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Having followed many domain name disputes over the last two years, I have seen many corporate bullies attempting to takeover domain names they coveted from their rightful owners.  The case of is an especially egregious example, considering the indisputable rights of the original registrant of the name.  Nissan Motor will only garner negative publicity from this outrageous behaviour.  My opinion of your company has been severely diminished, and I urge you to drop your baseless attack on Mr. Nissan, or I will never consider purchasing anything your company produces. I will also spread the word to everyone I know.  I am sure you know trademark law does not give you exclusive global rights to any word, so give it up, get over it, and move on.
Richard Shell

Dear Uzi,
I'm surprised Nissan Motors doesn't insist that you should change your name too! Forget about that Altima I was considering.  Maybe I'll buy a Nissan computer instead.  Fight the good fight.  We're behind you.
P.S. is available, maybe Nissan Motors should snap it up. ;-)
Mordy Steinfeld

I used to own a 1982 Nissan Pickup. It has been a very dependable truck. I was considering buying a new Maxima. So I go to and I find your site. Hey, It's Cool. Then I find out the Nissan Motor is SUING YOU for beating them to the domain name!!!  Out of all the ridiculous lawsuits (including the Hot Coffee from McDonalds incident) I have to say I cannot believe the behavior some companies will demonstrate!  I think you should countersue for "distress."  The Maxima had a place on my list but it got crossed off.  I am now the proud owner of a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP sedan. I called the local Nissan dealer and he was disappointed (of course) that I chose the Pontiac. I then informed him that this lawsuit was in progress. He thought it was silly and resigned his position.  He now works for a local Toyota dealer. I am glad my $25,000 went to American hard work and not a bunch of big-business crybabies, now that Nissan got bought out by Renault.
Thanks, and good luck, Mr. Nissan.
Jason Wainwright

I was forwarded your site from a friend.  It is sad to see what the world has turned into.  You appear to have all legal rights to your site.  The car company could certainly use something else.  Possibly, Nissancar(s).com,, etc.  I currently drive a Nissan Sentra.  It is my second Sentra and I love it.  I almost bought another a few weeks ago, but it did not stack up to the 10+ year old design that I am driving a 1994 version of now. After viewing your site, I would find it hard to buy another of their products.  There is a lot of competition out there, and I prefer to spend my hard earned money with a more ethical company. I know that this does not help you directly, and that it is unlikely that you are trying to put them out of business, but it should make you feel a little better!  Best of luck and feel free to forward this to the evil empire.
Brad Martone

You screwed up by not using your name "Nissan" instead of "Datsun" years ago. Smart move.  Please Leave Nissan Computer alone. YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE. And what ever "Judge" allows this bully lawsuit to go forward must be an _____.   Toyota or Nissan- I am in the market for a Toyota tundra or a nissan exterra.  If you email me at and promise to drop this lawsuit by Aug 31 I promise to by the Nissan, otherwise I will by the Toyota and let everyone know what a worthless company nissan is.  thanks and good luck being nice to nissan computer
Daniel Stevens

I hope you win your's your last name you are entitled to use it and you aren't infringing on their business in anyway.  You sell computers, they sell cars, I don't see the problem.
Good Luck
Eddie Buonopane

To whom it may concern
Throughout history, power elite have always used their sheer bulk and power to crush the underdog.  but not so in the year 2000. What makes you people think you have any right to the domain name Mr. Nissan did not regester the name in order to extort money from you! he regesterd it as his own buisness site. Just because you are a big powerfull corporation, it dosent give you the right to try and steal the domain name thorugh "legal action" you are definatly not projecting a very popular image of yourselves. Sadly and Sincerly,
Eli Wurtzel
P.S.  I actually am in the market now for a new sports sedan it was a toss up between a maxima and an avalon, guess wich one im gonna buy

I think they are a pack of wankers for doing sh_t like that.  sort it out Nissan you dozey bas___ds.  I utterly hate sh_t like that.

Being a business owner myself, I understand the importance of being able to obtain the best possible site online for recognition with your product name, however Nissan Motor Corporation, you are going way too far.  This lawsuit is more ridiculous than the Microsoft lawsuit by poor companies that didn't get their first to. You may win. You may use some of the top lawyers in the firm, and you may find some loop holes in current law to aid you in acquiring this site. However, isn't their a certain level of morale concern, doing what's right. Show us your truly the company you boast you are by maintaining your integrity when it counts the most. If Mr. Nissan, had intentionally purchased the name to block you, or to make a profit  directly from selling you the site, then this letter wouldn't have been written. However that's not the case here is it? Nissan Motor Corporation has been a company that I have not only enjoyed driving it's products, but selling them as well. I have always believed in Nissan Motor Corporation's strong commitment to their customer and have always mentioned them in a positive posture, however this issue will force me to re-think my current vies of Nissan Motors Corporation.
Chris Banzet -  Rapid City, S.D.

What is the US Congress going to do to protect innocent domain name owner? Are they argueing that there are loads of people out there trying to exploit large corporations by setting up domain names?
Hamish Spalding

Mr. Nissan,
While Nissan Motors is at it, why don't they sue everyone for using the letter Z? It seems quite prominent on their website about the forth coming vehicle. Maybe Nissan Motors should pick on someone their own size like GM and the Z28 Camaro; oops, forgot, GM IS BIGGER than Nissan. Oh well, sorry about the suit. I do hope you win, I think this whole thing is stupid. Nissan probably got the idea from Honda anyway.
John Finn

I think that this whole thing is messed up.  Nissan Computer Co. is not in the wrong.  Nissan Motor should just be creative, plan an awesome marketing strategy, and use a different website address.  I say to Nissan Motor Co--Stop Whining!
Jennifer Collier

Nissan Motor is clearly using its formidable muscle to try to force the rightful domain owner (Uzi Nissan) out of business.  By pitting their $300/hr. attorneys and large corporate profits against an individual who registered the domain name SIX YEARS AGO, they obviously believe Mr. Nissan will have to bow down and give up or face bankruptcy. What Nissan Motors is doing to this man is the real offense.  Mr. Nissan has not asked for a dime for the domain, nor has he ever expressed interest in  selling it.  There was no malicious intent when the name was registered (as in the case of so many celebrity domain names.)  The man is a sharp businessman who had the foresight to register his family name long before the "suits" at the plaintiff's offices realized they were - as is so often the case regarding technology - FAR behind the curve.  They should save their money for their bottom line and make their stockholders happier.  Mr. Nissan is the rightful owner of, and Nissan Motors knows it.  They just hope they can break him financially before the public finds out.   We won't let it happen.
Patrick Junkroski

Back off infringment,take your frivolity elsewhere..
Robert F. Valentine

Dear Uzi,
I can't believe the strong-arm tactics are continuing. When I first heard that Nissan Motors was trying to bully you into giving up "your" domain name I thought "nice try!" (if they get away with it!?! obviously they didn't). Surely by now even the most novice corporate leader at Nissan Motors would realize that the only ones that stand to gain from this doomed approach is thier (self serving) LAWYERS - whom no doubt are telling Nissan Motors that they "might" win?! Anyone with even a miniscule amount of common sense would realize that they are no more likely to take over "your" domain name than they are; "your" Drivers License, "your" Social Security Number, "your" Wife... (EVEN IF THEY ALL HAVE THE WORD "NISSAN" ASSOCIATED WITH THEM!!!!) Get real Nissan Motors! You are only tarnishing your corporate image. I believe its covered in first year of business school that, any company that lets their Lawyers run their company is destined for disaster. Hmmm!? Disaster/Nissan Motors/Disaster/Nissan Motors... doesn't have the kind of ring to it that most owners would be proud to advertise. Perhaps check with your Marketing department (but don't let them run your business either! That's what a Real Corporate President is for - in case nobody told you). Best Wishes Mr. Uzi Nissan!!!  (or maybe you have to change your name to "MAZDA"???  Personally I wouldn't cause that name has already been tarnished too badly, by equally feeble management decisions.)
Roger Carrier

Hey ppl when it comes to is first come first served so Nissan Computers registered first.. so you guys lose out on that...
Vignesh Marthandan

It is not wise to destroy weeker section by powerful lobby.  I personnally against it.  Opportunity should be given to them only who is first in the Q.
M.K. Gaur

The last time I checked we are living in America.  This is another example of large corporations trying to show they can do what they want to the small business person.  It is appalling that our courts would spend much time even considering such cases.  I do not see how that a computer company can have any impact on a large auto maker just by having the same name anyway.  If all other defenses fail, then fall back on the first come first serve theory.  Nissan Computer got there first, legally, so they should get the use of the name for the purposes covered in the liscencing of domain names.
Bob Brown

A name is a name. It also is who a person is. It is not fair for a big company to try and prevent a person from using a name, a name that happens to be their own, who they are. In this time and place  it should not matter if a group has a lot of money and the desire to crush those who don't. That time has passed, and belongs not in the U.S. Perhaps we did have a time like that once, but it is over. A company has no right to claim a name, and in the age of the internet, it's first come, first serve.
Elaine Williams

From the information shown here this is not good.  One of the problems with 'free' enterprise in the USA it seems that fare play goes out of the window.
Good luck in your struggle.
Frank McNamara

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