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Nissan Motor Co. are candy arsed and dont deserve my cash. I've probably got at least 50 years left in my life which I will spend consciously AVOIDING ever buying one of your crappy cars.
Guy King

Nissan Motor Co. is clearly violating the Internet domain registration policy. The domain names are first come first served basis. Nissan Motor Company has no rights to sue Nissan Computer Corp. on the copy right case, since Nissan Computer Corp. has no business in the automotive industry. They did not mislead web surfers in anyway that they represent Nissan Motor Co. at all. Try instead. This is a clear case of big coproration pushing the little guys around. This is ILLEGAL in this country. Take your ideas to where it belong, the trash can. If you cannot find one, use one of your cars as one. I REFUSE to even test drive a Nissan from now on, until Nissan Motor Co, back off.
Jim Chan

What's next? Orville sues farmers that grow corn? Count me out on ever buying a vehicle from this manufacturer.
Sean Berisford

Do corporations own words?
To Nissan Motor Co.:
Was it your understanding that after the internet was created that the makers reserved for you? Would you sue me if I referenced the name Nissan in an encyclopedia, but was referring to a different Nissan other than you?  Obviously you understand that you are not sueing out of principal, but out of greed. You know that your legal rights do not extend so far as to be privileged to pre-ownership of this domain name.
I will never buy a Nissan car, and I think it is safe to say that the majority of people who recieved the letter from nissan computer Corp. will not either. You guys have just succeeded in creating a bad name for yourselves, kind of like firestone.
Andrew Robbins

if you continue with this i will never purchase another nissan automobile and i will encourage others not to purchase nissan automobiles.
William Lawless

I am an Arab who was born on a beatiful spring day in the month of Nissan.  Nissan Motor Co. please tell me, should I start paying royalties to your company?  Please let common sense prevail.
As a scientist and business man whose company name has been hijacked by a company that offers pornographic services, I can only tell you to back off.  Sooner or later, your attempts of hijacking will cost you dearly not only on the short term by loosing the sale of hundreds, perhaps thousands of cars (as I could tell from all the supporting letters), but it will cost you the loss of public confidence which cannot be bought and sold nor can it be traded in the courts of law., you've got our support.
Elie Alkhoury

Don't let the corporate bullies push you around.  Good luck against Goliath!  You have to make up a new word to own it and Nissan has been around a lot longer than the car company.

What you create you will also pay for.
stop this foolish GREED and back off from this idiocy. Remember, your ancestors came here for reasons that you are surely undermining, that will in turn undermine all that is left in this country. THINK ABOUT IT !!!
Larry Le Roy

Big corporations are out of control. If I was smart enough to register domain name first,  then it belongs to me! And the Big Corps can afford to pay me for's called ..CAPITALISM!
In addition, when the person who registered the name actually has the name (as in the case with "Mr. Nissan"), it's totally ridiculous for the Japanese motor corp. to waste our time in court trying to take it away. Especially when Mr. Nissan run his own business under that name.  - How totally outrageous...
So what's a little guy to do? It's nearly impossible to fight a major corp. because they have Limitless amounts of money to go to court over and over for years and years. Unfortunately It takes money to get justice in this country.
And yes..Nissan is a month in the Jewish calendar.and therefore a common word in at least one culture. In fact Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Nissan 10.
Bud Bogart

Growing pains - when entities rightfully want to use names like Nissan in the case of the motor co. and in the case of the Nissan family in the computer busines.  In this case I think Nissan motor co. can easily use or something like that to indentify itself if is already registered.  I think legal profession and the courts should only get involved if a name is reserved or taken l.  for selling it later for profit 2. for confusing the public with the name association 3 for defamation or unlawful use.  In the case of, I have not read the full case of Nissan, briefly I understand Nissan is the name of the founder of  They should have every right to use that name and Nissan Motor should back off.  Of course, the motor company has lots of money to drag this through the court system and expect to win, we all know money wins legal battles, but I don't think it is right in the circumstances.  If both entitites have the logic and right to use the name then I think first come first serve is the way to go????
Maggie Chan

This is plainly ridiculous. Nissan (Motors) did not have the foresight to register their doman early, so they lose. Plain and simple. It is typical of these corporations to believe they can sue their way out of, or into, anything they please.
Anthony Hecht

Well, if this is what they have a problem with, then it's absolutely rediculous. I mean, there are businesses with the same or similar names. Domain names are first come, first serve. If I was a news company in chicago called News4 and wanted the domain name "news4" -- well there are dozens of News4's in the worlds . . . if I didn't get to it first, I'd have to find a different domain name. You don't see news companies claiming copyright problems over domain names, do you?  Nissan Motors has to get over it -- they probably aren't doing so well and need the money. Keep you cool, and go with it as best as you can. Good luck with the case -- I hope they will be utterly embarrassed by their stupidity.
Masha Tyszler

Keep the name Mr. Nissan, is a good one
Erik Nissan

I am writing this email in support of  There is no reason to sue in this matter--can't we just change email addresses?  Why put such pressure on a small business?  I support the family name and believe there is an amenable solution. 
Please reconsider your actions and uphold this company instead of trying to destroy it.  Free enterprise is what America is built on!  Remember business has flourished in America for this very reason.
Hadassah Johnson

Who do you think you are trying to bully smaller buisnesses.  There family name is Nissan it is not infringing your rights or anything else for that matter so why are you trying to put them out of buisness.  It is a small narrow minded person that would do this to a smaller company and it is all over money that is very sellfish indeed I think you should think carefully before proceeding.

They should pay you for the right to if they want it so bad. You should then be able to keep the name  There could be a mutially beneficial agreement made that anyone going to is given a link that they can click to and vice versa.  But you own the domain name!!!   If they want it you should name a price, the higher the better!!!  That is what I would do anyway.

Some years ago in Phoenix Arizona, a small company owned by a person that first letter of his name spelled TRW. He named his company TRW "Something," TRW Corporation took him to court for trade mark infringement. The court ruled that he had a right to use TRW as it was part of his of his name.....
D. I.

On the basis of the facts provided it would seem to be typical case of "bully boy" simply intimidating someone smaller and hoping to "bully" him into submission. SHAME
Shmuel Turetzky

You are being very rude.  If you wanted to use "NISSAN.COM" you shoud have registered it a long time ago.  The man has the right to use his family or any other name as a domain name as long as it has not been registered by someone else.  You made the mistake, not him.  This does not make you look good.  Very bad for business.
Douglas Walters

It is unfair to sue this man!  Why not use  Some day a bigger bully with kick sand in your face!
A. Ribera

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