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I guess Nissan cars are OK, but so would be Toyota cars and Honda cars. so, why would I buy from hijackers?
JDK Inc.

I want to say that I think that this lawsuit is asinine.  Mr. Nissan has the right to use his name in a business venture just like anyone else.  I could see if Mr. Nissan had a motor sales company that would be in competition with yours and that he would need to change his company name, but his is a computer corporation.  Do you honestly think that internet users are all stupid?  If we plug in the name or and come up with a computer company do you think that we are all dumb and would just give up because we couldn't find your company?  If any of us are on the net - we know there are other ways to find you. 
I ask you to Please leave this man alone!  Trying to put him out of business is just plain mean, and it doesn't make me like you any better.  I can honestly say that I did not buy one of your cars before but I certainly wouldn't now.  No person wants to deal with any company that can be so selfish and cruel to another human being just trying to make it in this world like everyone else.
I have told others about this issue and will continue to tell the story of Nissan Motor Co vs Nissan Computer.  A bad name is very hard to fix.  I am on the side of Mr. Nissan and his computer company.
Amy Page

Get a life Nissan Motors and just get on with YOUR business and leave Uzi alone.  He has the moral high ground and there's not a jury on this planet that will see it any other way.  Stop acting like the bully who cannot play well with others.
No Nissans in this family FOREVER and I will tell two people and they will tell two people etc etc. New Zealand is not a large country so the word will travel very very fast.  All those new Nissans in the dealers yards and no buyers.  reflect on that Nissan Motor Co !!
M. L. O'Neil - New Zealand

You tactics are very underhanded, how do you think you can prevent this person from using his own name, very unethical.  According to some this name has been in Mr. Nissans family for generations.
I will think twice before I buy any of the Nissan Motors car co. Products.
Frank J.

My name is "NIRANAJAN and Family name is "DESAI", so if anybody uses these names for registering domain names will be sued in the court of law.
I advice the CEO of NISSAN that only your face is original and can be copy righted, all other stuff was exited before you were born.
Niranjan Desai

You people are sick. Nissan Computer Company has done nothing wrong! By filing this so called "lawsuit" you are saying that nonne has a right to their own family name! He has had his name long before you have had your company! What you are doing is an example of the decay of society!!!!! It is nothing more than an easy way to get money from someone who is trying to do it the HONEST way! After all, hes a computer business, how could that hurt you? I think you guys need a big head-check!
If you go through with this suit you are bringing your-self to a very low standard! I'd say the standard of a dog!
Greg Syphurs

Nissan Motor shoudl cease immediately. They can come up with a domain name that will be totally different. I'm sure all their coporate lawyers can figure one out and leave this man alone to conduct his business. Shame on you Nissan Motors!!!!!
Jonni Doeppenschmidt

I don't see the merit in your case.  I ask you to drop your case whose only purpose I can see is to incur major legal costs to the defendant, basically strongarm tactics.  You can easily choose a different domain name and put a visible link on and
Steven Neil Groginsky

I support Nissan Computer Corp in its fight against Nissan Motor Co. Just because Nissan Motor is big and strong, it doesnt mean it can squash the spirit of entreprenuirship. I encourage Nissan Computer in their fight to preserve their domain name.
Too bad Nissan Motor, maybe if you had shaken off your lethargy and planned ahead as a corporation, you might have had the domain name. Its the internet stupid, life moves ahead at ten times faster. Play the game or get left behind. This is the 21st century.
Nilesh Porwal

As I have recently acquired and I strongly sympathize with Mr. Nissan's case and hope that big businesses who have been caught asleep at the wheel (an automotive pun yet...) will be forced to get out their pocketbooks and face the music!  Good luck with your case!

Whoever got the domain name first keeps the name!! Say NO to the resurgence of Japanese Militarism.  Don't let the attack of Pearl Harbor happen again.  Don't let 'those' Japanese kill the justice again and again.
Simon Chow

I am sending my support to nissan computer, there must be another combonation for nissan mtrs. to use for their web site besides trying to force an exsisting one out of business.........
Joe Filoreto

As a strong supporter of the free enterprise system, I am behind Nissan Computer 100%. Small business is the backbone of our system, which is intended to ensure the rights of the individual, and hence, small businesses.  Why aren't these Domain names protected by copyright laws?  Ideally then, Nissan Motors would have been directed to negotiate & purchase the domain name, if that was agreeable to the original owner.
Big business/big government---we've all had enough!
Deb Mardelli

Nissan Motor Co . : just consider the truth  : you should be attacked on a lawsuit !
Benoit Roussel

Yes, well, i can see that NISSAN motors is mad, because they have a trademark that is well-known, and nissan computers is taking away what is rightfully NISSAN Motors traffic. However, unlike most cases, where the person bought the domain name just to make profits off re-sale, Nissan was the founder's name. He was here first, too bad he was smarter than the Nissan Motors marketers.
James Wood

This should never have come to court.  A person has the right to use their name in anyway they see fit.  I could understand concern if the name was being used in a way that could damage the auto makers name, such as being associated with porn etc., but it isn't.
Patricia A. McQuerry

It never fails to surprise me that another large company is trying to take over anothe small company. what are they afraid of?, I stand behind the small company let's keep free interprise alive and healthy, don't bow down to the lare corporate giants that will some day do massive lay off's and ruin peoples lives. These large companies don't care about the small people that work for them or the small business they try to take over. I say to all the small business men hand in there and keep the good fight going.

This situation is ludicrous.  Why should Nissan Motor Company have any greater legal right to the domain than Nissan Computer Corporation?  I am tired of large corporations thinking that they can buy or force out smaller corporations.  I am also sick of a judicial system that allows such things to happen.  It reminds me of a small company in the USA that had always used the line "And as always, we'll pick you up." who were sued by Enterprise Rent-A-Car and lost even though they had been using the phrase before Enterprise did.
It is obvious that Nissan Computer Corp. has every legal right to this domain name.  Unlike true "domain hawkers" who register a famous name just to profit from it.  I also beleive that Nissan Motor Co. is really just hoping that Nissan Computer Corp. gives in due to the financial constraints that are forced upong it by fighting a legal battle.  This is no different than the gun manufacturers being sued by large cities (The gun does exactly what it is supposed to do so what is the reasoning behind suing them?) for "flooding the market."  Obviously, if people are buying them then the market is not flooded.  All the cities really hope to do is bankrupt the gun manufacturers.
In my opinon, Nissan Motor Co. should drop its lawsuit.  I have also expressed this opinion to both my US Congressman and US Senator.  The only request that Nissan Motor Co. should make to Nissan Computer Corp. would be to put a link on Nissan Computer Corporation's website leading to Nissan Motor Company's website to assist those searching for Nissan Motor Company.  The first page loaded would be the best for such a link.
Thank you very much.
Patrick Latchford

Petty lawsuit from a petty company. I have never liked Nissan, and this makes my dislike of you even stronger.

This is America, a FREE country.  Nissan motors does not have the right to strip someone of THEIR OWN NAME.  so what if theres a computer company called Nissan?  they didn't register did they?  Just because you're behind the 8 ball on the information superhighway, doesn't mean that you can retailate by suing people that are more technologically hip then you.  THE BOTTOM LINE:  WHEN YOU ATTACK SOMEONE'S REGISTERD NAME, YOU ARE INFRINGING ON THEIR RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN- YOU ARE ABRIDGING THEIR RIGHT TO THEIR OWN GIVEN NAME FOR YOUR OWN FINIANCIAL GAIN.
And one more thing: Business ethics.  Hey motor company!  WHY DIDN'T YOU OFFER TO BUY OUT THE COMPUTER COMPANY???? NOW YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR YOUR ATTEMPTED ROBBERY!  Those are the rules of theft:  Once you leave the store with stolen property, there's no way you can convince the police to let you back in to pay for it.  Why couldn't you wait at the checkout like everyone else?  I HOPE YOU GET THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE.
Ian Katz

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