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Obviously Nissan/Datsun is motivated by greed.  They want a solid "Net" presence at the expense of Mr. Uzi Nissan's slice of the American Dream.
Yes, "awareness" is the little guys weapon in this case.  I'll be sure to spread the word.  No Nissan automobiles for this household if this major car corporation is going to resort to muscle tactics against small business America.
Kevin Cano

I think this is a disgrace to the legal rights of individuals in a free comercial playing field.
I won't be buying a Nissan car ever!!

I as a 22 year old first time car buyer who has just passed his test will now refrain from buying any cars from nissan motor co. in view of this incredible example of a multinational gone overboard.  This is something you should take heed of nissan as I have a long life in front of me and if it where not for the discraceful behavior of your company I may of (as might my friends,family and work associates) been a lifelong customer but as long as you keep up these bullying tactics I will not consider buying another product of yours.
Nissan computer corp keep up the fight.
Ben Byrne - London

This is a major problem in our nation today. The rights of an individual can only be protected "if" he has "enough" money to defend himself in a lawsuit.
I can only speak for myself, but I can say with a certainty that I'll never own another Nissan, if the Nissan Corporation is allowed to win this case. Just the thought that a "big money" company can take away the rights of an individual, to his own name, is enough to make my blood boil. I pray that an honest judge will through this case out with the trash that it belongs with. If Nissan Corporation wanted the name for themselves, then they should have applied for it first; but since they didn't, it should be open for anyone to use. They're not the only ones in the world with the name Nissan.
Sincerely yours,
Eshel Travis

Dear Sirs,
I find it repugnant that a corporation of Nissan Motor Corporation's size would feel it necessary to drag a small businessman into court without basis.  Clearly Uzi Nissan is not guilty of copyright, trademark or domain name infringement, but, rather, only of far-sightedness with respect to the power of market-placement on the World Wide Web.  How dare you persecute a small businessman for your own shortcomings.  Perhaps it is your marketing staff that needs the focus of your attention and not your legal staff.
I have never owned a Datsun/Nissan, and you can be assured that I certainly never will after reading of your inexcusable actions in this matter.  Shame on Nissan Motor and anyone affiliated with the company!
Daniel Heathcock

I've been an automechanic for the better part of 14 years and 31/2 years of those I worked for a Nissan dealer! Up to about 1984 all their cars were known as Datsun and Nissan was just a model name before! The Hebrew language however has been around since the beginning of time almost 6000 years of recorded history! The month of Nissan was instituted in Israel by G-d through Moses as one of the 13 months! So with that being as it is it's at least 3500 years old and since then the people of Israel have had surnames and first names and no doubt Nissan was among those first surnames too as people were sometimes 'surnamed' by whatever the circumstance was around their birth! So with this e-mail I would like to make known my objection to this ridiculous lawsuit! In fact I think Mr. Uzi Nissan should countersue on the same grounds as he has a prior claim to the name Nissan! A suggestion for settling out of court would be for Nissam Motor to revert back to the name Datsun which is after all their original name and the first 3 letters D.A.T. are the first letters to each of the 3 founders surnames and SUN is for Japan being the 'land of the rising sun'.
Rob van der Vlugt

Give me a break, this is ridiculous.  "Mommy, the smaller business stole my domain name!  Daddy, make the smaller business give it back!"  If Nissan Computer goes out of business due to this absurdity, I will be furious, as will many, many other people appearantly.  My two year old cousin is more mature than these folks, as it seems.
Colleen Anti-Nissan

This is the most ridiculous claim I have ever seen by a very silly Japanese company who are trying to take advantage of their own failure to recognise that they should have done this first. Nissan Computer have shown that they are a much more astute company than Nissan Motor in recognising that the Internet would be the future. This is sour grapes on the part of Nissan Motor, and they should not be allowed to bulldoze their evil way. Good luck Nissan Computer.
Andy Morrison

How harsh!? If Nissan Motors want the domain name so badly, why don't they pay for it? It's the only fair way to go about it.
Andrew Hopper

I generally agree with the way the government is handling trademarks online. As a matter of fact some recent decisions are correcting their early, passive, wait and see approach and its repercussions. I remember a couple of years ago I was asked to invest in a company that was buying many major domain names such as, etc. with the hope of re-selling these names back to the rightful company for an enormous profit.
Cleary this is not the case with Nissan Motor VS. Nissan Computer. Nissan Motor was slow to react and therefore has no other choice but to use the name Nissan computer has every right to the name, no mal-intent was intended and Nissan Computer Cleary has an established brand and is therefore equally entitled to the name. Anything less than Nissan Computer owning full rights to the name is criminal.

I support the use of to the original domain holder. That is Nisann computer corp.  If Nisann Motor corp. Really wants the website, then they should buy it from the owner, if he or she is willing to sell.
Raul Rosa

This doesn't sound very fair to me, Mr. Nissan was there first wasn't he?  Why don't you compromise?
Chris Beynon

This is an absolutely ludicrous claim by the car maker.  I think it's good big business is getting screwed over here by an individual.  This proves the power is in the hands of the people.
Chris Borcsok

In my mind there is no way that the Nissan Computer company should be challenged for using the names selected for the internet.  How dare a large orgnaisation think they own a surname!  They probably INTEND to put the computer company out of existance because then they would be free to use the Nissan name themselves.  My support for the computer company is stated - I hope you win, and that it sends a message to other large corporations that they have to play FAIR!
kathleen mansfield

I think it is disgusting that Nissan Motor Corp. or any other large corporation should be permitted to hijack the free enterprise system in the manner they have by seeking sole use of domain names.  The fact that other people have been savy enough to register them first in true entrepreneurial fashion means they should be permitted to keep and use such names uninhibited.  Thats what "free enterprise" and "opportunity" mean.  It's also at the core of democracy.  It's interesting that Nissan Motor Corp. feel they should be allowed to subvert democracy.  To me that indicates a very real threat to the liberty and security of the citizenry.  It's time that "the people" started making one thing very clear to big business, corporations, and the system under which they operate, exists because the people allow it to, not because big business is powerful enough to ensure it does regardless of the consequences.

Personaly I think this is a joke, What right does Motors have to take Computer's domain(s)? Because there big? With alot of lawyers? Sorry, not likely. If Madona can Win, Uzi can win and Nissan can goto hell!
Stephen L. Turner

I don't understand what your big problem is Nissan. Why wouldn't you just use a domain name like or etc. instead of stealing domain names from smaller companies. This kind of corporate muscling is not exactly looked well upon by the general public. It's negative advertising. Which ironically is exactly what you are trying to do with a web site. It is the major advertising  platform of the next generation. Burning your bridges with the computer literate people of the world is not exactly the type of behaviour you should be involved in.
Dave beckstrom

You need to compromise with the rightful domain owner and not bully them. You view is short sighted. You must have taken lessons from Mitsubishi.
Ed Chester,,, Problem solved.  Once again, a big company decides to use it's financial might to get it's way, and the only people who win are the legal fraternity. Sad really.
Robert Smith

Challenge them to prove that their name is as old as yours.  I don't see how they can possibly win with the proof you have!!!  Go to the network news media.  They won't want the bad publicity.
Peninah Toobian

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