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As the owner of a variety of popular sites I am appalled by Nissans stance on this issue.  It is not a case of cyber squatting - If it was it would be fair enough - This is just tough luck, the Nissan computer company was there first.  The Nissan car company needs to thing about it's behavior here - should this action continue (and be successful) there will be a lot of people around the world who would think twice about purchasing it's products in future.
I would go as far as saying I would not buy from Nissan again - and you can print that!
David Burnett

This is an absolutely stupid law suit for Nissan motor company.  it's not Nissan Computers fault you were to lazy to purchase the website name.  How dare you think you have the right to do this.
I promise you one thing, knowone in my family will ever buy a Nissan motor company car ever again.  The american people will not support a company that dosn't support smaller buisseness.
Marco B.

I own a 86 nissan pickup and will be purchasing a new truck soon. While I am pleased with your products, this action shows me that you are not the type of company I choose to support.
Joe Gorman

Sounds like big bully wants it's way.  I for one will never buy another Nissan Motor product.  If you wanted the names, you should have taken them first.  The internet is first come, first served, and that is why I have lawworks, what don't you understand about that?
Clyde Hyde

Dear Nissan Motor,
I am appaled at the malicious bullying tactics you are using in an attmept to hijack a perfectly legimate and legal website name from the Nissan Computer company.  I have heard stories of corporate bullying, of the big multi-national picking on the little guy, but this instance takes the cake. 
"Nissan" is this man's last name, "Nissan" is the name of his company.  He had the vision to forsee the Internet boom before your company.  For this I applaud Mr. Nissan.  You have decided, as the bigger, meaner kid in the sandbox, to kick the proverbial sand in his face, to steal his proverbial lunch money. 
As a public relations student, I have never witnessed such a blatant abuse of corporate muscle.  This man registered the name "" and "" first, and to put it bluntly, in perfect fairness.  You have no right to bully this small company in an attempt to steal this domain name for your own.
I am confident in saying I will never purchase a Nissan automobile should you succeed in STEALING  this company's domain name.  Thank you for your time and I urge you to make the right decision.
Andy Bartkus

I strongly urge Nissan motor company to back off or compensate Mr. Nissan for this attempted hijacking of his name and domain superiority...  To pursue this matter will damage my opinion of the Nissan motor company and the cars they market.
Paul Wilson - Winston Salem, NC

In our history it has be a practise of first come first served. Just because the name is similar should not give NISSAN Motor Co. any rights to a  previously registered internet name. Nissan Computer Corp. got there first. I think Nissan Moter Co. should be required to reimburse Nissan Computer Corp. all expenses created by NISSAN Motor Co.'s suit.
Jerome Neal

I feel if these people have had Nissan in their family for generations and generations they deserve the domain just as much as any other group.  And if they had it long before Nissan Motor, than I believe the decision is already made.  Let the family be.

I find it totally unacceptable behavior for the Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. to have the right to even file suit in any court for their lack of forsight.  It is my opinion that since Uzi Nissan has and was operating a legal company (Nissan Computer Company), and advertising with legal and proper papers (incorporated in Raleigh, NC in 1991), that his use and usage of his family name as the domain names NISSAN.COM, and NISSAN.NET are and have been his legal property.
Ernest Kulp

I concede that a domain name shouldn't always belong to whomever registered it first, because they may have done it just to make money from or slander the entity associated with that name.  However, this case is different in that the company that registered it first is a legitimate company.  Just because the suing party has a lot more money and a bigger reputation with that "handle" (Nissan) doesn't make their case ethically or morally right.  Besides, the name of the company is Nissan Motor Company, not Nissan period.  What is wrong with, or anything else?  People looking for info on Nissan over the net aren't going to be sidelined by Uzi Nissan's webpage and suddenly decide that they aren't interested in a Nissan car (unless listed problems with Nissan cars on their front page, but even then, it's free speech, as well as a consumer resource).
The fact that Uzi Nissan now has to shell out money for a lawyer and to make the trip to LA for court appearances is absolutely ludicrous.  If the law rules in favor of Nissan Motor Corp, then the law is wrong and those in charge of the law are protectors of a set of rules that favor money over people.  Am I not wrong in thinking that our constitution states "We the People..."?
Darryl Stevens

In this case, considering that the site is administred by Mr. Nissan, I think the owner must be the first to come, that is Nissan Computer.  If we don't follow that rule, INTEL (a central american Telco company) can dispute the name with the Computer Processor Maker. We can show a lot of examples of that kind of problems, and if we don't make a rule, it will become a real mesh.
Ernesto Roca

This situation is absolutely ridiculous... Nissan Motor Company... ever thinking of using that entire name as your web site?  Rather than trying to steal someone else's just because it is a shortened version... This man was OBVIOUSLY not trying to steal this web site from your company... and do you honestly think that this lawsuit is going to get anywhere?  It's his last name for goodness sake!  Go back to making cars and leave this poor man alone... and I believe that you do owe him a very grand apology in this matter... I'm sure this has caused nothing but chaos for him... This entire corporation should be completely ashamed of themselves... why don't you take the money that you were using to harass Mr. Nissan and hire a creative team of experts to come up with a different web site for your company?  Not like you'll need it... after this gets out... no one in their right mind would buy a Nissan... and to think, Mommy and Daddy were going to buy a brand new Altima for my graduation present... yeah, well, there are plenty of other cars to choose from, now, isn't there?
Sarah Smith

It's another issue...Big Corp. steals from Little Guy and Little Guy is blamed for it. I want to let Mr. Nissan know that I am in full alignment with him and this should not have to happen.
All The Best,
Bob Cowles

Nissan motor company surely has no right to demand you give up your site, you have registered if from long ago, operate a legitimate business under it and your name is that "Nissan".  Surely Nissan Motor Company are trying it on, they cannot have a leg to stand on in my opinion.
Ronald Stevenson

I think this is absolutly outrageous for Nissan Motor to try to steal a name that has been register legitamatly since 1994.  If they want the name they should try to work out a deal a pay for it at fair market value.
Larry Craig

This is a bogus action by a automotive giant. Anyone who has a domain site that uses their own name, not a corporation, should not be sued. Especially when that site has been theirs for a lengthy time.
John Otto

They are out of line taking Mr.Uzi Nissan to court.  He had the name first and should contiue to have the name "Nissan", after all it is his last name!  The Nissan Motor Corporation and Mr. Uzi Nissan need to look at this from Both sides.  The Nissan Motor Corporation needs to step back and take a look at the situation-Just because they are a larger Company does not mean that they have the power to do wrong. However, Mr, Uzi Nissan needs to be understanding as well. I believe they should come to a Mutual Agreement.  Mr Uzi Nissan should agree to put something on his Web sites to let the viewers know there is NO connection between his company and the Nissan Motor Corporation.  Nissan is such a big name that I can see how they would not want to be mistaken for another company.  BUT that does not mean that they can just steal the name from the man who owns it!  There really is a simpler solution...
Lisa Darling

The family name of Nissan should be able to be used in the name of their company.  Please back off the lawsuit against this family.  It's ridiculous to think you cannot use your own name to name your business.
A & L Vrooman

I think Nissan Motor Company should go to h@ll.  This guy used the name first for his computer company.  It is legally his name, and is his right to use it in the name of a company he started.  I also think it is his right to use it for his internet sight.  If was so important to Nissan Motor Company maybe they should have gotten off their backsides and registered it.  I support the man and his fight against big business
John Cronin

Lot of this going on these days, and its too bad.  I would think a big company like Nissan would have some advertising people that could come up with a diferent domain name instead of picking on some poor guy with a funny name.
shame on you,

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