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I am thinking of buying a Nissan Xterra.  That is why I decided to visit because I forgot the domain name for Nissan Motors and Mr. Nissan's company includes a direct link to the Motor company.  Unfortunately, I cannot purchase this vehicle because of what Nissan Motors is doing to a small business!  I believe in principles and this goes totally against mine.  I will support Mr. Nissan in any way I can.  I really hope the whole world knows about this, and I have already told all my friends of this.  Nobody will purchase Nissan vehicle anymore until Nissan Motors gives Mr. Nissan a fair deal, settled out of court.  Nissan Motors, you're so stupid!  This has happened a few times in the past and the big company who's too dumb to register their own domain name deserves to be brought down!!  Big companies lose too, remember!
Yien Na

Being big enough to be a bully does not make it right.  Unless Nissan Motor Company desists, I will publicize this, and will attempt to influence every Nissan owner or prospective owner not to deal with a company that thinks "might is right."
Simple integrity requires that Nissan Motor Company simply use an address such as "" or some other similar address.  To deny a person the right to use of their own name or the name of their company just because someone else has the same name or same company name is patently unfair!
Ernie Hallmark

This is unfair. I am not considering a Nissan SUV anymore. These are not business practices I want to support.
Daniel Bilar

This is a perfect example of big comapny bullying. I will never buy a Nissan.
Yossi Lazaroff

I am outraged at your improper action to sue Uzi Nissan of Nissan Computer Corporation in North Carolina. If you noticed my email address, I am a student of UCSD, right across the street from your North America Design Facility where the new Maxima and Sentra were designed. As a recent graduate, I was interested in purchasing a Pathfinder and my close friend an Xterra. I accidentally cam across to choose the color of my new SUV (my friend wanted a yellow xterra.) As I read Mr. Nissan's history and encounter with your company, I became infuriated. I refuse to conduct business with a company that bullies legitimate businessmen such as Uzi Nissan. My feelings would coincide with your lawsuit had Mr. Nissan been an opportunistic man and wanted to exploit your company. This is clearly not the case. I convinced my friend NOT to purchase an Xterra. He is now looking at an Isuzu Rodeo, and I am looking to buy a Grand Cherokee. Because of your actions, you have lost over $55,000. Being 22, I am sure that I will purchase many more cars, none of which will be a Nissan. I will inform the Jeff and Jerr showgram, San Diego's Largest Morning radio show, of your actions and post signs on message boards at UCSD. You can have some of you design employees go to the campus to verify that I will try to get the message out that your company is lacks moral and ethical standards.
Juan Escalante

Dear Nissan Motor Corporation:
I am appalled by the action that your company Nissan Motor Corp. has taken in regards to Nissan Computer Corp.  I suggest that you halt any pending action against Nissan Computer Corp.  Your company Nissan Motor Corp and Nissan Computer Corp are like mixing apples and oranges.  Your company sells motors and Nissan Computer Corporation sells computer equipment/services. A similar case was taken by the court in which Federal Express sued a medical supply company for using "the world on time."  The quote "the world on time," is highly used by FedEx.  Because the other company uses "theworldontime," to conduct business that is in no way related to FedEx, the medical company was authorized to retain its domain name  Your case will face the same results.  Stop wasting your time on small businesses and apply your efforts on building motors since that is your specialty!   Very upset that your company would bully a "small" company. Perhaps you should have thought about using before Nissan Computer company?  "The early bird get the worm."  In this case you lost the worm and a pulling teeth just to get something you DO NOT deserve! I am very displeased with your Company Nissan Motor Corp.  I own a Nissan Altima,  Nissan Frontier.  I might reconsider my thought about purchasing another Nissan because of your ignorant and bully actions/tactics!
Jose Paloschavez

Use of one's own name in business to describe or name one's own company (and web site) is legitimate and the attempted restriction by big business against use of that name, just because they have the same name, is not moral (nor should it be legal).   "First in, first served."
Alan Torrance - Justice of the Peace

I am offended at the actions of Nissan motor corp.  It would be in the best interest of Nissan Motor corp. to understand that the negative publicity of this undertaking will reach much deeper into their pockets than would the cost of simply hireing an internet consultant to think up a new and creative way of expressing their presence on the web, or by working out an agreement with Mr. Nissan that would allow him to do the same.
Robert Dahl

To: Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. (the automaker), filed a lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. for owning NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET. They alleged trademark infringement and dilution.
Drop this ridiculous and bogus lawsuit. Stop wasting time and money. Nissan Computer Corp. has legitimate rights to the domain names, not like other scam artists (which brings me to the subject of made up names - don't use a simple, common name and then try to copyright & trademark the hell out of it). 
If this goes thru I'll never buy a Nissan!
Felipe Morales

Typical lawyers. You won't see them going after is owned by a media company who would crucify them in the public eye. I hope you can find a lawyer who wants to make a name for him/herself and fight this for you for free. That'll teach 'em.  Good Luck to you.
Bob Holderith

It's ideas like the one Nissan Motor has that infringes on the rights of the entire free enterprise system.  Illegally using ones trade name and having an internet domain name are not the same thing.  If I understand this correctly, Nissan Motor is not saying that the use of Nissan Computer is an infringement, but that using it as a domain name is.  I'm afraid I don't see the correlation.  A domain name is not a product nor a service in itself.  It is merely the address at which one can set up shop.  If Nissan Computer had their headquarters on a private street and chose to name the street Nissan Street, I don't see how Nissan Motor could tell them that they were in violation of copyright law then.  This is the exact same thing.  It is just an addresss, and in this town called the world wide web it's first come, first serve.  Just look at the use of .  I don't see the federal government trying to shut them down.  Sorry Nissan Motor, you should have been a little faster on grabbing the name when it was available.
Donald Gallo

This is an outrageous case.  If Nissan Motors wanted the name, they should have moved earlier to get it.  If Nissan's name has been in his family for generations, then that's a lot longer than the Japanese have been making cars.  It's yet another example of overpaid lawyers trying to bend the law to their employer's benefit, and it must stop.
Chris Hoban

To Whom It May concern:
I find the actions of Nissan Motor Co. despicable.  Using one's large status in the international business world to bully a person/company with legitamate rights to a domain name is inexcusable.  There is clear evidence of rightful claim to the domain name  Companies like Nissan Motors should be held accountable for their bullying tactics.
Tim Jurik

This is from a Nissan car owner.
It is obvious that Nissan Computers has registered this domain with good intend and are using it for a legitimate reason. They are not cybersquatters they just beat you to it. The tactics used to force them to give up the domain name are outrageous and your actions are unfair to say the least. I am sorry that through my purchase of a Nissan car I have helped, in a tiny amount, to fund this lawsuit.

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I fully support you in your efforts against Nissan Motors.  You have every right to own a domain name that represents your family name, one of the most honorable stances you can take.
Trevor Peters

I strongly feel that whomever registers a domain name first is the sole owner of said domain name.  This matter should not be in the courts because it seems very simple to me that Mr. Nissan owns the URL because he is the person that registered it.  These are just my opinions.
Brent Johnston

This is my opinion only and not that of my employer, whom I have not consulted.  I think the Nissan Motor Company got taken.  The officials over there neglected to get what they wanted, the domain ""  They went to apply for it when they realized they wanted to develop a domain name and it was taken.  I say to bad so sad for the motor company.  First come, first serve.  I think that Nissan Computer Company should stick to their guns and win the lawsuit plus damages from the Motor Company.  The Nissan Motor Company thinks that just because they are a large company they will get what they want, however, I hope that not to be the case.  If NCC was not supposed to be awared the domain, why was it given by the internic?  I am not legally inclined, however, why would Nissan Motor Company have more of a right to the domain than Nissan Computer Company?  If Nissan Computer was the early bird, they should get the worm.  They should fight this thing.....  I hate large companies who pull around their weight when we all now, they are not in the right.
This really makes me ill...
Sean Jones

This appears to be a foolish efferot at best.  If Nissan Motor Corp really believes anyone is ever going to relate software to cars i a fasion that would interfre with their corporate branding they need to both re evaluate their legal staff and the marketing people who thought this one up.  This is a waste of their budget and a waste of my tax dollars also, the less money we all spend on taxes the more we have to spend on a sporty new Nissan.
Kathryn Vasquez

There is no reason that a large corporation should dominate who and what can own a domain name!!!  Let's look back to who "owned" the name Nissan first...

This is outrageous - a little like the Pillsbury vs Ben and Jerry's battle of yesteryear.
Grow up, Nissan

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