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Nissan motors I will never buy one of your BULLY MOBILES!!!! -Nissan Motors Sucks!
Eran Redkin

Why is it that companies like Nissan feel the need to expand beyond what is necessary?  Certainly the Nissan family is more deserving of the domain name  than a huge corporation that has the means to spend millions advertising any .com they want. I am personally buying a car in a few months and it will NOT be from your company.

Nissan Motors-  your attempt to put a legitimate man out of business who is using his own FAMILY name as his domain name is despicable.  My wife is in the market for a new car right now.  Just last night I suggested several that she should look at.  Be assured I will urge her to skip any Nissan product at this time. 
Michael Hawk - Los Angeles, CA

Stop trying to take this man's name from him.  I will remember this when I buy my next pickup.
Joe Newberry

Your lawsuit is stupid...  It is not your name to own.  Ask the owners if you can purchase the name, If not think up a new one.  You big companies think you can push the little man around.
I was thinking of buying one of your trucks now I am having second thoughts..
Joseph Taska

Back off, Nissan Notor Co.  If Uzi Nissan had registered his name, he should own the site.  Don't try to bully him just because you happen to share the same name.  Why don't you try a different one, like
Don't make us drop another H-bomb on you.
Gregory Horn

I think Mr. Nissan of Nissan Computer Corp. should be allowed to keep his domain name.  It is shameful that Nissan Motor Corporation should pick on such a smaller company.
Tom Chang - Nissan pathfinder owner and driver

I think this is utter nonsense.  This is the man's last name and he has had his company for years.  If it was such a big issue, why didn't these car companies do something then.  In fact, why didn't they sue each other?!  Don't let this become common practice, I understand you need to protect a name, but let's be reasonable.  This is about two big companies, who are in it together, to make the bucks.

I totally agree with the poor defendant that he is right. If he traces his roots to about 700 years where does the question arise of anyone else infringing his name? If such disputes were allowed a poor company manufacturing car hoods will have to contend with those who hold the right on the name of Robinhood, silly absolutely. Justice MUST be above money and nobody should be able to buy it at any price.
R. Ananth

In my belief the lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. hold no legal grounds and should be dismissed.  I also believe it will not be dismissed since the Nissan car company has more power than the Nissan Computer Corp.
Brian Capps

Shame on you Nissan Motor Company. Hang in there Uzi!...there are more people than you can imagine on your side.
Joe Lugar

Stop this bull sh-t! Don't let big buiness buy your vote.
Larry Taylor

If this name was properly registered to Mr. Nissan, there is no reason Nissan Motor Co. has a right to dispute it.  That is his legal and lawful given name, he didn't just pull it out of the air to irritate the Motor Company.  Just because it is the same as the Motor Company, should not become HIS problem!  Regardless of Nissan Motor Company's URL address, if they are properly placed in the search engines, I don't understand their concern!  People will find them!  I am not too educated on the "internet laws" and such, but if Mr. Nissan registered those domain names, they should be his with no dispute.
Cari S.

What Nissan Motor Co. is doing should be illegal and is totally un-American!  Any moral person should be ashamed of these actions that have been brought forth by greed.
Jeff D Day

I am glad to hear about this dispute.  No one owns  the word Nissan. Especially a motor company.
Gene Elder

Uzi Nissan...It is your right to have this domain name and i hope you win.
Good luck....shalom
Chris Becker

Typical with people like this! They don´t have anything else to do than destroy for others!
Siv Boström - Sweden

Dear Nissan Motor Co.:
I think this is a case of you being late to the internet game and you should quit being a sore loser about it.  Your lack of vision cost you the rights to the name.  Its rightful owner, who did not have the same lack of vision that you have, registered the name legally.  Please, instead of using your deep pockets and legions of lawyers, buy the name under terms negotiated directly with Nissan Computer or GO AWAY.
Gregory U. Clark

I would like to hear Nissan Motor Co.'s side of the story in this issue. (Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer).  I certainly belive a corporation has the right to protect its name as it relates to trademark regulations.  But in this case two corporations interests are in conflict.  Deciding who has the trademark right to use and names in the internet might may not be easy due to the nature of the conflict in itself and the difficult interpretation of trademark laws. These laws are not as straight forward as they might seem. And that is part of the problem.  We need to have our goverment officials take a new look at these laws and see what needs to change due to our everchanging world.
Juan Carlos Tud

Totally rediculous! As if no one else can be called the same name as their (Nissan Motor) father's
John Matrix

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