your handling of the and domain names.  Essentially it is a breach of the individuals rights, especially when they've had this name for so much longer than the Nissan Corporation!  I'm sure you'll agree that continuing the actions you have already undertaken will lead to negative publicity, as has already been shown with other companies trying to do the same before now (AOL).  Wouldn't it be more productive for both sides to help each other by coming to an agreement?  Your company is more than friendly when it wants to sell me a car, can't you show the same consideration elsewhere?
Yours sincerely,
Daniel O'Connor

How do you sleep at night Nissan motor staff?  Uzi Nissan is a real person like you.  Why ruin his life just so you can have instead of, I don't know -  Do something to make yourself proud.  Put people over money.  Then look at yourself in the mirror every morning and smile because you've actually done something good, something right.  Good luck with your conscience.
Jon from London

Nissan Motor Co,  I feel you are in the wrong in persecuting Nissan Computer,just because it has what you want. You may have to settle for 2nd best, after all, you are not a sentient entity, and the laws of the world need to reflect that the rights and privileges of a individual, come before those of a non sentient entity, a corporation like yourself. Reasonableness is a perequisite of the law. And your corporate comfort zone is skewed.
C. J. Dejka

To me this is an perfect example of a legal system out of control.  Letting lawyers and big business use our system to destroy or make money at the expence of others.  Nissan Motors should be fined for pukking this kind of cheep shot.  If our legal system was what it should be this wouldn't even get into the system.
Dale Eilerts

Last I checked, Nissan is also a last name. I don't know how you intend to do this Nissan Motors, Japan, but I'll never buy another one of your cars if I ever type in or and get your ugly car on my screen instead of a computer company that legitimately beat you guys to the punch. You snooze with a domain name and you lose. End of story. This is the real world fellas, and you were too slow. Don't blame the little guy for that. Nissan is a proper name and your company name. So find all the Nissans in the world and sue them for using your name too. As far as I'm concerned, you don't have a legal argument in the world besides "you were incapacitated" at a time when you should have thought of registering your domain name on the net. Good luck Nissan computers and I'm sorry for the expenses you're incurring. I support you 110 percent.
James D. Von

I would like to include my vote for this worthy cause.  It seems that nowadays, everyone is out to make a buck.  It's really disgusting.  People need to stop worrying about stupid things.  Nissan Motor Co. could always distance itself from the Nissan Computer Co. by putting out a public statement.  Grow up Corporate America!
Jessica Goslin

It's clear that nobody should be doing this..if the car manufacturer didn't took the Internet serious..that is their problem..just because they have money to burn doesn't mean they can get away with it..NO WAY!!!!!!!!.
Angel M Figueroa

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