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I find your attempt to deprive someone of the right to their surname as reported by Mr. Nissan rather reprihensible. I will endeavour in future to avoid buying or hiring Nissan and Datsun cars either personally or commercially.
Why not just go for nissan-cars or similar?
John Burgess

STOP!!! picking on the little guys.
After i heard about this i rethought my purchase about buying a Nissan Maxima instead i went for a Ford Focus and now I am convincing my friends not to purchase any nissan products.
Jack Gordon

Dear Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.,
I think we all know that what you are doing is wrong and unethincal. As the CEO of a fast growing small Business, I can understand the situation. I am taking the time to support Mr. Nissan (current owner of The 130+ pages of opinions voiced by strangers should help Mr. Nissan with his case and I hope my submission helps too.
The most ethical thing for Nissan Motor to do is to offer Mr. Nissan a fair amount for the purchase of (whether it be USD $1,000,000 or more that is to be decided by the lawyers etc.). Hey, Disney paid over USD $5,000,000 for It's only fair and it's the right way to do it. Bullying and sueing a small business will just get you negative marketing and major boycotting by supporters. And believe me there are plenty of supporters.
Good luck Mr. Nissan. Be strong and stay strong.  Teach these low life bullies a lesson that they will never forget.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Dinesh Wadhwani - President & CEO, DRW ENTERPRISES

I am extrememly disappointed in your recent efforts to take the domain name away from an established smaller business.  If you continue with these efforts, I assure you that I will never purchase products from you and encourage all of my friends to do likewise.
Jeremy Simmons - Tulsa, OK

This law suit and others like it are very lame and should be thrown out of court.  This is NOT copyright/trademark infringement.  Mr. Nissan has every right to use his last name "Nissan" in the name of his business, why should it not be so with "".  Mr. Nissan beat Nissan Motor to the Internet and now Nissan Motor wants to crush someone else's entrepreneurship because of a mistake it made years ago, using terribly outdated copyright/trademark laws as the basis for their actions against Mr. Nissan.  Shame on you Nissan Motor!  Rest assured I will never purchase any of your products or any other products that make use of anything produced by Nissan Motor.  I have every confidence that justice will prevail in this case and Mr. Nissan will get to keep "".  I only hope our legislators will summarily reform this nation's laws governing matters such as this so as to protect everyone's rights in an equal matter.
Brent Green

It has come to my attenion that domain name hijcking is being condoned under the auspices of corporate brand names claiming precedency on pre-registered non-corporate brand names as per nissan motor vs nissan computer. 
Nissan motor is in contravention of Article 5 USO law which states: No domain name in common with clause 5 of article 3 may be refused when date of domain name registration is prior to any and all other claims for domain name registration.
Please do not doubt the seriousness of misuse of internet legalities in a court of law.
Royaltie Buckingham

I can appreciate that Nissan Motor is concerned about their trademark. However, their IT department was behind the times and did not register the name. So they lose. Period. It would be different if this was a squatting issue but as it stands, sorry Nissan Motor. YOU LOSE!
John McPherson

The foreign car monopoly seems not to be enough. I do not question the quality of its product, but Nissan Auto Manufacturers should stick to their area of expertise. Anyone who might inquire about Nissan's products could easily do so with an equally-recognizable domain name. Maybe the creative heads at Nissan Auto should come up with a savvy new domain name instead of attacking a small, successful company who jumped on first. I agree with the Navy-Ret. gentleman who sides with the small guys. It is abhorrent that Nissan Auto feels justified in this attack just because they weren't informed about the power of easily- recognizable domain names before Nissan Computer was.
Beth Anderson

I was looking for Nissan Car information using this URL.  I would have expected it to be such.  But as any educated person knows, there is nothing preventing someone else from registering the address if they have a valid claim to use it.  In this case it is simple:  The is a valuable resource for nissan motors and they would like to have it.  They were late in trying to register it, and missed out.  So it is simple, if they want the name, then they should negotiate with you for it's purchase.  This has no business being in a court of law.
Carlos Bell - Espana

I recently learned of your law suit against Mr. Nissan. It sounds like you are using the might of your company rather than your intelligence. Obviously Mr. Nissan's web address is directly related to his last name. Also, his products and services are not in competition with any of your goods. I suggest you drop any law suit, as the American public should also have rights to use their names and their correctly filed domain registrations as befits their businesses.
Ann Brook

I can't believe the extent in which a large company will go to screw over a smaller country now a days, simply for a little more money. Register a different url, Nissan motors, NCC had it first, and have whatever right to keep them if they wish.
Niles Hlavacek

I am saddened and disgusted by what you are doing to Uzi Nissan.  It is pretty pathetic when a car company feels it needs to take a small computer company to court just because the owner used his rightful last name as his domain name. Maybe Uzi Nissan should be taking Nissan Motor to court for using HIS family name - which has been in his family for generations, considerably longer than Nissan Motor has been around- it would have as much logic as Nissan Motor taking Mr. Nissan to court.  If Nissan Motor has a relevant reason for taking Mr. Nissan to court I would love to hear it.  I always like to hear both sides of a story.
Sara Smith

I agree that Nissan Motors should not have the power to force the Nissan Computers to change its name.  It reminds me of a similar case in Scotland where MacDonald's, the multi-national hamburger syndicate, tried to force a local business, going by the ancient family name of MacDonald, to change.  Perhaps by now they've been successful.  Also, the original Budweiser has been a national product of the Czech Republic since before the eponymous American beer made its way onto the continent.  How long before we hear of some sort of litigation there?  If the courts can deny private ownership of such words as Kleenex and Xerox, which have made their way into the colloquia (now 'kleenex' and 'xerox'), then why shouldn't it do the reverse and deny exclusive rights to names that have existed since before, and independent of, their association with corporations.

I think it's difficult to point a finger at a collective body of people making decisions to further the "company" . Lets face it, it's what they are employed to do, and they have the money to enforce their collective decisions. unfortunately, the Legal fraternity of most countries revolves around the same wheel, the almighty buck.  Him with the biggest bank most cases Having said that, Justice is achievable.  Remember, a  collective of Individuals in unity can become a corporate body far bigger than any industrial giant, even to the point of toppling governments.
Will the real Mr. Nissan stand up.  I support Him.
A. Owen

The pursuit of Nissan Computer Company by the foreign car manufacturer of the same name is ludicrous.  Mr. Nissan was on the ball when he registerd (quite rightfully so) his domain name back in '94, and the motor company literally missed the boat.  Well too bad for them!  They need to do what every other short-sighted catch-up company has to do in the same situation - PICK A DIFFERENT DOMAIN NAME!  This is Cyberspace, sports, so Nissan Motors needs to get in line, like everybody else and wait their turn, cause on the internet first come, fir.......
Laura Henderson

I thought about this issue carefully and I've come to this...companies like Nissan use our courts to bully and beat honest men  and woman out of fair business practices.  Comporate America, particularly Corporate Law often uses its sizeable bank accounts to bankrupt small business into giving in. I hope this does not happen to Mr. Nissan.  This issue brings to bear another issue, the use of the new-technology to strengthen the heavy handedness of Corporations from all of the WORLD. The domain issue is the beginning of a major, world-wide problem: In a virtual world everything can be virtually owned. This means that the concept of ones own family name is no longer 'theirs', but something they must purchase and ask the permission to purchase from large multi-national corporations. One day our very thoughts and opinions might be infringement on the rights of copy rigthted web-content.  The bottom is here is individual rights and protections, what our now, seemingly screwed up country was founded on.

Big business always has to start with the little guys. Good luck Mr. Nissan, we all are hoping for you to win.

This is a classic case of big corporation tries to crush small company since it used it's name.  Nissan Motor Co. should suffer for not having grabbed the name legally and quickly enough in the first place.  Furthermore, if they wish the name they should offer Nissan Computer Corp. a considerable sum of name for it and Nissan Computer Corp. should then make a decision to take or leave the offer.  Just because Nissan Motor Co. is a huge company does not give them rights to a name that Nissan Computer Corp. rightly deserves.  First come first served, bullies can take the back of the line or be thrown out of the cafeteria by the legal system...  Good luck Nissan Computer Corp.
Aaron G.

I feel this is a very sad time, when this type of court case can even proceed. Commonsense would suggest, that before Datsun became Nissan, and were registered domains, thus there could not be any malicious intent. And why should Nissan Computers have to pay anything? They arent the ones with the incorrect facts, they arent the ones who brought this to the legal arena. This is truly sad.
William Hamilton

You are not the only Nissan in the world.  Be glad you are not a Johnson...  Lay off the little guy, ok?

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