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I support the Nissan Computer in the law suit given that Nisan Computer Corp. legaly own their company name and the name runs in the family (as they claim) for seven generations.  To further show my support, I will from now on stop buying any products from Nissan Motor Co. And I will always refrain from purchases of any Nissan Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co. related cars and products.  Sincerely,
Blanka Kimsa

I wouldn't have a Nissan car of any kind, even if they gave me one if that's the attitude toward, that's stand over tactics in my book, shame on them.
James William Cook - AUSTRALIA

I think that what you are doing is absolutely ridiculous.  To think that just because you are a bigger company you are entitled to reserve the name that you have is ludicrus.  I can garrentee you that I am going to follow this lawsuit and if you win I do not play to purchase any of your products and I will convince all that I know to do like wise.  In this new world of better rules do not think that you can run over the smaller guy. Even one thousand ants can beat a lion.
John Morris

Bye bye Nissan.  Whilst other automakers are doing the decent thing and recalling vehicles that have problems you decide to cause problems!  It is increasingly known that more and more people are becoming sick to death of the big corporate giant, no room for the small fish anymore! Bugger your company and bugger every other corporate thug that thinks they can just buy everyone out - I shall be spreading this news and now will stop even the slightest consideration of buying your vehicles.
Justin Swan

Dear Mr. Nissan
I fully support you, It seems ridiculous that such a larg corp. would want you to change your name because they want to use it.  What if they decide to change the company name in a few years, are they going to sue someone else.  Why doesn't Nissan use the name instead.  I will be looking to purchase a new vehicle within the next 6 months, I will definately not look at Nissan vehicles.  You could rest asure that I will pass this message on to everyone I know.

I am so sick and tired of these corporate giants steping all over the small business. It sounds to me like Nissan Motors is just bullying its way into having what it wants. Nissan Computer registered their domains legally and in no way infringe on Nissan Motors copyright. Currently I'm in the 3rd year of a lease with Nissan Motors, I'm leasing an Altima. I was seriously considering going to a Maxima after this lease is over,which will be in January. After stumbling across this, I can tell you one thing for sure, my business will go to either Honda or Toyota.
Linda Majors

To all concerned,
As the owner of a Nissan 4 x 2 I am ashamed.  How a giant corporation like Nissan Motor Co. can feel justified in bullying a small businessman who is using his family's name is beyond me.  Believe me, if Nissan Motors persists, my truck will be the last business they ever see from me.
David Martin - New Orleans, LA

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I'm a student from Hong Kong. As I'm studying transport studies in College, I need to search for some photos of van and trucks for my project, and I try to type in to search what I want, but after I see the story here, I decide not to use any Nissan Motors photos as I hate those big company who do dirty things on small company, and which will cause my project dirty!!!  I'll try to get those same photos by going to mitsubishi and toyota web site, and hopefully, I'll not buy any motor cars from Nissan when I have power to do so.
By the way, I'm a bus fans and I'm building a homepage about Buses and coaches in HK. URL is . I'll write this story in the page to let others know what's happening and call Mini bus drivers in Hong Kong not to buy Nissan Mini Bus anymore(although in HK not many Nissan min bus are running when compare with Toyota and Mitsubishi!)
Leslie Chan - Hong Kong

Dear Nissan Motor,
The more people hear about your arrogance the more people will not buy your products. Mr. Nissan of Nissan Computer is not doing anything wrong. YOU ARE. I had nothing against your company until now. I hope the judge requires you to pay court costs for this unwarrented lawsuit.
Dana Roberts - English teacher - Masachusetts, Kyoto, Japan and Hainan Province, China

While I understand the need to maintain trademark equity and prevent dilution, I own a company myself and am deeply involved in such matters, the use of corporate muscle to level out opponents who clearly are not trying to
1) Steal/divert business from your main or associated structures.
2) Infringe on your name or trademarks in a negative way.
3) Use a name, trademark, etc, they clearly have no right to-this,after all, is this man's name. Also, he was using this before DATSUN became Nissan.
is clearly wrong, and, wrong headed! Please resd Virginia Postrel's instructive article about three months ago in "Forbes" magazine. A number of studios tried doing exactly what you are doing and cracked down on number of fan websites that were done by kids. Result: Go read Daily Variety. This is reason cited by a number of TV critics for the negative downturn among viewres 14-24. So, in this Internet Age, keep this up-what you will lose in sales and public image should make this something to be proud of next year! I know I won't be buying a Nissan-besides, after hearing what Japanese tire maker Firestone did, and Japanese car maker Mitsubishi did with their recalls, it will be easy to tell my Senators and Congressman to get after Japanese car maker Nissan and prevent them from hijacking legimate small businesses into bankruptcy. I will be personally recommending this for review at the next ICANN meeting. The negative fallout from this should help your sales tremendously.
I will make sure all my American car dealers in my area have a copy of this-they will love it!
F. A. Nottke

Big Corporations suck, besides I only buy (being a US citizen) from US companies in my belief that I am supporting american made products, thus supporting americans. I definately won't buy Nissan products and will continue to support american jobs.
Bob Hamilton

To whom it may concern:
I think it is unjust an illegal for Nissan Motor Co. to threaten the original, legal owner of the Nissan domain name (Nissan Computer).  Thanks for your consideration.
Andrew Butz

You people should know better than to try and steal this companies domain name, Its your own fault for not registering the name first, I thought the Japanies were supposed to be honourable people, apparently not.
Paul Whitehead

Best of Luck...  Nissan the Real One probable registered his Nissan computer when Nissan (Japan) were Datsun or what ever flavour of the month they were marketing at that time.  What other future names do they wish to have.  To every cow it's calf to every writer, ancient Celtic law of copyright.
Dick Flanagan

Boy oh boy... you guys are in trouble. 
Can you really afford all the negative publicity that this stunt of yours is creating?.  No one has a right to own someone elses name and that is what this amounts to. I hate it when big, powerful and rich people and companies try to usurp that which is not theirs.
May your all your new automobiles develop serious design faults calling massive recall resulting in your ultimate bankrupcy!.
David E. Wilkinson

I recommend stopping the campaign to take away Mr Uzi Nissan's domain names of and  These are family names and therefore he has every right to keep these domains.  He is not a domain name squatter looking for money!  Leave the man alone and continue doing business as you have.  You have no "right" to any particular domain, especially if that site in no way harms or degrades your business.
I hope you will consider this.  

This is another matter where big business gets the upper hand when dfelaing with any governmental issues.
James Craig Marshburn

Dear Nissan Motor Co.(To whom it may concern),
I just received an upsetting message.  Are you really suing someone for the use of their domain name (after they had owned it for 6 years)?  Maybe I don't have all the facts but this lawsuit seems frivolous and just plain mean.  I think you 'big kids' need to stop bullying and get your own toys.
Maame Adu-Poku

This lawsuit is frivelous and should be throw out of the courts!  Nissan Computer Corp. is obviously entitled to use the domain name, as they have been for many years.  And their SM on the name only makes the motor company have less of a case.  If this case ends up in favor of the car company, than this country really has gone downhill.
Jonathan Overholt

Such a thing would be bad for both companys...don't be silly.  Drop this costly lawsuit before others are informed of this dubious action.  There is free speech in this country, so any name he has on the net is legal, and it was kinda in his possetion before you took it.  If this guy beat you to the punch for the domain name, don't take it out on him.  You have no one to blame but yoursleves for lack of organation and for your hesitation.
Jason Risk

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