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I am looking for a new truck.  I will buy a Ford with Firestone tires before I buy a Nissan.

As the proud owner of a 2000 Nissan Maxima, I am disgusted to see Nissan Motors take Nissan Computer to court for a domain name dispute.  If Nissan Computers obtained this domain name for the sole purpose to extract money out of Nissan Motor I would be in complete agreement.
Seeing that this is not the case I wish I could return my car and buy from a different manufacture.
John Drake

This is just plain wrong.  You were beaten to the punch and now you'll have to use a less than perfect domain name... but that is the way it goes!  If this lawsuit continues (regardless of whether Nissan Motor wins or loses), I will no longer consider a Nissan product as a viable choice.  I will make sure my family and friends understand what you are doing and recommend they no longer consider Nissan Motor products.  Please do what is right and drop this lawsuit now.
Jeff Griffith

Nissan Motor Company is being so stupid.  They have billion of dollars. They should offer you a fair price if they want the domain name.  If they use thier money to push poor people around then it may be time to stop buy Nissan Car!
Good Luck!
Tony C. Long

I'm also looking for a car to purchase, and I will never ever buy a Nissan now. This lawsuit should not even  have to happen. It's obvious Nissan Computer simply beat them to the punch. I guess since they ARE a computer company, they knew to do it early. But if Nissan Motors wins this, I think Nissan Computer should file a lawsuit on Nissan Motors for using HIS family name in their line of autos!!
Rich H.

Why rob the Nissan Computer for domain name?  Leave them alone!  Nissan Motor is a mis-managed Japanese company.  Nissan Motor was not "Nissan" 20 years ago.  They were call "Datsun".  And Nissan is not Nissan today either.  Because 36% of Nissan Motor is owned and controlled by French auto company.  Why waste money on greedy lawers?  Nissan motor should use a different web name.
Patrick Wu

I'd just like to point out that having a company name doesnt give anyone the right to a domain name on the internet.  its first come first serve.  they whine and cry because they're nissan motor and because they have the right to the domain name.  they DONT have the right to the domain name.  I dont care if nissan computer really is their real name or not, they got the website, its theirs.
Karl Hauber

I'm a self-employed in Singapore.  The question is: There are so many company, big and small, with similar first name so what is the big fuss?  In Singapore, there are companies like Matrix Motor and Matrix Computer, and both of them have no relations!  The fact is, just because you are big and rich don't give you the advantage to be a bully.  This is to Nissan Motor: Internet is a FREE world, and were available all the while, why kick up the fuss only after someone bought the donmain name? Why not get it when it was available? Do you think that if you had gotten it earlier, Uzi will sue you for it? Use your brain! Don't make people think that all rick men are asshole!
All the best to Uzi Nissan, and yes I would be casting a vote against Nissan Motor if you need me.
Alan Chan

The name belongs to Nissan Computer.  They had it first and there should be no changes.  Let Nissan Motors figure out another name for themselves.
Margaret Wilson

The name Nissan does not belong just to Nissan Motor Corp. Stop harrassing Mr. Nissan and his business.  Drop the lawsuit.  Offer to buy the domain name from him if you want it.  The world is watching you.
David Johnson

What a loss of face! A huge Japanese corporation trying to steal a mans family name. Shame. The U. S. court system will hopefully see the inequity in this suit and find in favor of the defendant. You have disgraced your Corporation with this suit and severly damaged your vehicles standing.
C. Holt

This issue is not fair to Nissan (computer company) who's website has been in effect for more than five years. He has the right to hold this sight as it is HIS NAME and should not have this lawsuit against him for such a silly thing as a website name. Although it might cause a little confusion for clients looking into Nissan Motors on the internet, and as long as Nissan had the sight before Nissan moters (and since the name is actually his), he should be entitled to keep the site and not have to pay any money for a trifling lawsuit such as the one that Nissan Motors has presented to file.
God bless ya
Carmen P.

Really sad to see the big fish try to swallow up the small fishes.  Really hope that such hijacking case be thrown out by the Court.  May Nissan Computer be the last man standing at the end of the day.
Jonah Lomu

Hey be ethical about domain names.  I drive a Nissan and want to feel good about it.

Doesn't that makes Nissan Motor the millenium bully ? I think we all should learn to be more contented instead of constantly seeking wealth and status. The fight for these has made some humans one of the most ridiculous thing on earth !
Dan Ryan

Please lay off of  He had the domain name first.
John Kohler

Even in Australia we think that large company's should realise that they don't have a monopoly on properly registered names.

Just a note to say that i don't agree that domain names should be controlled by these corporate giants.  They must be stopped at all costs!

I'm sorry you feel you have to do this, to get 'your way'.  Instead of trudging around in the mud, dropping your big corporate bank roll... maybe you could try something else that will respectably solve the problem.  Perhaps, (with all your wit and creativity) you could come up with a new name,, etc. It's not that difficult.  And, you could have Mr Nissan put a bold link towards the top of his page that would direct people your way, you wouldn't lose any 'Hits'. If someone was going to in hopes of finding information on Nissan Motor, they most likely wouldn't be side-tracked by a computer company.  Neither of you would lose anything.  It's too bad people don't compromise much anymore, it surely helps lighten the load of the world.
Andrew Tyler

This is a typical case of rich people thinking theyre entitled to everything they want.
D. Crennel

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