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To Nissan Motors: I am in the market for a new car but your products are now off my shopping list. Shame on you. If your lawyers need something to do, get them paper routes. Get a grip.
I am off to Toyota to spend my money.
Robert Johnson

What is nissan motor thinking? Both of you are in different lines and Mr Nissan had already registered his domain.  Also, he is not a threat to your business line. Be creative and register your domain under nissanmotor. I had seen it been done by another motor company...Why can't you support Mr Nissan and let him has his registered domain. Till Nissan cars for me and all those that I know.
A. D.

I just read about the lawsuit pending against Mr. Nissan by the (Datsun)... now Nissan Motor Corp. A few words come to mind, the foremost printable being, ludicrous, and ridiculous. I am currently searching for a new vehicle and want to thank the Nissan Motor Corp. for eliminating one choice. I certainly would not consider buying a car from this type of company. I urge others to do the same. Good luck in your fight Mr. Nissan. I truly believe you should be able to keep the name and that your adversary should find a suitable substitute for their web presence. Doesn't take a Solomon to figure that one out! The lawyers once again will be laughing all the way to the bank.
John Liggett

I think it is ridiculous that the Nissan corporation is being such a baby and as far as I am concerned it show you how petty the corporate world can be.  Until Mr. Nissan is reimbursed for his trouble I and my friends/family will not buy or support the Nissan Corporation.
Victoria Wilson

Shame on you for attempting a law suite against a company who has been around longer than you. I for one will show my support by never visiting you site as well as never purchasing your product.
Derek Bernon

I don't appreciate the action being taken against Nissan Computers.  This kind of action will certainly be in mind when we buy our next vehicle.
Stephen D. Hill

Nissan Motor has no right to do what they have been doing. The whole situation is ridiculous. It doesn't take a creative genius to come up with a slightly different domain name that would be just as effective (, anyone?).
David M-H

Mr Nissan of Nissan Computer, I'll support you all the way.  I dare say I'm a completely neutural outsider of this issue, because: 1.  I am a Chinese in Hong Kong, not an American nor a Japanese; 2. I'm not a driver nor a car owner; 3. Nissan Computer has nothing relating to me by all means.  I think this is the case where justice should show her power.
Chris Li

An open letter to the Nissan Motor Corporation,
I am surprised and disappointed by the actions you are currently taking against the Nissan Computer Corporation of North Carolina.  A company of your size and reputation should never lower itself this level of behavior.  Consider the appearance of your actions.  Your lawsuit implies that without exclusive access to, you can not continue to function as a business.  Is your marking department this bad?  I refuse to believe this as your company has done very well since long before the Internet was available.  Please take into consideration your responsibility as a large, established company of setting an example of moral and ethical behavior.  Set yourself above these demeaning practices.  Instead of suing Mr. Nissan, why don't you thank him for allowing a link to your site from his own.
An anonymous network administrator

The internet is free. Keep it that way!  He had the domain first!  Why do Nissan motors want to drag a little fish through a trial? What possible threat could he be to them.  Relax. Please.  Why don't you just make your domain
Carsten Hvilsted

Nissan motor is too late to game.  Sorry dudes, you lose.
fred sparky

Don't be stupid. My name is Patrick, and someone on the net is using it for is website. I'm gone a use my imagination to find an attractive and representative name for my own website. Try that. Limited car don't mean limited mind.
Patrix GreenGrass

Can't the motor company include the word/s car or auto in their name?  If Mr. Nissan claimed the name first, it should be his to use.
Hannah Harrington

It's just awful how these big corps think they own everything!  I'm glad you are standing up for YOUR rights to your own name. Best wishes and keep up the fight!!!!
J. O.

This is wicked.!! ..Why would any body in his right mind would behave like than? Hey give it up Nissan..Big Brother is watching You!!

I think that the Nissan Motor Corp. needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize that just b/c they have money doesn't mean they can push people around.  If you own the, and domain names then fight them to the farthest possible court in the land.  And my God what a crappie America we live in if you don't win!!!
Drew James

I agree with this cause completely and support efforts to stop "REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING". It makes no logical sense unless you believe might makes right. I, for one, do not believe that anyone should be able to "buy" their own justice.
Thank you.
Arthur Helbig

Coming from South Africa where Nissan Motor is a well known and respected name I am surprised and disappointed to hear of this law suit.  Do you know that people are being encouraged to think of names and registering them for use as web sites that may later be wanted by big corporations as a way of making money?  Will they also be sued by the company that wants them?  As far as I'm concerned its first come first served with these  names.  You have no right to sue Nissan Computer for their use of this name.  If you have the need to use it try to purchase it.
Dianne Klette

How can you stop someone from using thier own name!!!  Shame on you.
Lew Robinson

I believe that Nissan Motors should leave Nissan Computers alone.  They have been using the Nissan domain, registered it properly, and have been using the name in business long before DATSUN decided to use Nissan.  If DATSUN wanted to use nissan they should have registered it first.
Leonard Noland

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