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I would like to express my opinion on the merits of this lawsuit.  I fully understand the need to protect a trademark; when I worked for Xerox I was repeatedly encouraged to avoid the use of phrases like "xerox this document" or other phrases that would dilute the uniqueness of the trademark.  I also remember the outrage when the senator running the Watergate hearings complained that you could never read "these damn xerox copies", only to discover that they were not made on a Xerox copier, but one of our competitor's models.  I also understand the frustration when some forward thinking entrepreneur invests a few dollars and then squats on someone else's trademark in hopes of selling a domain name for huge profits.
This situation, however, does not seem to fit into either of these two categories.  Nissan is not a unique name related only to the automobile manufacture.  Nissan Computer Corporation is also not a squater, but a legitimate business using their own name to identify their product and service.  In my opinion, Nissan Motor Company would be within their rights to offer to purchase the domain names in question, but Nissan Computer Corporation is under no obligation to sell their domain names.  For Nissan Motor Company to try to force the issue with a lawsuit demonstrates an attitude that I would not want to deal with.
I have owned Nissan (or Datsun) automobiles in the past, and continue to consider them as viable options when I shop for new vehicles.  If, however, this lawsuit continues to the destruction of a legitimate business, or if they succeed in legally stealing the rightful product of a legitimate business, you can believe that I will NEVER purchase another Nissan product.  You can also know that I plan to forward this information to everyone in my family email group (I have a VERY large family), with a recommendation that they also boycott Nissan Motor Co. products.  Nissan Motor Co.:  Make a good offer, and if it is rejected, back off.  You are way off base here.
John F. Morrissey

Another example of a company becoming a bully. So Nissan didn't think ahead and get their domain name in time (first). So they fire up their battery of lawyers and sic them on some poor guy who immigrated to this country seeking the American dream. Not nice, and certainly not the way we do things here. This is NOT japan. Business is NOT war here; it's a game that has rules of fairplay. So here I am sitting as judge as I am a consumer; and in need of a car! I usually purchase autos in February and was considering a Nissan product. Unless they back off I shall drop their product from consideration. I expect a reply from the Nissan Auto company or it's sayonarra.
Vittorio Sigonella

You a**holes have your nerve to hijack a name that  has been in the family for centuries. As I live and breath I will never buy one of you products again. Plus I will do my best to discourage any of my friends from using your products.
Michael Deming

HI there, I truly hope that Nissan COMPUTER WINS THIS CASE!!!!..First off, nissan comp got the name first so why don't u (nissan motors) jus pick another name such as (refering to someone's suggestion..I agree w/ the people here) Nissan motor, this truly shows how much poor character your company has..It is really disappointing to find out how low u guys would go jus to get a simple name...
I will not be buying any nissan cars anymore..
If u want the name so bad, I agree with what someone said here..Jus pay them a lot of money if u are so eager to get that name..  overall, I believe that NISSAN COMPUTERs should keep their name b/c they got it first!!!..
All of us will be rooting for u!!
Go Nissan Computers!!

Well it doesn't surprise me much. All I can say is that I will certainly remember this next time I go to buy a car!!!!
Curtis Conkey

To Nissan Motor Corporation,
I am a Senior Systems Engineer with Nortel Networks and regard myself as a high level professional in the global information systems industry.  It is my opinion that Uzi Nissan is and should remain the rightful owner of the Internet domain name  I believe this because
1.  Nissan is his last name and so his use of his family name supercedes your trademark rights for the business name.  If he chose to merely run a family history website at that address then he would still have the right to legally own and use the domain name.
2.  Nissan is his legal business name in the state of North Carolina.  He holds a valid service mark registration in North Carolina and operates a retail store under the name of Nissan Computer Corporation which gives him every right to have a commercial (.com) Internet presence.
3.  On the World Wide Web domain names are first-come first-served.  Uzi Nissan did not acquire the domain name until June 1994, a full 3 years after he incorporated his business.  Nissan Motors was already established at that time and your company had every opportunity to register the domain name but failed to do so.
4.  The laws for protecting corporations from "internet squatters" are good laws and necessary in today's society due to entrepreneurs trying to capitalize on trademarked names that they have no right to.  These laws should not be used for ill purpose if for no other reason than it is morally and ethically wrong.  Uzi Nissan is not attempting to obtain financial gain from your company by holding ransom.  He is using it for a legitimate business.
5.  I could understand that you would be annoyed that is not available because most web surfers would attemp to type that address to find your companies web site.  However, Uzi Nissan has been kind enough to provide a link for any surfers who end up at his site when expecting to reach your site.  He has done this out of respect when he has no legal obligation to do so.  You lawsuit clearly indicated that you lack respect for Uzi Nissan and his legal business and his rights to promote his business on the Internet.
6.  You own the rights to which I believe is the most appropriate domain for your company considering Nissan Motor originated in Japan.  You should categorize this site by world regions and run your U.S. Internet presence from there.
I think that you should take a lesson from the highly publicized lawsuit between the U.S. based and the German based and realize that the Internet community frowns upon large corporations trying to take advantage of small businesses.  Uzi Nissan is the rightful owner of and I am writing this email to let you know that the Internet community does stand behind him and will support him in any and everyway we can to win this immoral and unethical suit you have brought against him.
John Biggs - Senior Systems Engineer, Nortel Networks

Reverse domain name hijacking is a terrible offense, and the Internet-using public knows it. Look at what happened to eToys in their etoy suit, if you want a precedent.  I strongly encourage Nissan Motor Co. to drop the case against Nissan Computer. Forcing Nissan Computer to give up their domain name is as reasonable as forcing Nissan Motor to change their name back to Datsun.  If Nissan Computer was a domain "squatter," I wouldn't disagree with Nissan Motor. But Nissan Computer is a legitimate business, and they reserved the rights to the and domains first.
Let's not have a repeat of the American settlers vs. the Native Americans. Nissan Motor needs to find an alternative to suing Nissan Computer, or its customers will be driven away in disgust, as I have.
D. B.

My father works at Nissan and I am offended that people are not going to buy Nissan cars because of this.  They make good dependable cars. I think it is stupid for Nissan Motors to make this man give up the domain name, but on the other hand Nissan puts food on the table.  Just because some stuffy corporate executives are acting like asses, doesn't mean the whole Nissan Motor Corporation is like that.

The idea that someone can not own their own last name is absurd! If and were used already than that's just too bad that the motor company didn't get on the internet first. Either buy them fair and square or live with it.
Jenn Fournier

You have no right to try to take "Nissan" Domain Name away from the first owners!!!  If you want it so bad , pay it !!! A Pay it in full !!!!!! Don't try to steal what isn't yours, okay?
Fernando Rocha

I own several domain names and I think it is appalling that a corporation such as Nissan with all the resources at its disposal cannot both find another domain name and promote it into common usage. I only hope that something is done in the courts to prevent the bankrupting of this company who's only crime is the unwitting obstuction of Nissan Motor Companies' marketing strategy.
James McGuire

I find it disturbing that a company who solicits business all over the world would be shall enough to try to prevent someone with the SAME family name from doing business.  Please show some customer savvy and some business tact and find a way to work this Domain naming issue out.  This is a case of not letting one bad apple spoil the whole internet bunch.
Marilyn Bartoes

Nissan Motor should back off in this lawsuit.  It appears that they are trying to bankrupt Nissan Computer.  I doubt that Nissan Computer has infringed on Nissan Motor territory.
Frank Foster

This is a hijacking , pure and  sure. Please refraing from pursing ths action.

Dear Nissan,
There is clearly no legal basis for this law suit on the part of Nissan.  It is harassment pure and simple in attempt to gain access to a resource that Missan Motor Company has no right to. 
This will turn into a bad public relations situation for your company if such efforts continue.
J. Den

Seeing how Nissan Computer had the web site first, well then they should be able to keep it.  As for Nissan motors, e-mail reach's alot of people, I dont think they will like what the lil guy will be saying!  Let's not forget the lil guy is the guy next door! ( We are all the guy next door!) I will be passing this on to everyone I know.

I am gravely dissapointed in the attitude of the Nissan Motors Corp.  I have for years followed the activity of the Nissan Vx Nissan domain name battle and find your actions far less than honorable.  I do believe that you should get your own house in order before you start harassing any businesses over the use of a name.
Joseph A. Moore

Why can't a large car manufacturer quite throwing a fit because someone else thought to do something first? Hang in there Uzi, I support you!

I want to express my disappointment to Nissan Motor Co. regarding hijacking the Nissan Computer co web address.
Thomas Joseph

Be realistic Nissan motor you like Madonna do not own the name Nissan nor should you have the right to jack it from a small business if he doesnt want to sell it to you F__K YOU.  The courts belong to the people and if it takes a revolution to prove it the wealthy are always the ones to get screwed in a revolution.
Joe Queer

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