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It is a hard "row to hoe".  Truly, a large corporation can dominate any small company.  What that means has been demonstated since the beginnng of industry.  Such domnation can not be good for anyone.
However, there is nothng anyone can do, but boycott.  Unfortunately, the consumer does not exist.... as a union. Consumer unity is not economically viable.  It is fatally ironc that such intites cannot co-exist.
David Altgelt

Bacause of what you are doing to "Nissan Computer" and his domainname on the Internet, I will never ever buy a car with that name! This information about your company will also be distributed all around in my city.
Andreas Carlsson

I think it is sad that a huge company like Nissan Motor would sue a tiny computer company for it's domain name.  Just because you lagged and did not foresee an Internet revolution, does not mean you should sue a Nissan Computers.  I doubt I will ever buy a Nissan car ever again!!!
B. M. Etter

To All Parties Concerned:
One would hope that a prudent judge would throw this case out of court, and that the legal fees incurred thus far would be charged to Nissan Motor Corporation and its affiliates for being frivolously litigious.  If the automotive corporation had registered the domain names first, what would be their reaction to a lawsuit by Mr. Nissan?  If the facts are as they appear, and if Mr. Nissan lawfully registered the domain name, no one should be permitted to take that from him. This appears to be a "no brainer" (but that is what caused the problem in the first place, isn't it?)
No Nissan auto for me.  Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.
M.J. Sheffield

TO: Nissan Motor,
In spite of your power and money as use in smothering small companies why not remember that these United States originated with small businesses as Nissan Computer and is what has made us such a great nation.
As for purchasing a Nissan vehicle I have absolutely changed my mind in ever looking at them again and for now will totally discourage any of the hispanic population that I know from doing so as well.

This is the same method Singapore uses to keep out political opposition.  This should not happen in a democratic country like the USA.  I will think twice when making my next motor vehicle purchase.
Christopher Bennetts

I cannot believe a Japanese company like Nissan would use its deep pockets to unfairly try to destroy a small US business like yours but, like Firestone, they certainly cannot be trusted for their integrity.
Bruce A. Tassan

I have regitered my full name at through  I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get the .com becuase some other Ben Britten had done it not to long before me.  I had checked it out then dragged my feet and it was picked up. But I am not "crying about it, there was no foul.  Unfortunately for your cause, I am not in position to finaincially support your cause BUT I do agree its is first come first serve.  they shouldnt have dragged their feet.  I would either attempt a counter suit for their unfounded lawsuit, sell it to them for multi-millions, sell ad space to their main competitors, or do what you are doing benefit your company as much as possible due to the publicity generated.
Ben Britten

If Nissan motor wants to use, they should come up with some cash and buy it or at least make an offer.  I would think it would be worth a couple of million dollars and a link to the Nissan computer site.  Nissan motor has no need for the domain.
Pat Davis

The lawsuit is a ridiculous abuse of power, first come, first served. If Nissan Motor Co. were so concerned about protecting its interests then it should have acted quicker, the fact that it did not could be explained as; typically a National Corporation percieving the internet to have no commercial value at all, underestimated the extent of its coverage, because the internet is a medium that has been developed mainly by the global population it should belong legally to them, the fact that it has now grown to be a commercial viability is irrelevant and unfortunate for the Nissan Motor Co. I wish the original domain name owner much success in their future. If Nissan Motor Co. were concerned more with business and less with opinion then would be just as efective in promoting their endevours.

You may have had the trademark first, but you did not have the domain name first.  If you are concerned with investigating the origins of the domain name, it would become evident that the family name NISSAN is several thousand years old (predating any automobile manufacturer).  I like your products, but your lawsuit is petty.
Deborah Ferolito

So much for the Pathfinder I was thinking of buying... SQUAT THAT NISSAN!
An Internet Person in PA

To whom it may concern,
I do not think that the lawsuit is necessary at all.  I really do not think it is fair, and honestly just an excuse to waste money and time.
Melissa Arnold

I cannot believe the tactics that Nissan Motor is using to take a man's name from him.  I fully support Nissan Computers and if I were a jury member would vote for him.  Nissan is a big company that thinks they can take advantage of the little guy.  I own a Nissan car and it's a piece of junk.  It broke down in the first 3,000 miles.
Christopher Smith

I belive this is purly a case or greed. People will be copyrighting words next!

You have my TOTAL support! I am outraged that once again a big corporation has the audacity to try to step on the little guy JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN! Keep up the good fight, because you'll win!
Lew Nathan

This is a classic case of First Come First Serve.  The internet, the web, has been around since the early 80's.  I recall in HighSchool the talk of the time was businesses moving to the internet for additional options to customers.  We're entering the New Millenium now, and big corporations are still scrambling to get online?  This is rediculous, Nissan Motor's missed out, plain and simple, the time's they are a changing and Nissan Motor's fell behind.  Nissan Motors needs a new name for a domain.  How about: ?  There's a solution for you corporate types.  Enjoy the free advise,
Bruce Wayne

I believe that, "first come, first serve" aside from the fact that Nissan Computer is RIGHT!  Their name is traceable back centuries before the Nissan Motor Co. even existed. NO CONTEST!!!  Nissan Computer Co. should not be legally bound by a newcomer like Nissan Motors because of their envy of the owner's URL. They should grow up, and get a life!!!
Art Leader

It is sad for America when small businesses are attacked by large ones through our courts.  I hope that the judge throws out the case.  Once a domain is registered is belongs to the owner.  You must negotiate with that owner, not fight with him to see if you can have/use the domain that is rightfully his.
Carolin G.

Hi, the whole idea behind the internet was for freedom of speach, etc. Domain names should be available on a 1st come first served basis. I do however agree on the fact that if someone is holding a domain name and their only purpose is to prohibit another company using it the domain should be handed over. In this case though Nissan Computer corp has a right to use this domain, and since they registered it 1st and are not directly infringing you I belive that they should be allowed to continually use this domain.
Thank you
Martin Jackson

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