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It is not surprising that Nissan Motors is acting this way toward Nissan Computer Corporation. Like many people who have written to Nissan Computer, I stumbled across this website in error when looking for Nissan Motor. However, I was looking for Nissan Motor in order to complain about an unfriendly Nissan Dealer at Rosenthal Nissan in Gaithersburg Maryland. Although I will never purchase a Nissan because of this particular dealership's actions, I now realize that Nissan corporate is a big corporate bully. Now I see where the people at Rosenthal Nissan get there ideas from. Nissan has lost me as a customer because of their arrogance and I will be sure to tell all of my friends, family and co-workers about this website. I know a lot of people who drive Nissan cars and I will make sure it is their last. Keep up the good work Nissan Computer.

This type of litigation is beyond appalling.  I came to the site to investigate my options in buying a new truck.  After the page loaded it was obvious to me that was in no way related to Nissan Motors and that a simple two second search with a search engine would be needed to find Nissan Motors (absolutely no problem on my part, very expected on the Internet).  Nissan Computer Corporation is not even close to infringing on Nissan Motors logos or image. After seeing the notice of pending litigation I have decided that Nissan Motors is not worth my business.  I WILL NOT BUY A NISSAN TRUCK!  I'm sure Toyota or Dodge (ever notice that Dodge isn't at truck will do just fine.

Nissan Motor:
I am currently in the market for a new vehicle and have been doing research on various cars by different manufacturers.  Before I visited, my preference was to purchase a Nissan vehicle.  I am disgusted that such a company as Nissan Motor would try to bully Nissan Computer out of its legitimately registered domain name.  This isn't a case of cybersquatting and you have no right to the domain name.  Until I see that your lawsuit against Nissan Computer has been dropped, I do not feel my money ($40000-$50000) should go to the purchase of a Nissan vehicle since it would undoubtedly be used in this petty lawsuit.  It's time for me to seriously consider the Honda I've been looking at as well.  I hope you realize that this lawsuit has changed many people's and my opinion about Nissan Motor Company.  You're really shooting yourself in the foot!  Nissan Computer was at least nice enough to point people looking for Nissan Motor's home page to the right URL.  I think Nissan Computer should start charging a referral fee for each page hit that receives from this site.  Good luck Nissan Computer and shame on you Nissan Motor!
Adam Woodbeck

I am the owner of a small electrical contracting company in southern California, I was looking up The "Nissan Automobile Company" for the purpose of purchasing several Trucks that my company is in need of.  Up until now it has been a toss up between purchasing several Nissan Frontier Trucks, and going American, sticking with G.M.C. which my company currently has.  Being a small company myself I am appalled at the shameful behavior of the other  Nissan" company.  This more than made up my mind for me on whether to buy American, or go Japanese.  As far as I can tell with the other letters that I have read on this site, public opinion is in your favor.  On a common sense level and strictly financial level, you would think that they would offer to buy you out on the domain name.  It is obvious to me that you did not use this domain name for the purposes of forcing them to buy you out at an outrageous profit, as some people have been known to do.  One observation that I see has not been brought up in any other of the E-mails sent to you is this,  Anybody notice the parallels between Volkswagen, and Nissan? Volkswagen went after the small independent auto repair shops for the use of the word "bug" in their shop names, even when they did not have the name protected by copyright.  Seems to me that both the German and Japanese Establishments did not learn much from World War 2.  Wish you all the luck in the world with your legal fight.  Seems to me you really won't need Luck, just a good attorney and a fair jury.
Mr. Gerald Strachan
Owner Strachan Electric

On behalf of Mr. Nissan I am forwarding his story and web URL to my local television station Tampa  Bay News 9 (24/7 station) as well as the St. Pete Times newspaper. I am sure some ambitious reporter hunting for the next web controversy will be more than happy to show this to an editor. I would request that if you feel strongly about this, then please do the same and show the Big Greedy Corporations the Power of the Internet!!!! Nissan Motor obviously underestimated its potential power until it was too late, and now they want to STEAL a man's god given name because they missed the internet bus. Japanese culture considers this behavior dishonorable. Has the pursuit of cash ruined such a fine system of morals? I hope not. Nissan Motors seems to be bringing this shame upon themselves while attempting to make Mr. Nissan look bad. It's not working. We are not fooled by the fools.
I was going to the dealers to purchase a Frontier in the morning. A nice fully loaded 2000 Frontier with a load of options for only $18,600!! It WAS a steal!! Most 2000 Frontiers are selling for over $22,000!! I will instead be more tenacious in finding a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab (Which is made much better anyway). I will walk away from this steal of a deal and pay the x-tra $ for the Dodge. At least Mr. Nissan has the courtesy to show the  proper link for Nissan Motors. I did not see any obligatory links to Mr. Nissan's site on the Nissan Motors web site. Nissan Motors is obviously not ready for cyber-space. Let them park their pieces of shit in the break down lane.
Mikey Carr

All legal actions against Nissan Computer Corp. should be stopped immediately.  Nissan motor's failure to acknowledge that Nissan is an important month in the Jewish calender could be viewed as anti-semitic.  It is not uncommon for more than one entity to have the same name and in the world of internet, it has always been first come first serve.  For example, the bus company, Peter Pan lost out to the Peter Pan dance company in San Francisco.  Therefore, the bus company is It is clear that the Nissan Computer Corp. did not try to buy the domain name just to sell it at a profit.  Therefore, I hope that the Nissan Motor Co. will immediately stop all legal actions against the Nissan Comp. Corp.  It is the right thing to do and good public relations.
Shoshana Cooper

Uzi, keep up good fight!  Each of us has a name we inherited from our fathers and it's ours to keep and use as we see fit. Unlike Nissan Motors Co., you seem to have always used your name in all your business ventures in this country. Not too long ago, Nissan Motors Co. used "DATSUN" to identify their products and services to American consumers and strongly de-emphasized "NISSAN" in media advertisement or owner's manuals for their cars. They did it for a reason: Nissan Motors Co. (or its predecessor) had an active role in the Japanese war effort during World War II. As such, the name was familiar to a possibly large segment of American consumer market, and the company feared a consumer backlash. Not until mid to late 1980s, did they start very slowly to introduce the name "Nissan" in the TV and print ads (with the hope, probably, that there are very few people left who would be able to make that WWII connection). My feeling is: if they want the domain name so badly, they can offer to buy it from you.. If you don't like their offer, or don't want to sell the right to it at all, the domain name should by all rights be yours to keep since you appear to have obtained your rights legally and properly. Internet now is a not unlike what Klondike was during the gold rush and you staked your claim first.
Good luck!

Follow the rules and be smarter about registering your name and business name--Tuff luck nissan cars.
J. Alpar

I think this is a simple matter,(first come first serve). If nissan motors want the name as they do. They should have approach NISSAN COMPUTER the right way, with negotiation in mind and there CHECK BOOK in hand.

I can imagine what the internet will be like in several years if we let the Big Money Company's" get away with this. I have heard of several other cases like this and it seems that there is no stopping the "Big Brothers" from doing what they want. If this continues then there will surely be censorship and then e-mail charges for everthing that we do. I think that the world public should keep this from happening. If we don't stop it now then we may never be able to.  Another "freedom that we will have lost.  Good Luck  Nissan Computer Company.
Robert E. Goosney

I am in total support of your cause. As long as you have a valid reason for the domain name (using your own last name is probably the best reason). How can anyone protest it?
As a former small business owner, I have experienced first hand the dirty tactics of much larger businesses.
Keith Raughter

Dear Sir,
I believe that you have abused you power as a large corporation to use the vast resourses of your corporation to attack an individual in this manner.  The ethical path here is to immediately cease this harrassment!
Hugh Tomlinson

I believe that this is a joke, how can nissan sue First come first serve.....after this I will never buy a nissan again...and I am sure many other people will think the same. I would counter sue for emotional distress, trying to make the ISP worry about all the name changes, and Domain changes on there network.  I think that nissan can make there webpage like ot something. all I can say is that they are spending more money on the law suit than they would have building up there network with the name nissan motors.
James Sellers

This is an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit.  The Nissan Computer Co. has more right than any corporation to use the name... it is the family name.  I hope the court throws this out..and doesn't waste any energy in listening to this giant vs. the small guy case.
Good luck to Nissan Computer.
John Cook

Every big company had its roots from someone who had a vision, to grow and survive.  A corporation which has gone to be at the top should show respect to those who are trying to get there.
Jake Estrada

I support Nissan Computer's right to own the domain name under dispute. The courts should throw out Nissan Motor's claims.
Bhagoo Hathey - Hong Kong

There have been numerous court cases involving what you have described and the bottom line is that if it was just nissan you would have a problem---Since it is and there is no copy right infringement.  In addition I would strongly recommend that you counter sue Nissan Motor for your trouble and damages that they have caused by this law suit as well as a seperate law suit for defimation of character.  In addition you might want to get intouch with your local Congressional representatives and file a complaint through their offices and make sure that it becomes a part of the "Congresasional Record"  quite often times the Federal Government recieves enough complaints about foreign based companies--they take action by limiting what they can import and export from the United State.
Ronald E. Smith

That is very crappy that someone can be sued for having a Last Name that happens to have been picked out by a major corporation and then get sued over your rights to use it.  For goodness sake the guy inherited the name, passed down from generation to generation.  History and lineage coming together in one individual.  It seems inconcivable that he should stand up for his right to use it.  I don't see why Nissan Motor doesn't just use or  There has to be a more agreeable way of working out this problem.  I hope the best really comes out of this.
My best to Mr. Nissan.
Nancy T. - Student, Portland OR

I have driven Nissan automobiles for over 15 years.  It saddens me that you are sinking to such a low level, trying to use the legal system to steal a site with a similar name so you can use it.  If it were not being used by a company that already was in existence, it would be a different story, but Nissan Computers is the family name and deserves to use what they were clever enough to get.
Please drop all suits and use either your old name (Datsun) or possibly one link (NissanAutos) or some such configuration.
Thanking you for taking the time to read this...i remain,
Susan Bernstein

Nissan Motors please get its  Don't seize other's names!

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