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Well Nissan Motor Co. you have also lost my business. I ordered a Hyundia car today  (10/13/2000) and will drive to Dallas tommorow to pick it up. Then Monday will take the car down to the local Nissan Dealer and show the saleman the car that he didn't sell. If he doesn't ask why I didn't buy his Nissan I sure will tell him anyway. I also make to you this pledge, I will tell not ten people but 20 people of your action toward a small business man.
Also we travel a lot, and I will Guarantee you one thing we will not be renting a Nissan in the future. So Car Rental Co get ready for others to follow.
Larry Penny

I was going to buy a new Nissan model car.. Having read this disgraceful assault on Nissan Computer by the car company over the use of their rightful name I will opt to buy a differrent brand of motor vehecle..
NISSAN COMPUTER: Stay Strong.. Its Your Name You Got It First.. Its Your Right.  FIRST IN - BEST DRESSED ::
Sean Fitzgibbon

Buy Toyota instead, keep up your fight Nissan Computer - good luck and if there is a fairness in this game you should win...
Larer - Norway

I logged in this morning to check out some cars. Both my husband and I are looking into buying new cars. And then I came upon this story of NISSAN Computers. This is totally ridiculous and shameful. Nissan Motors may offer the best possible product but if they don't show respect for the smaller players in the business game they have no right to exist at all. So we are definitely buying our cars but you can bet they are not going to be Nissan.
Chinoys - Tampa, Florida

You should be ashamed of yourself. What makes you think you have right to steal person's domain, just because you have more dough? You're disgusting. I will make sure that no one of my friends and relatives ever buys your lousy cars. That's my word!!!
Alex Epstein

I hope Nissan Auto loses a lot of money in court, as they are wasting a lot of other people's time and energy by handling this situation as a school yard bully would.  This is a free market, and Mr. Nissan was first in acquiring his family name as a domain name.  I am sure, however, that with the right offer this domain name can be bought.  We are not talking about cybersquatting here as Nissan Computers seems to be a ligitimate business.
Never will own a Nissan Car

I think it's wrong of you to take this kind of action against someone who's legal name just happens to be like your company. He's name goes back to biblical times and I remember when you were called Datsun.
Please stop this nonsense.
Thank you.
Andrea Decker

I truely think it is a disgrace to see a huge company like Nissan Motor picking fights over such a stupid matter. Nissan Computer has every right to his domain name, not only because it is his family and business name, but just the fact that he paid for it first. The only option that Nissan Motors has in my opinion would be to offer enough money to make Nissan computer WANT to sell it.
As for the "copyright infringement", unless he has Nissan Motor's Logo on his site, or had the domain name, there is no case. I own Rebel Racing Team, and another team has the name Rebel Racing. We both had our names before we knew of each other, and there is nothing either one of us can do because the names are technicly different, if only by the word "team"
Justin Burk

This is most unfortunate for the Internet.. I hope the Nissan Computer Corp. all the best so that no other big company by just the use of it's muscle power take away something that one rightly owns..
Gautam Dev

I concur with Nissan Computer Corp. on their right to the Nissan Domain Name.  Since the Nissan Motor Company started out as "Datsun", then they should either use that name or a combination "Datsun/Nissan Motor Co.".  I'm the proud owner of a 1983 Datsun/Nissan Maxima that even reflects the change of model name.
Remillo T. DuBose

Has the world gone mad??????
How in the hell can someone be sued for using their own name?????  Nissan Motors should quietly lie down and die.  As for the suggestion that they pay Mr. Nissan, why should he have to sell his family name so that a multi-billion dollar/pound/yen company can make even more money.
Like I said the world is going mad.
J.C. England

To all concerned:
This seems only to be the sad continuation of etoys' grasping attempt to extract money from the small, non-profit etoy, which, I may point out, as in this case, WAS THERE FIRST. If that does not seem a simple rule of fair business, I do not know what does.
To Nissan Motor Corp, Gentlemen:
I had always considered your vehicles reputable; my first car was in fact a Nissan. Your image rests on that squarely, a reputation for building quality motorcars,  not on supplementary advertising.  In fact, you can only destroy your image by such a grasping attempt to destroy someone whose website, I may again point out, PROCEEDED YOU.  Any idea of an attempt by Nissan Computer Corp. at copywright infringement against you is laughable; any attempt to sue them will be seen as laughably vicious and rather pathetic. Don't your CEO's make enough money? They certainly make many times more than the poorest Americans (or Japanese, for that matter.) This country is founded on free enterprise, the ability of the small businessman to flourish, not to be squeezed out by a sort of corporate socialism that seeks to ensure the continued survival of business oligarchs.  I remind you again of the danger of your course of action.  The case of etoys is still a recent example - or, like most today, who do not care for the future, are your memories that short?  I point out to you the incredible loss of stock value they suffered after pursuing their case against etoy, and the continued loss they suffered after their arrogant statement that they were not dropping, but "backing away" from the lawsuit.  If you pursue this lawsuit you will lose, if not in court, then in the more important long run.  You will defamed as a bully in the corporate schoolyard, and bullies are ultimately weaklings. Please consider the reason people buy your cars, and don't give people a reason not to.  If you wish to make a name for yourselves, do so by altruistic action, not by resorting to reverse domain name dispute suits.
Thank you,
Blaze Pappas

Leave the man alone.  If you want the name, buy it from him or help him transition to another.  His business is obviously not the same as yours, you will end up losing in court, and you will lose sales if this gets more public.
Michael Carbone

Clearly, Nissan motors has no right to and domains. 
Chirayu Desai

I do support UZI NISSAN, HES DONE HIS WORK PROPERLY and he is just being bully by some big company.  How could you take some to court when you are register and legal in all aspects?  It sounds like High School bully, picking on a 3rd grade student.
Go for broke MR. Uzi!! take the bull by the horn and teach them a lesson.
David Vargas

Hi, not that I have any thing against Nissan Motor, I think you should win. You should win as long as you write on your webpage Like you already have.
I stumbled onto this site by accident, but I know were to go.
Sagar Rawal

This is ridiculous.  Whoever claims a domain name first should be allowed to keep it -- even if they are not a multi-billion dollar international company. 
If justic and equity prevail, this suit will go nowhere.
Gary Robnett

I am the CEO of a Network and Application developing company in the UK. I am very familiar with the Nissan brands and would like to own one. However I do not think you should intimidate smaller companies like this for your own selfish reasons. As much as I can see your intent, it does not make sense to believe you are the first company to have a name you changed to use after several years of been another. Perhaps you should go back to the original name. Alternatively you can arrange to pay off Mr Nissan and his entire staff their living allowances now until pensionable so they could stop doing what they know best to do.
Bayo Akinwunmi - UK

it's a sad day when a man can't use his last name without being sued.  nissan motors, you should be ashamed, we know your ancestors are.
Carl Skaggs

My husband and i feel that nissan is being petty and if they dont like it they can stuff it they should not be allowed to stop you from using your own name if they feel they are being slighted thats their opinion we feel that they should find something better to do with their money than pick on the small business man but since they are cooperate america they think they can and they sometimes get away with it because our legislation is all about money.
thanks for your time.
Pamela Youse

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