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What a disgraceful decision the Nissan motor company has made.  I have not yet purchased a Nissan vehicle, and now, _I never will_.  Drop the lawsuit for goodness sake, if you ever want many thousands of people to even consider you in the future.
John Hopkins

As a Nissan truck owner I was saddened to learn that Nissan Motors would resort to such heavy handed tactics to secure a domain name that they should have secured years ago. I will certainly re-consider buying another Nissan vehicle given this type of corporate philosophy.
Tim Pecora - Orlando, FL

This is ridiculous.  If you stop him from using, i will never purchase another Nissan automobile again.

We say sue the crap out of nissan motors and make them change their name. As soon as we are able to, guess what our nissan altima is scrap heap.
Marc Illidge & Danixa Salaman

Nissan Motor Corp. is wasting our tax dollars.  NMC will soon realize they will lose more than "STING" the singer in this battle, because I WAS going to buy one of their products.
Thank you for helping decide on which vehical to buy NMC!   I am forwarding this to EVERYONE on my hit list which consists a few hundred addresses.

I agree that Nissan Computers should be able to keep the name that they rightfully registered.  I am currently a Nissan Maxima 2000 owner and would be embarrassed to say this if Nissan Motors repossess this site.  Nissan Computers had rightfully registered the name and has good reason for the choice of the domain.  Timing is of the essence and because of Nissan Motors financial backing they are trying to find an unfair way out.  I am a young car owner and love the car, but could not support a company that chooses to do business this way.  My support is out there to visionaries that saw the net as being a big deal, as I am trying to be one of them, and registered a FAIR domain name early.  They should not have to suffer for the slow reaction time of a large corp.
As well, even though Nissan Computers had registered there name fairly and rightfully first they have shown admirable "sportsmanship", which in this tech industry is VERY rare, by providing car owners like myself a link your Nissan Motors site
Sorry Nissan Motors, but you have not let me down since I bought the car .... so please don't start like this.
David Del Giudice - Nissan Maxima 2000 SE Owner

I love Nissan cars and trucks, but your name is your name and big companies don't have a *greater* right to a domain name just cuz they are bigger or more popular than you.  My last name is Newell, and if I want (haven't looked into it) Newell office supplies shouldn't be able to steal it from me just cuz they are a company.  Tell Nissan to go to hell or pay you a million bucks if they want the domain.  haha, tell them a *.ws site might be available.  wish I could help you w/ money.
Josh Newell

Sorry to say Nissan Motor Corp., but your claim has no basis. The mere fact of a limited (26 char) alphabet means that of many billions of persons/legal entities there will be duplicate. Blame your IT department for being so lazy. If you REALLY want the domain, buy it for the fair market price asked by the owner. (If he even wants to sell).
Paul Redditt

Nissan Motor, why not get proactive. Use this firm in your advertizments as an ally. Save your money and fire the "guru" who suggested you sue because your Datsun/Nissan name is so sacred.
Ward Tappero

Fight, fight, fight, can not let these powerful monopolies dictate and crush freedom, surely there is only a problem if someone is using the actual Nissan car logo, or selling products which suggest it is from that car company, if they win this case it is totally disgusting and the internet may as well close down.

If the facts show that Nissan Computer has a legitimate claim to the use of their name, then I fully support that claim.  It is my view that the government should protect the rights of the small business as well.  It unethical and improper for us to allow a large company bankrupt a small company especially for illicit purpose.

I think it's ridiculous that a large corporation is targeting the owner of a domain name that is obviously proved to be using it in a legitimate manner. I don't think they have any legitimate claim on this I'm sick of seeing the average man go down to these people who think they can do whatever they want just because there's a giant corporations name behind them.
Fight on Mr. Nissan!!
Margaret Lipinski

It is disheartening that Nissan even contemplate suing you over their neglect to register their Domain name and get their affairs in order. In the business world, you either have it together or you don't.  Your name and business affairs have nothing to do with Automotive dealings or competition with Nissan. Surely the Car giant could use or  Stick with it, I am sure their lawyers have all the resources to waste your time, and theirs - but if what you claim is true with regard to registration and business affairs, Nissan has no claim to the Doamin name.  YOu could of course compromise, and sell it to them - it's business after all, and if a company is too far behind to register their domain name when they should, they could always pay for it later.  One thing is for sure, at least you weren't ignorant when it comes to having your business affairs in order.
Chris Gonzales

Michael Tretyak

I, like many others, ran into this story by accident.  I was interested in finding more information on the Nissan Maxima by logging on ''.  I had no idea there was a legal dispute for the domain name.  After reading further, and learning the origin of the litigation, I feel that this is a non-issue.  Nissan Motors should not be allowed to use its 'coporate muscle' to intimidate a legitimate entreprenuer.  I do not believe Mr. Uzi Nissan has done anything wrong, or illegal for that matter.  If anything, Nissan Motor has lost face to many potential consumers.
Liem Nguyen

Though I am a citizen of the Dominican Republic, I wish to express my outrage at legal proceedings initiated by Nissan Motors against Mr. Nissan who's name is NISSAN since several centuries.  I protest vehemently against such abuse.
Alfredo F. Vorshirm

Does Nissan Motor Co has other major problems to deal with than fighting for a name that has nothing to do with its busisness field?  This is ridiculous, Mr. Nissan has been operated his busisness since many years, why Nissan Motor, which is a complete different busisness, has to put Nissan Computer Corp through so much trouble....?  And forbid him to use his Family Name .... Is it an "American" inquisition ???
Celia Drahy

I am for Nissan Computer. It is unfair for Nissan Motor to sue Nissan Computer because it has more money. If Nissan Motor loses, then Nissan Motor should be asked to pay Nissan Computer.
Ma Heau San

The days when those capable could attack a merchant on the highways are over.
Chris Ogle

Dear people
After I read the story I thought: Why are people like you arguing about only .... .com name on the web, why don't you (nissan motors)(the last one in  the race) change it in or something like that or share the page together, like this you can even support each others business, because your not concurrents in any way, are you? well otherwise I think Nissan computers has got the right on the page.
Good luck, Shalom
Arie Van Ooijen - student at Utrecht University, Holland.

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