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I went to the Nissan Web site to find out about the new supercharged truck, only to find out that Nissan is suing a fellow Jew! for using a traditional Jewish name!  Well Nissan Motor corp you just lost a sale.   Good luck! I hope you have a good new year.
Stuart Clarke

After this story, I'll never buy a car from Nissan Motor.....
Massimiliano Calo'

After reading that Nissan was suing, I will not purchase a Nissan vehicle no more.  I have no relations with Nissan Computer however Nissan does not have the right to sue considering the gentlemen trademarked his name first.  Totally unprofessionally.
Big beating up little
April Lee

I think Nissan motor company should leave you alone, I was trying to log on to their webpage to look up some info on the frotier. but now I decide not to any more.
Marco Montero

I was trying to get to your site to look up some final details for my car purchase.  It seems you have been too late to get your internet plans in gear and do not have rights tot he domain name.  I am very disappointed to learn that you cannot accept responsibility for your own lack of foresight and instead choose to harrass seemingly honest entrepreneurs.  Being an internet user whos cares about how the internet is being used and sometimes abused, I will no longer purchase your vehicles.  I will, as well, encourage others to do likewise.
B. Olsen

I believe that Nissan Motor Company has no legal right to the domain name, since it was already registered long before Nissan bothered. I do, however, like Nissan products and I will continue to commend the Japanese car maker for it's innovative products.  I believe in the prosperous future of Nissan Motor Company and urge everyone here to stop lashing Nissan.  Sell the domain name to Nissan Motor Company and make a little money in the deal.  If they want the webpage enough, they will pay a fee for it.  However, if you go to court over this issue, you will most likely lose, due to the size and strength of the auto maker.  Settle this out of court before you lose more than you bargained for.
John Claunch

After reading about your problem, I still can not imagine how much harder it is to live the situation then to read about it. It does bother me that Nissan Motors can continue to bother you. I wish you all the luck.. and wish I could help more, but like yourself its about spreading the word. I will make sure that people are made aware of you cause.
Jerry Villa

I recently purchased a Nissan Sentra from Nissan. I'm very happy with everything about it. I was pleased with the professionalism involved with the company. By bringing a lawsuit up against the owners of that is giving you at Nissan Motor a bad name. obviously has nothing to do with Nissan Motor. The fact that you would sue them is not only stupid but just unexplainable. I am still pleased with my car but think less of Nissan Motor.
Jesse Nix

I have owned several Nissan cars. I currently just paid off a Nissan motors corp debt. I don't feel it is fair to try to take someone's web name simply because they had it first. If Nissan had been up to date, they could have had the name first.
Gregory Allen

How can this be possible? this is just not fair, you can't sue the man for using his last name. Its his, its not like it's somebody elses name, it is his name and this is just not fair so you need to cut the crap and let the man live in piece what, you guys don't like to see another try to become something good. God man leave the man alone.
thank you for reading this mail, good day to you sir/madam
Yours truly,
Milton Mills

Well "First come first served" that's what I say!  Nissan - you should have been more aware of the changing world around you, and staked your claim.
Sack your IT department!!
Mr. Nissan - stand by your guns!!
Joe Bourne

I like Nissan trucks but I think they have no right to sue you over having a domain name of It isn't like you are stealing business from them.
Sam Johnston

I totally support you.  I think it is wrong of big business to get whiny because they cannot own everything! Good luck in your ventures!
Rodney Jay Lillibridge

I am a Nissan ( the car) owner and I think you are fully legit in using your family name. It is my hope that corporate giants cannot rob personal identity.  Good luck,
Patrick T. Gasior

I am 100% behind you. This is another case of big corporate bullying. You registered it first, you have a legit business. You own it. Period.
Dana Alexander

Nissan Motor Co. and Nissan Computer Corp.,
I think it is a disgrace that Nissan Motor Co. is now using its legal muscle to take claim to a domain name after 4 years of knowing of its existence.  Just because Nissan Motor Co. was so slow to register the domain name should not be an valid excuse to wrestle it out of the hands of its rightful owner. A multinational corporation like Nissan Motor Co. should have had the foresight in the early 1990s to see the Internet revolution that was unfolding. The fact that it was so slow to evolve does not promote consumer confidence in the innovativeness of this company and the current actions to forcefully make amends for earlier mistakes erodes any remaining confidence I have in this brand. Legal actions like this by Nissan Motor Co. make me sick. How can you have any self-respect?
Paul Wallace

Another big-money corp. trying to get their way at any  cost...  Great cars, really poor corporate management.
Ray Bloom

I am very concerned about the challenge that Nissan MOTOR CO is making against Nissan  COMPUTER CORP.  With my surname of DARROW, I can see all the descendants of Clarence Darrow challenging me for using HIS surname in a business use.   I think that Nissan MOTOR should back off and concentrate on continuing the improvement their product.  Of the FOUR new cars my wife and I have purchased over the years, THREE of them were made by Nissan. They were a Sentra, a Maxina and a Pathfinder. The Maxima and the Pathfinder were both driven for 10 years and over 160.000 miles each; SO, we are certainly not anti Nissan Motor.
Fred Darrow

I could be wrong it happened once, but I'm pretty sure that it is not a violation of copyright law. The reason for this is that the company using is clearly a computer dealer. The company is in no way trying to mislead consumers into believing that it is affiliated to Nissan Motor Corp. and it is the purpose of the copyright law to prevent that very happening. Nissan Computer Corp. has even gone so far as to post that they are not affiliated by posting, "Not affiliated with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. For Nissan vehicles see ''".
Erik Yorgensen

Dear Nissan Co.,
Stop crying due to the fact someone else has what you want. It is Nissan Computer Corp's RIGHT to register any domain name they wish. They have done you favor enough by providing customers redirection to your page. They are not legally required to do this, but do so because, as i feel, they are acting mature. Grow up.

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