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To Whom It May Concern:
I find many of the practices of "Big Business" depoorable.  The greed, as opposed to honorable profit motives, shown by much of the corporate community is depressing.  If Nissan Motor Co. had obtained rights to the domains prior to Nissan Computer, the automobile manufacturer would be in the right.  It is despicable that they would try to steal the domain names after the fact.  I am adding Nissan Motor Co. to my list of corporations that I am not willing to buy products from.
Jack F. Diehl, Jr.

I fully support Nissan Computer Corp.'s use of the domain name.  If Nissan Motor Co. does manage to hijack the domain name, I can guarantee that I, along with hundreds of thousands of other conscientious internet users, will never buy a Nissan vehicle.
Derek Ramm

I bought a Nissan a few years ago.....but I won't ever buy one again!!  This is ridiculous.  Big business is ALWAYS pushing little guys around, and we WILL take a stand against it.
Laurin Keith Davis

We purchased our first Nissan Automobile last year and are enjoying. I assure you however, that if they continue this action, I for one will never buy another product from them.  While I think that arbitrarily registering domain names that corporations would likely use solely to turn a profit is wrong,  I think anyone that has a ligitimate claim to a name and gets there first "It's theirs".
I am also a small business owner in North Carolina and wish you luck.
Donnie Griffin

I was once a happy owner of two Nissan automobiles.  After reading this mess I have since traded in for something more close to home.  This action by Nissan Motor Corp is pathetic.  No more Nissans in my Garage. Take a stand UZI to keep what is rightfully yours.
Larry Stephenson

I went on this internet site by mistake.  I was looking for Nissan Motor.  My family is looking to purchase a new car and Nissan WAS our decision, however, since reading this article I have different feelings.  It's a perfect example of the big company thinking that they can ruin another business.  WHY.  Cause they can.
Rex Pugh

To whomever it may concern,
I wish to express my awe at the ongoing lawsuit against Nissan Comp. Corp, from Nissan Motor. Being a frequent internet user, I feel it is imperative that the right to a domain name remains with the person who first registers it. Period. No exceptions should be given, not even in the case of a renowned multinational label as Nissan Motor Co.  Being in possession of the funds that they are, Nissan Motor Co. had the chance to register the domain name long before anybody else. To come and try to snatch it away afterwards just won't do.
Yours Sincerely,
Martin Berg - Student of Lund University, Sweden 

Hi, good luck with your law suit! I don't think it's right for large corperations like Nissan to try and overrule what they think is thier's.  It's thier tough luck if the didn't get the domain name before you..It's the same as seeing a new Nissan Frontier in the newspaper, for sale for 15,000 Dollers and you go to buy it because it's a good deal but when you get there it was already sold..There's nothing you can do about it don't cry over spilt milk!

I disagree completely with your attempt to gain the web domain by harrassing and intimidating a lawful company in lawful possession of that name.  It is obvious that you intend to use your "deep pockets" to try and run the Nissan Computer Corp. out of business.
That is just wrong.
John Bush - McKinney, TX

As a teacher I can and will broadcast loud and clear what you have in mind to do to less wealthy domain owners if you succeed.  If you persist in this kind of bullish take-over tactic, everyone will be told that I teach, what you stand for.

Just because you are the biggest user of the name doesn not make you the only legitimate user.  Your abuse of the small business owner and misuse of the court system over a fraudulent claim regarding legitimate and non-injurious use of a  public entity, i.e. Nissan, does you great disservice.  Be assured that this attitude will effect my next automobile purchase.
Theresa Cantrell

Nissan Computer Corp, u get my full support!
Vistoria Nissan

You know that this sort of act is disgusting and is a problem that needs to be understood and addressed in all countries. Nissan Motor Co allready has an image problem in the UK, acts like this just intensify it.
P. Watt

Nissan ignored the Internet. Now a court is considering rewarding them for sitting on their hands. You got the name first. If Nissan wants the name, they should pay you for it (if you want to give it up). I can't blame the company for wanting to rectify its mistake, but it can't do it without help from our government (it's to blame). Call your congressman.
Ellsworth Toohey

I would agree that Nissan Computer Corp. has mor right to the name Nissan, since it has been a family name for generations.   Nissan Motor Co. should stop trying to take the name away from him.
Elizabeth Shulman

Whoever had it first gets it.  If Nissan Motor wants it bad enough... fork over the cash.  If Nissan Computer can prove that they are a legitimate company and have legitimately used the name for the extended period that they claim, then they should have rights to the name.  Sorry if Nissan motor didn't have the vision to look ahead and register it long before now.

If he had the name first, it's his... unless he wishes to sell to you!  Why not just "" or some modification.  (How 'bout just going back to "Datsun"...) ;-)
The Medicine Man

If you wanted the domain name you should have registered it first. People don't like seeing larger companies threatening smaller ones. In case you don't know, it's only animals that use their size and power to get what they greedily want. Perhaps you ARE animals?
Mike M.

I think the law suit is ridiculous.  I am with Uzi Nissan all the way.  It is a shame how giant corporations try to run over people.
Janice Thompson

Since the name reflects a genuine busines, based on an honest and respectful busines, and was not created in order to make any future speculative profit (by selling it to Nissan corportaion) - I think that the Mr. Nissan should be allowed to continue to use the domain name, if he got it first.
Eli Livnat

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