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I am the owner of a Nissan Xterra and have been in the computer industry for more then 10 years.  As the owner of my own private domain WorldWired.Net, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed and dismayed that Nissan Motor Company, instead of marketing their domain, would instead go after another business that is clearly not doing them harm.
If I had know of this fact when evaluating vehicles there is a considerably higher chance that I would have purchased a Jeep Cherokee instead.  I guarantee that this will negatively impact any future purchases of Nissan Motor Company cars, parts or equipment that I otherwise would have purchased from Nissan Motor Company.
Christian Marcello

I am disgusted with Nissan's tactics.  We've been pricing vehicles and were considering a Nissan among our top five.  Since hearing of this lawsuit, I am determined never to by a Nissan product and have encouraged my friends and family to do the same.
Ines Echegaray

I thought this was ridiculous the first time I heard a person was taken to court for having a domain name of an actress. Both the actress and the domain name owner have the same name. The actress won. She had more $$ and better attorneys.
I may change my mind about buying a new Xterra.
Charles Wakefield Cadman II

Nissan Motor should be stopped.  They could have registered the name when it was available but lost out because they did not have enough business savvy.  I will gladly never purchase a Nissan product knowing that they try to steal what is not theirs.
Brendan Wells

I am aware of this law suit and it is really amazing how big corporations with deep pockets can hijack our justice system. This is nothing but economic dictatorship. Mr. Nissan has a right to have more than Nissan Motors and the fact remains that he was there first.
I own a Nissan Pathfinder and was thinking of replacing my old Honda with a new Nissan Maxima. But after reading this story, I think I'll rather go with some other car company unless Nissan drops this case. If many more people do this, Nissan should get the message.
P. Mehendale

As a Nissan owner I am especially dismayed to hear about your obscene attempt to destroy Nissan Computer Co.  I will consider this matter the next Spring when I buy my next car.
Fred Schiller

Its amazing how these Big Corporations did not have the foresight to register their domains years ago.  The way I see it Nissan Motor should be approaching this in a different way, for example, try buying it off Mr Nissan(thats if he wants to sell), they might want to refer to the case of as they had to buy their domain name off its rightful owner.
Fatimah Mustapha

No me parece bien que alguien pueda quitar a otra entidad su dominio en Internet solamente porque tiene la posibilidad de contratar mejores abogados. Si Nissan Computer registró ese dominio antes, debe ser respetado. Internet pertenece a todos sus usuarios, y no podemos permitir que las grandes compañías se lo apropien.
Alberto Calvo

Note: These views are my own, and in no way reflect those of my employer.  I work for a leading domain name registration company in England. I completely support you having the right to continue using your domain name.  I realise that strong precedents have been set in the past, by people registering company names, eg., and subsequently being ordered to release these domains to the respective companies. However, it is quite clear from your site that this is not the case with, and I think you are completely in the right.  It's good that you provide so much information about your right to the domain name - I'm sure that stating your case clearly and concisely will go a long way to disputing Nissan Motor's claim.
Will Sheppard

Stop playing bully, don't try to power play small business is not fair.
Nelson Ayala

I think it's a terrible injustice. You have integrity on your side, though, so even if you don't win you should know that I for one support you. And hopefully, all this negative publicity for Nissan will reflect in thier sales. Good Luck!
I'm on your side!
Maree Beyer - Warsaw, IN

This is typical of the powerful Japanese companies.  We've let them buy up the USA, and they feel they have rights to anything they want!
David Sexton

If this is true it is a disgrace of our system.  Large corporations have no more rights than small businesses and individuals.  Nissan Computers sounds like it is entitled to their domain name and Nissan Motors should find another one for their own use.  Leave the little guy alone.
Elana Schaffer

It is observed that Nissan motor Corp would be allowed to even attempt to stop you from using a family name.
James Batten

The internet was started by smart, INDEPENDENT thinking, entrepreneurial people as a way to disseemiate information NOT controlled by the current hierarchy.  It should remain that way.  They already have t.v., radio, print, etc.  Leave us alone here.  Everyone should come in as an equal player and if a large corporation does not have the foresight to register it's name and the person registering it has a LEGITIMATE business or enterprise  or his/her domain name is the same as that of a large corporation it should not matter.  The internet was constructed to be a LEVEL playing field - let's not let money corrupt it as it has everything else.
Carolyn Carr

This is absolutly ridiculous!  I am constantly hearing about these types of cases.  I don't see why or how it is possible for a judge or jury to find against the defendant.  Especially if the domain he registered is his born name.  It would be a little more understandable if the site were being used in an attempt to slander the Nissan Motor company name.  The owner of the domain name should be offered a proposition to sell the domain name to the Nissan Motor company for the amount it cost to originally register this domain and the amount of money that would be needed to sufficiently market his company's new domain should he decide to sell it.  Of course the sale should be a reasonable price but that would be a fair way of solving this dilema.  If the owner doesn't want to sell then too bad for Nissan Motor.....they should have been more on the ball.  The internet has been around since long before the Nissan Computer company.  This guy was just on the mark and shouldn't be penalized for lack of knowledge, poor judgement or bad timing on the part of Nissan Motor Products.  This infuriates me.
Tricia Kleine

Nissan motor company suing Mr.Nissan is an absolute disgrace! May I suggest that Nissan Computer Corp. takes off the helpful message 'Not affiliated with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.  For Nissan vehicles see "" redirecting people looking for Nissan Motors - people will never guess '' - hit them back!!
Andrew Keppel

Chances are your ancestory can be linked to that of Nissan Motor corp.  In regards to your dispute, north american small business have neither the resources, nor the right to interfere with larger corporations. Because of Nissan computer corp.  Nissan Motor corp has been forced to name their site (Nissan-USA) which violates their right to compete fairly in a crowded market.  Let the name go to the larger company, and you may be able to stay in business.  If you work smarter, you will last longer.  Large corporations have and will use the power and resources to quash those annoying up-starts.
Smarten UP!!
Steve Diamond  B.O.C

I think this lawsuit is a joke, you have no right to take this domain name away from someone who bought it in good faith and uses it to run his business. The internet is about freedom and having a voice not about big corporations bashing everyone else to gain an advantage just because they can afford to.
We all know Microsoft does it's business this way doesn't mean it should be encouraged.
Andy Wright

I agree totally with the Nissan Computer!  Big corporations need to loose more than their FAT SALARIED CEO's they need to learn some mutual respect!  They have everything!  I, for one, am on a campaign to end this sort of business practice in the 21st century!!
My product can help awareness AND KEEP companies like NISSAN COMPUTER right where everyone can see it! ON THE COMPUTER!  See: am taking on 3M! 
Khathrinah Bliss

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