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Dear Mr. Nissan:
As a random Web Surfer I would like to say that I think the way you are being bullied by a large corporation is simple absurd I hope that you win your law suit and that Nissan Motor Corp. realizes that this is America and everybody even the little guy has a right to there own name.  I would also like to thank you for directing me to the correct site that I was Looking for (Nissan Motor Corp.).  I was looking into buying a new Nissan but after reading about how they were treating you I will not buy a Nissan vehicle now I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
Steven W. Clark

Last year I worked as a temp for Nissan Technical Center North America in Arizona. This is where Nissan North America Subcontracts Engineers and Engineering Technicians through temp agencies and exploits them with substandard wages. Nissan keeps their engineering staff employed as temporaries for as long as ten years or more.
Nissan is not a company I would associate with honest and fair business or labor practices. This is the kind exploitation Ralph Nader is trying to educate the public about. The lawsuit Nissan LTD has filed against you is just another instance of a Large multinational corporation abusing their power.
Michael Kruger

I'm sorry but this is ridiculous.  There is no reason for Uzi Nissan to have to go through this.  I, too am in the computer business and it sounds to me that he did everything through the proper channels.  Now, Nissan needs to let it go.  I own a Nissan truck but will be getting rid of it very soon if this continues.  Why don't they buy the domain name from Mr. Nissan for the  same amount (or more) than they are paying their attorneys?  This will be passed to many in Hawaii, one area Nissan Motors can't afford to lose.
Debora Harlor

I was looking for information on Nissan pickups and found Mr. Uzi Nissan's site. The first thing I saw on his site was the web address for the Nissan Motors site, a very gracious and helpful act on the part of Mr. Nissan. I am disappointed to learn of your lawsuit against Mr. Nissan regarding the web address. In my opinion, you have no legal or moral right to this address. I pray that any judge who tries this case will rule in Uzi Nissan's favor. I will search the web for information about your competitor's products.
S. Schwake

I was deciding between a Nissan SUV and Ford Explorer. Now I know I'm buying a Ford.

Leave Mr. Nissan alone. He has legitimately used the business name of Nissan before Nissan Motor every used the name for business.  I support Mr. Nissan. I do not support Nissan Motor on this issue.  I have owned Nissan vehicles since 1985, and own two of their vehicles today.
Lewis Martin

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I support you fully if your story is true. Being a multi-national does not automatically make you right. It is your name, it is your right! First come, first serve, not who has the most money. By the way what do you think of the Maxima 2000. (just kidding).
Pedro Chookolingo

Too bad for you, Nissan Motors!  This guy was legitimately here first, using his real surname for his business, and you have the gall to sue him!  You're wrong!   Cases like this are particularly galling because this is clearly *not* a case of domain name "squatting".  Mr. Nissan has every right to continue using without being bothered by you.  It's his name, and he staked his claim on his domain name before you did.  Therefore, you lose!  I fervently hope that Nissan Motors, the mega huge multinational corporation cannot, and will not be allowed to, bully Mr. Nissan the small business man, simply because Mr. Nissan beat you to the internet.  Leave him alone!
John Relf

I agree with you 100%.  You properly attained the before the Nissan motor corp. every attempted and they don't like it.  Since you didn't "give in" to them then they are trying to take the away from you by legal mean.  This is pathetic what they are trying to do you.
Clay Morgan

I believe Nissan has no right to take over you domain name.  If they want it they should offer you a substantial amount of money. You have the right to use your family name any way you want in your business name.
B. Clausen

Though I'm in no position to comment about Constitutional code, I am most certainly of the impression that, in this Internet age, one who registers a domain name on the Web is entitled to use such, regardless of other copyright agreements.  Nissan Motor Corporation's lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation is merely an exampling of the 800 pound capitalist gorilla bullying the little guy.
Eric R.

Nissan Motor has better things to do than harass Uzi Nissan.  C'mon guys, grow up!  Go spend your time doing something useful, like buying Kia.
George Smart

I see another example of big bully. I want to know where did Nissan motor co got their name to use?

Please keep me informed with the proceedings.  At this point I have decided to remain on the fence, however I am willing to offer my financial support at a later date.  Nissan Motor Company should not be able to strong arm your business.
Michael Marrs

To Nissan Motor Co.,
I am currently an owner of a Nissan Maxima (1995).  I've been really happy with the car, and was actually looking for your web site to look at your new models.  Instead of your site, I found by mistake.  I quickly realized you didn't own the site, but I became interested in the domain name dispute.  I have to say, you suing this guy over his domain name definitely does not earn you any good will points in my book.  It might not be enough to stop me from buying another car from you, but it can't help either!
Regards,  Kip Obenauf

I love Nissan cars, but to see Nissan the car company win a suit like this would be an outrage to me.
Dale Damian Parsons

To Nissan Motor Co.:
You missed the boat on this one. This guy had the address first. Just pick another one and get over it.

Leave Mr. Nissan alone! He has every right to use the name.  You were too slow to register your domain name.  He is not squatting on the name for financial purposes.  Find someone else to pick on.
Eric Blum

It is a shame that Nissan Motor is trying to bully a smaller but equally important business from changing its family name from a family business.
Allison Edenfield

I really believe that Nissan Motor Co is just pissed because you beat them to it. And I don't see why there should be any legal action especially because you registered the name without any intent to trick anyone. There's no competition, and the only reason I would look up the Nissan Motor Website is to complain about their products and services. So I really hope that this gets resolved soon, and hopefully we won't have more stories of deep pocket organizations stepping on the heads of entrepreneurs who want to use the birth given names.
Hien Nguyen

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