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Nissan Motors,
My lease on your Quest expires soon and now I know that my next car will be from Toyota.  I think that's a shame to sue small company just because you want to have shorter domain name.  Just imagine that you have an uncle Ogawa and he owns a small business and then Ford decides to be register itself in Japan as OGAWA MOTORS and sues your relative. How you will feel about him? And how you will feel about Ford?
And why don't you sue Hebrews and Arabs for using your brand name in their calendars?  I hope your common sense and moral will preveal on your desire to have a shorter domain name. And if not - just think about a potential sails lost.
Georgy Malyshev

The fact that the courts would even take up such a ridiculous case is proof that money and power have corrupted our judicial system.  Anyone could look at this situation and determine what is right or wrong.  I for one will certainly never consider making a purchase from Nissan Motor Co. and will definitely pass my feelings along to all who will listen. Being part owner in a small business and knowing how hard a struggle it is and has been from the start I know for a fact this same situation would put me out of business.
I would like to wish Nissan Computer Company the best of luck and hope they survive.
Daniel A. Alexander - Vice President, Resource Management Software

I came to this site looking for a Nissan truck but I will leave having eliminated the Nissan Motor brand from my shopping list.  I'm appalled at Nissan Motor Co's attempt to steal a perfectly legal domain name from its rightfull owner. Nissan Motor should be ashamed of their strongarmed and illegitimate use of legal force. The owner of the domain bought it first and is using it to represent a business started using his own name -- case closed.
Patrick Early

If Nissan Motor is this trivial about the use of a domain name that was chosen first by Nissan Computer, trying to bully the little guy, I don't see THEM as a viable source for purchasing vehicles.  I'll pass the word to my media friends.
Doug Myer

Trademark infrigement doesn't apply here since the two companies business nature are totally unrelated. Nissan Motor's bullying method is totally uncalled for, and makes me not want to purchase Nissan cars in the future though we have owned several in the past.
Elut Kwok Hsu

This used to be AMERICA, where ALL business had the same rights.  It's time BIG,RICH CORPORATIONS quit bullying the smaller businesses which provide the bulk of employment for the workers - big business will go where they can get the best deal.  I personally will not deal with companies who bully smaller companies (where would the big companies be today if they were bullied in their earlier (smaller) days?  Money can't buy integrity, but it seems as most large companies don't have much if any left!
Barry L. Reheard, Sr.

It seems that this case is very clear cut, and the problem lies solely in the attitude Nissan Motor Co. has taken regarding this matter. It is public knowledge that domain names are available on a first come first served basis to legitimate buyers, and therefore Nissan Motor Co. are merely trying to procure the name on a basis of size and name recognition. Unfortunately this should give them no legal foothold, and they will ultimately lose. In support of your campaign I can only hope that they are ordered to pay substantial damages, and send an official apology to all concerned.
Alexander J.J. Harston

I had gone through the contents..  I think you should retain domain name..
Best of luck

I am not suprised that large companies can use the law to unjustly (just, in the true, ethical sense) bully smaller companies.  However I would like to think of the internet as being a fair, equal opportunity environment.  I hope that this issue will be resolved in favor of Nissan Computer, making it a symbol of the potential freedom of the internet and testament to the fact that moral corruption through greed does not always determine the actions of a large company.  I hope this issue will be carefully considered.
Sam Griffin

I think a "person" should have the same right as a "company" to use LIKE names. Especially if that "person" is NOT in direct conflict/competition with the other.
Philip Thomas

Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. should be held accountable (fined for mega $) for filing such a bogus lawsuit!

Nissan moters doesn't need to waste anyone's time or money pursuing this lawsuit. Nissan computers wouldn't be in commpitition with Nissan moters. Also Nissan is this man's last name.
Leah Tyo

You have my full support in your fight against Nissan motor corporation. Nissan is well known as the month in hebrew and as your last name I believe you have the right to use it. I cannot see your name having any affect on Nissan Motor Co.
Mona Sturmwind

I am in favor and it is my opinion that you contrasuit Nissan Motor for using your name. As I can suit Toro Loawnmowers for using my name. With all that facts in your hands, they can't win. I will share your letter with friens.
Dania Toro

This country was founded on free speech and free enterprise, we all, as Americans have the right to own and make profits through our businesses, any attempt to take this right away is a step backward. We all, regardless of nation shouldbe allowed the right to own and operate, as long as the operation is physically harmless, in any manner to make money.
Dale Lillie

You have no right to try to take "Nissan" Domain Name away from the first owners!!!  If you want it so bad , pay it !!! A Pay it in full !!!!!! Don't try to steal what isn't yours, okay?

first come first serve, sorry you failed to register the domain name, as far as trade marking.... what? do you own peoples names now, own the words people use..... if he was selling cars it would be different..... seems presumptuous of you to drag him through court just because you have the resources to do it?  I actually own a 1989 nissan pickup truck and was seriously looking at buying another Nissan... this has made me think twice.  mmmmm wonder what a network admin who gets 6,000 hits a day could do with this?  mmmmmm gives one pause don't you think?
Concerned Internet User And Consumate Voter

Your attempt to infringe on Mr. Nissan's registration of his own family name is atrocious.  You sleep on your rights and you lose them.  Stop your despicable lawsuit.
Craig Tinsky

Completely disagree with your domain name dispute.  Yours is a ridiculous and bogus lawsuit.  Money is not everything.  From another unsatisfied consumer against big corporations.
M. Garcia

This is an email in support of Nissan Computer. To have the forthought to recognise the internet as a marketing tool and register YOUR name, ahead of a company with a similar name shows your business skill. Corporations trying to "catch up" by putting smaller businesses out of business should be a crime in itself. If you want the domain name make them an offer and buy it with good grace, rather than drag yourselfs through the mud.
Good luck Nissan Computer.

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