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I am sure that Nissan Computer must feel like David battling Goliath and I am sure it is very distressing. Just focus on the story through your troubling times and use your intelligence. As a computer company, I'm sure you employ some very intelligent people, so use that to your advantage. Keep notifying people as you are, ask for small donations, organize fund raisers. If there is anyone at Nissan Motors who has public image experience, I'm sure they would rather have a good reputation and sell cars rather than nit pick over a website address. Then again there's the possibility that Nissan Motors doesn't care about public image and will bully anyone to get there way. If that is so, use it to your advantage Nissan Computers and keep exploiting their weekness to the public. It has worked in my case, I won't buy any Nissan Motors product. Keep up the good work and remember to stay smarter than they are and they'll fall.
Good luck,
Robert E. Wright

I am SHOCKED that Nissan Motors is so STUPID and NARCISSISTIC that they would sue a small business that poses no threat to them, is conducting no infringement, AND has had the name since BEFORE Datsun Motors became Nissan Motors!
I've decided that Dodge would appreciate my business more(Did you ever notice that they don't own!

I have owned a Nissan pickup truck since 1990.  I am well aware of the fact that Nissan is the English translation of the Hebrew name for the month on the Jewish calendar that falls somewhere close to April on the Gregorian calendar.  In fact I named my truck, "April" because of this fact.  I was not aware that Nissan Motors was fighting to take the domain name.  You would think that Internet users would have the rights of, "I got here first." isn't good enough?  How about  Wouldn't be cheaper for Nissan Motors to offer to buy the domain name, rather than all of the money it will cost to fight in court, as well as all of the lost business.  And if the true and rightfull owner on and wish not to sell, then be happy with or or  This story makes me sick.  I guess my next truck will be a Chevy.
Lyle Bayless

To all of you out there at Nissan.
Guess my next car purchase will not include your offerings unless I see a fair outcome to this trial (i.e. you drop it now and go be productive with your time).  I would like to inform you that lots of other companies make cars just as good, (and oftentimes BETTER) for prices better and lower than those your dealerships offer.  It is how you treat people that comes back in your face.  You guys are doing a really lousy job of it...  By the way I recently bought a Buick. (beautiful blue LeSabre)  I have been super happy with it and it drives great.
Paul - big GMC fan!!

Shame Nissan Motors Shame on you.
Another name to add to the list of companies I wont support because of their practices against the ordinary person.
I. Bel - Australia

I believe Nissan Computer Corp. has every right to thier domain name.  They registered it first, and the name has meaning for them.  There is no difference between what Nissan Motor Co. and what Nissan Computer Corp intend to use it for: generating business, it just so happens that NCC got to it first.  If NMC had been a little more in tune with the times, they would have gotten it first.  Ultimately, the size and the amount of money of the party has should have no effect on who gets the domain name, so long as they both have a legitimate use for it, and in this case, both parties do.  Instead of trying to step on a small business to get something that they don't deserve, Nissan Motor Co. should simply register something like "" or "".  I think this whole lawsuit is unethical.  I deplore such big-money tactics.
I don't plan on buying anthing from Nissan Motor Co. anytime in the near future.
Quintin Jones

What's the problem here? If someone types "" in search for cars, they will get a page about computers. But that's not a problem because the thoughtful owner of that page obviously realised that somebody could make that mistake and kindly inserted the web address for Nissan Cars at the top of the page.  As for who should own, well it's a free market so first come is first served sounds fair to me. So a big bully wants to have the domain name for himself? How does that differ from Iraq bullying Kuwait? Maybe the armed forces should send their cruise missiles into Nissan?
Let's look at it another way. A man has bought a domain name in his own name to establish himself on the Internet. Now Nissan want that name because it is their company name but, unlike Mr. Nissan, they didn't have the foresight to buy the name for themselves in case they wanted a place on the Internet. Well that's tough. Besides, Nissan used to be Datsun, and maybe they will change their name again at some stage. Mr. Nissan is Mr. Nissan, and will always be Mr. Nissan. If he has a son to take over the business then he too will be Mr Nissan, so if were up for grabs and I had to decide who to give it to, then it would have to be Mr Nissan because Nissan cars is only a company and can change it's name at any time.
That's my 2p worth, anyway. Now stop bullying Mr. Nissan please.

I think if you have the same name and one is earlier in registering a domain name as someone else, the rule is who first buys it has it.  If person A buys the last ticket for a concert and person B has no ticket, but claims to be a bigger fan of the performing group, person B won't win in court to get the ticket from person A.
Nissan Motor Co. Stop acting ridiculous. You're just like a child who wants the toy, which its little brother got for his birthday!
Think about it and stop annoying NCC.
Greetz Hoogendoorn - the Netherlands.

Do you really think its worth millions of dollars to just be able to let people type 4 characters less?
Dailen Gunter

This is an issue which has concerned me for some time.  If one party has a legitimate right to use a name (have started a company with that name, derive it from personal information and so on) then no other company has any right to it so long as they didn't get there first.  These "problems" about dilution and so forth are bullshit. 100% right to use a name equals 100% right, larger companies should know better than to not get there first or in other cases where that wasn't a possibility should have enough decency and common sense (for consumer relations) to choose another domain or to pay the rightful owner what it's worth to them.
It disgusts me that a larger corporation can legally steal intellectual property by sheer massive legal power.

Nissan Motor Co. -- give it up.  You are dead wrong going after Nissan Computer Corp.  This is a lose-lose scenario for you, Nissan Moter Co.  Not only will Nissan Motor Co. lose this lawsuit, but it will also lose hundreds if not thousands of customers for life because of your bully/greedy tactics to obtain a domain name.  Be a good business and Internet citizen by dropping this lawsuit with Nissan Computer Corp.
J. D. Fagan

You suck. Are you going to sue just because you all happen to breathe too? Or are you all just doing this because you couldn't get off your lazy asses and didn't have the vision of what the web can do?
M. Maines

It is too bad that someone grabbed the domain name first.  This reminds me of the Big World Wrestling Federation (WWF), owned now by Vince McMahon, JR. corporate takeover of one their former Main Event draws BRUNO SAMARTINO.  He was forced to do comercials with being able to use his given legal name.  They claim they owned the right to his PERSONALITY or CHARACTER.  He had labored hard for  Vince's Dad To start the Giant wrestling group back in 1960 or 61.   The only other BIG draw was Andre The Giant.
If Mr Nissan had only a small donut or dry cleaning shop we would not have this situation but this is AMERICA and without out numerous lawyers and advisors beat you to the Electronic Age Punch.
May God protect you from the giant.
James Stancil

Nissan Motor Company-
Please stop your fight to obtain this domain name. You have enough marketing clout to develop another URL and promote that.
Might doesn't make right.
Mark Dubis

I congratulate your legal-advisors on finding such a clever way of manipulating the trademark ownership system.  but you have met resistance, and since their is no honor in stealing (you dont honestly believe your not right?) from the weak.  And one more thing. If you anatagonize your company, especially, if you piss off some hackers, and I dont know of a computer company that doesnt have hacker friends, they can do some very annoying things.  like registering commonly misspelled parodys of nissan and filling them with all sorts of negative advertisment.  Not to mention that many pages are hacked as a demonstration.  ( can tell you all about that.  So, before you lose face. Before you are antagonized by the masses, and before you are hunted by angry hackers.
Drop your practices of domain name hijacking, and set an example for the rest of the competition.  take the lead.  Do the righ thing.
Sean Kubin

I think the one who registered the name first gets the right over the cyberspace.  Bigger corporations does not necessarily mean bigger rights.  Let's face it- someone got there first.  Count other blessings the SLOWPOKE get.  If you really like the name, you gotta pay for it.
Jeff S. Cabalu

1. First of all, why should the US control anything but xxx.yy.US
2. If somebody has a legitimate claim, e.g. surname, or some bussiness carrying that name, like in this case Nissan, which should be legitimate if that is your surname and you were first to register it, their should not even be a court case, the court should evaluate such evidence even before a hearing.
3. An independant international body should exist for registrations that does not end with the country name, e.g. .com, .org, .net. I.e. the US courts should not even have jurisdiction over that, because those are not country based. They should only have jurisdiction over domain names.
4. Legal recourse to international names like .com .net should lie one with the international court. No country court should have jusidiction over that.
Johan Kok

As well as I am concerned about private persons trying to hijact domain names of companies, for a profit, I am also very concerned about giant corporations trying to intimidate the little man. Indeed, every once in a while two businesses will have the problem of wanting to own the same domain name. This, however, does not neccessarily mean that the larger company is right by default. Two companies can claim the same domain name, and both have the 'right' to own it. I believe this is the case in the dispute about the name ''.
John V.R. Doktor

These major companies believe that they own the earth they walk on and anything and everything can be theirs if they wish so.  They should be taught a major lesson Nissan computers was there first and is the original owner of the website or domain name.  Nissan motors should graciously withdraw from the suit or face a lot of hate mail from all those who have comented here so much that their email boxes overflow

I have emailed my congressman concerning your plight, urging him to support your efforts.
Michael Lane

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