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I think you should be ashamed about harassing the Nissan Computer company over the fact that you want to use their name as your own internet domain name.  I am in the market for a new car this year and now I will definitely avoid Nissan cars.  I am also telling my friends and relatives about what you are doing and will discourage them from buying Nissan cars as well.
Jerry Bucknoff

I was planning of purchasing a NISSAN car, but now I'll exclude this brand option, as moral issues are very important to me.
Leon Capon

I am from Mexico and I'm in an autofinancing  plan to get a Nissan Sentra, but now knowing a company that HAD my respect, I will terminate my contract and go to a different brand. It is a shame that a big company like you is creating so much problems and trying to impede that a smaller company that has nothing to do with the car industry, do its activity.  SHAME ON YOU NISSAN MOTOR.  NISSAN COMPUTER CORP. go for it gays. Good Luck!!!! I am with you!
Jose Luis Marquez

Nissan guys,
I was planning to buy a Nissan car, and now I will not !!!  Give the guy a break, it's his family name !!!
Oren Yosifon

Mr. Nissan did not get the and domain's with the intent of being able to sell them. He is using them in his business.  He has every right to do this since his name is Nissan. This is done in every country. You are using Nissan in your company and it is not your name. What right do you have to try to make him stop using his name in his business. You are just trying to steam roll a small business man with your financial strength.  I will never contribute another penny to your coffer by buying any of your products.
Billy F.

Nissan Computer has everyright to us the and basically cause he had it first has established it as his and Nissan motor company should find something else to use how bout :-). As a result of me becoming aware of this situation I will never purchase a Nissan vehicle ever.

Be happy with
David Mcdermott

I hope you win your's your last name you are entitled to use it and you aren't infringing on their business in anyway.  You sell computers, they sell cars, I don't see the problem.
Good Luck
Eddie Buonopane

I think this is STUPID.  Whoever registers the name first, gets it.  PERIOD.  Nissan Motor should have thought about it long ago!
R. Rosell

What is the US Congress going to do to protect innocent domain name owner? Are they argueing that there are loads of people out there trying to exploit large corporations by setting up domain names?
Hamish Spalding

I am offended at the actions of Nissan motor corp.  It would be in the best interest of Nissan Motor corp. to understand that the negative publicity of this undertaking will reach much deeper into their pockets than would the cost of simply hireing an internet consultant to think up a new and creative way of expressing their presence on the web, or by working out an agreement with Mr. Nissan that would allow him to do the same.
Robert Dahl

I think that this whole thing is messed up.  Nissan Computer Co. is not in the wrong.  Nissan Motor should just be creative, plan an awesome marketing strategy, and use a different website address.  I say to Nissan Motor Co--Stop Whining!
Jennifer Collier

I buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment and supplies over the internet.  I have had little trouble finding the sites of quality vendors no matter what the name.
Obviously, Nissan motors cannot compete on the quality of its products.  You all must be very proud.
Mark Ross

Hey ppl when it comes to is first come first served so Nissan Computers registered first.. so you guys lose out on that...
Vignesh Marthandan

It is not wise to destroy weeker section by powerful lobby.  I personnally against it.  Opportunity should be given to them only who is first in the Q.
M.K. Gaur

I own my own web business and am beginning to make some good money with it.  I planned on buying a Nissan Pathfinder until just now when I layed eyes on this pathetic lawsuit.  I cannot imagine someone trying to steal my established domain name from me.  I will spread the word and do my best to boycott NISSAN MOTORS. 

The last time I checked we are living in America.  This is another example of large corporations trying to show they can do what they want to the small business person.  It is appalling that our courts would spend much time even considering such cases.  I do not see how that a computer company can have any impact on a large auto maker just by having the same name anyway.  If all other defenses fail, then fall back on the first come first serve theory.  Nissan Computer got there first, legally, so they should get the use of the name for the purposes covered in the liscencing of domain names.
Bob Brown

A name is a name. It also is who a person is. It is not fair for a big company to try and prevent a person from using a name, a name that happens to be their own, who they are. In this time and place  it should not matter if a group has a lot of money and the desire to crush those who don't. That time has passed, and belongs not in the U.S. Perhaps we did have a time like that once, but it is over. A company has no right to claim a name, and in the age of the internet, it's first come, first serve.
Elaine Williams

Get off your high-horse, car dealer. You had a chance to purchase the names and you didn't. Shame on you for trying to stomp on small business for your neglect. How dare you think Nissan is a controlled entity. It is a name, not something you can arrogantly claim as if it is only yours.
Go for it, Nissan Computer.
Will Hessel

It's ideas like the one Nissan Motor has that infringes on the rights of the entire free enterprise system.  Illegally using ones trade name and having an internet domain name are not the same thing.  If I understand this correctly, Nissan Motor is not saying that the use of Nissan Computer is an infringement, but that using it as a domain name is.  I'm afraid I don't see the correlation.  A domain name is not a product nor a service in itself.  It is merely the address at which one can set up shop.  If Nissan Computer had their headquarters on a private street and chose to name the street Nissan Street, I don't see how Nissan Motor could tell them that they were in violation of copyright law then.  This is the exact same thing.  It is just an addresss, and in this town called the world wide web it's first come, first serve.  Just look at the use of .  I don't see the federal government trying to shut them down.  Sorry Nissan Motor, you should have been a little faster on grabbing the name when it was available.
Donald Gallo

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