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As an addendum to my previous email, we have decided to sell the Nissan we have owned for the last 18 months and buy a different make of car.  it may not be obvious from my Email but I am in England, UK. Your cause is global. We are telling all our friends to visit your site and register their disgust with Nissan Motors.
Warmest Regards
Ron Baumback

I owned a Maxima once and Loved it but after hearing about what the company is doing to Nissan Computer Corp. I will refrain from using any Nissan Motor Products and I will let as many of my friends Know about this.
Former Nissan Maxima Owner

I have two Nissans.  They will be my last.  This type of legal extortion is ridiculous. While I'm sure Nissan won't fold over losing my business, I am more than happy to do my part to punish poor corporate behavior.
Rusty Frantz

Today is Saturday, August 12th, and it is a day I had set aside to decide which a small pickup truck to buy, and to go sign the papers at a dealership. My choice had been narrowed down to a Nissan Frontier or a Toyota Tacoma...frankly, the Frontier had been looking like a better value, and I was probably tending that way. However, after reading the information on Mr. Nissan's site, it's clear to me I could never in good faith buy from a company who uses brute legal intimidation as a tactic to gain what they desire, rather than negotiating in good faith, as all others who want particular domain names have done (e.g.,
I will be buying the Toyota.
Jonathan Rogers - Seattle, WA

Mr. Nissan,
After originally typing in "" to attempt to view the Nissan Motors and coming upon your website instead, "Nissan Computer Corporation" it only took me about 2 seconds to figure out to use "" instead. Lot's of companies have similar names and distinguish themselves and I did not find it confusing at all to use a more specific name in order to go to Nissan Motors. Frankly, after hearing that Nissan MOTORS is fighting you I'm not sure that I will buy a product from them. Good luck to you.
Michael "JR" McCrary

I've owned Nissan's for the better part of my life. I believe they have a good product. They should concentrate their energies on their vehicles, not stupid things like this. If Nissan Motors thinks they need the domain name they should pay for it.   I think the it belongs to the computer company by rights though, his name is "Uzi Nissan" and he registered it first.  I was thinking of buying a new Crew cab Frontier this year, but maybe I'll have to buy something else, I don't support big corporations that muscle smaller companys just because thay have the money.   Best of luck Uzi, May the wind be always at your back.
Richard Norton

Dear Nissan Motor Corp. Representative,
While I understand that protecting your brand name is vital to your company's survival, I must object to your lawsuit against Nissan Computer for their registering of the and domain names.  In a perfectly moderated internet, this problem would not exist, but the way the system was set up, the Nissan Computer Company has as much right to use the or domain name as your company does! They just beat you to it, and you are trying to make up for your short-sightedness by suing a company that had better vision than you.  You can't expect to win such a lawsuit, and should be ashamed because it's clear that this lawsuit is simply an attempt to force nissan computer into submission by emptying out their bankbooks!
Please take my opinion (and the countless others I'm sure you've received) as a warning to the people's opinion, and drop your lawsuit. With all of your resources, you must be able to find a creative way to resolve your problem.
Sephir Hamilton

It is quite conceivable that the cost of this action would be quite a bit more expensive than the gain you may derive from it. Please do not persist in this obvious abuse of power. If the domain name is not for sale...It is NOT for sale.
Joe Moore

I believe that Nissan Motors is in the wrong in attempting to take the name Nissan away from its first and in my opinion rightful user.  Nissan Computer is in the right.  Period.
Dr. Smith

Oh, please, u people at Nissan motors get a grip. Go and pick you another name. They guy at Nissan Computers has more right to it than you people have a right to freaking air.
Ernie Bennett

This is out of control.  Last year some large entertainment production company in L.A. tried to reverse hijack my domain name because they were going to make a TV show with the same.  They threatened me with a lawsuit unless I sold the rights to them.  I only had the domain name for about a year and they went to register the trademark to take it away from me.  I do not know what will happen if they actually get the trademark, but I can prove I got the domain way in advace of their registration for the trademark.  We'll see what happens.  Any advice would be appreciated.
Hang in there and protect what is yours.  These large corporations with unlimited funds should be penalized for even trying this sort of thing.  When you win, make sure they do not try it again by hitting them where is hurts, public opinion & sales.  They already have money.
Good luck...
Brian Beckman

This lawsuit is just plain wrong.  You cannot deny someone the use of their family name for their business, even though others may use the same or a similar name. 
Whoever registered the domain name on the 'net first should be allowed to keep it.  Consumers are smart enough to know the difference between cars and computers; if they get to the wrong website, they'll just search again to find what they are looking for.
Mary Louise Laney

I'm surprised Nissan Motor Co. is not suing this man for having their name on his birth certificate.  This is insane.
Ben Ward

The president of Nissan Motors and Nissan Computer Corps are both people.  For the president of one corporation to actively fight to get something that is not his is wrong.  His mother, if she is not greedy and self-centered, would turn in her grave to know of this ridiculous lawsuit.  If the case is that Nissan Motor copywrited the Nissan name after Nissan Computer began their doman, I can see why they might want the domain name for themselves.  However, is it all really necessary?  Do we have to form conflict wherever we feel something that should be our own is not our own?  My friends, this is the root of thousands of conflicts across throughout history.  In fact, this reminds me of something that happened in the small, rural town where I live.  There's a car-wash called "Suds R' Us" that serviced the 3,000 people that live in the town.  When Toys R' Us found out about it, they sued and forced the carwash to change it's name, which is now "suds or rust."  Everytime people see that sign, they think about that ridiculous lawsuit by some asshole corporation.  For God's sake, we're all people.  Not everyone is out to get everyone.  Is the brand-name-domain really that important?  Nissan Computers didn't start their domain and plan to get extra traffic from their name being similar to Nissan Motors, and the increased traffic that Nissan Motors might get from having a shorter domain name is negligible, not worth all this hassle.  If you have one ounce of humanity, in you, Mr. Nissan Motors President, let Nissan Computers have their domain, whether it should be rightfully yours or not, and start your domain as  Take your money and build yourself a kingdom in heaven.  Generosity is expressed through the lack of greed, as well as through simple giving.  Maybe this is the first step.  Maybe being generous this time won't be a tax write-off, but you'll feel like a better person, which money can never buy.
Russell Ackerman

Dear Uzi,
I think you are right to fight for your family name, Nissan are just sore that they did not register first and are trying to swing there "big corporate hammer" to scare you. You are doing the right thing and I back you all the way.
Kind Regards
Lisa Cowap - United Kingdom

First come, first serve.  That's the way it is in real life, and that's how it should be here.  The Nissan Computer Corporation has had the .com domain since 94, and .net since 96. Both of these, especially the later, could have been procured by Nissan Motors(or whatever it's called) long ago, but they obviously did not do so.
So why should NCC suffer?  Nissan Motors has their own website, they should stick with it, and/or register new/additional domain names. Not cry because somebody got there first, and earned it.
I'm siding on NCC with this one.
Brandon Cloud

Internet is for the ones with computers and not cars. Mr. Nissan, I am with you. After so many hatred mails from all of us against Nissan Motors, the least i think they should do if they have some dignity left in them is to take back their lawsuit and do the needful. and this is also a lesson to other companies.
A. Amir

I have spent many time searching for a cool name for my web that doesn't exist as name of a company. Now I suspect this is not possible. Should I wait for my turn to be destroyed by these corporate slashers? to hell with'em.
Carlos García-Carazo

I agree that this sort of thing has got to stop.  There should be some sort of fact finding committee in place prior to entering a court of law to weed out any frivolous law suits. This saves both the tax payer and the possible David vs. Goliath situation.
Derek Bernon

I think in this case, you (Nissan Computers) should easily retail the domain.  However, legal costs could make it easier to settle for a significant profit on your domain name.  The choice is yours.  I think you will win in court, but lose the bottom line.  I'd take the money and run, but I respect your stance.  Good luck!
John Reichardt

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