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To whom it may concern,
I have worked in the computer industry for so time now and I am highly offended by this dispute going on!!!  I have also passed this on to hundreds of my closest friends, colleagues and customers I deal with on a daily basis to send an email as well about the greed of Nissan Motor.  I have never purchased a Nissan now will I ever do so in the future and I am going to make sure my list does the same and beg them not to ever look into purchasing one ever again because of this greedy dispute you all are involved in!!!  Why can't you all deal with this like a real company would and try purchasing the domain from NCC instead of being complete corporate ***** and making your money win something you solely do not own or should own!!!  For whoever it may concern please do not let this dispute go any further and stop this here while we can still protect companies that have more rights for these sites than other trying to purchase a domain for there greed.  Thanks.
Sean Campbell - Concerned Citizen

What Nissan Motor is doing to Nissan Computer is so wrong that even though I have owned Nissan vehicles in the past and am about to purchase a vehicle I will no longer consider Nissan vehicles and I shall NEVER purchase a Nissan motor vehicle again. I shall communicate this to everyone I can.
James Isgro

I am writing to condemn Nissan Motor's treacherous actions concering the Nissan Computer Corporation's domain name.  This flagrant abuse of the legal system represents an incentive for me, the consumer, to avoid Nissan Motor's projects, which you can be sure I will.
Speaking to the management of your corporation:  I hope the "business as usual" attitude will be corrected.  It may be standard corporate behavior, but I assure you, it will backfire, and sooner than you think.  Develop a conscience, why don't you?  The world is watching.
Awaiting a response,
Justin Clark

I currently own a Nissan Maxima. If you continue to pursue legal action against Uzi Nissan for the use of his own name in a domain name I will not only buy my next car from another car maker, I will also urge everyone I know to boycot your automobiles. The gall of your corporation to think that you can subvert the laws of the United States does not sit well with me, and I will make it clear to everyone I can that I feel that your company is unfair in its practices.
D. H.

Im from Puerto Rico frist sorry for the spanish but this is for helping the people in NISSAN COMPUTERS so here i go in SPANISH.
YO creo que la net es de quien llegue primero asi que si NISSAN COMPUTER cogio el dommain primero well big deal suerte para ellos es una injusticia es como el juico de OJ SIMPSON no es por quien es el culpable o no sino quien tiene el mejor LAWER asi que suerte y espero QUE GANEN. SORRY FOR THE WORK BUT FU** YOU NISSAN IN NOT BUYING IN MY LIFE A NISSAN CAR. DONT YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BE MESSING WITH SMALL BUSINNES....
Nomar Montana Soprano

It's Pearl Harbor all over again. 21st century style. Shame on you.
Glenn Ward

This is so typical. Corporations win over family values.  We are never gonna get this through to the government.
Gregory Haley

I think you should back off & leave Mr. Nissan alone.  Just because you're a big company with lots of money, that doesn't mean that you own the name Nissan!  It's the man's name, for crying out loud, and he set up those domain names before you thought of it.  So I say, tough luck for you.  "First come, first served."
Nikki Jordan

I hope your company the best.  Again corporate influence over the small guys.  In today's technological revolution the ball game has changed for older traditional patents and name rights.  For Nissan to try and put those outdated laws against you is wrong.  I hope you get all the media coverage to help your case.  You could be the next Napster suit of the Millennium.  Another internet law suit that will make an unprecedented change for the future.  Hopefully for your company the vote sways your way on this one.  The internet has always been on a first come first serve basis.  Hence the reason many registered domain names have been sold for millions.  Or lapsed domain name fell under another ownership.  Best of luck to your company.  You've got my vote.
Greg Philpot

I think that if you can keep the financial backing you will win.  An earlier attempt was done by the WWF(world wrestling federation) over a teenager who purchased, they tried to sue him for trademark infringement, but they lost becasue, trademarks do not cover the use of domain names.
Mike - Web Developer

Considering the fact I have already been in the position to have to "fight for the rights" to my own "Given" name I believe that you are wrong in trying to take that of anothers family.
B. Wolf

This is typical of corporate America. Corporations have a higher legal standing than real live people. Way back when there used to be corporations, whoesalers, jobbers, retailers and finally consumers. Corporations never dealt directly with people, but through their jobbers and wholesalers. Up until WWII a corporation could not even take a real person to court. Eventually the corps have cut out middle men and now deal directly with us and and have gained legal status above that of real people. IT MUST BE STOPPED IF WE ARE TO REGAIN OUR FREEDOMS.
James S.

Suing a man for using his last name on a website is just wrong and immoral.  He is not trying to steal anything from you - he is not making cars or car parts.  He is not misleading anybody.  How about trying to settle this is in a reasonable manner, like asking him to place a disclaimer with a link to you site on his front page.  Please be reasonable and not be a tyrant!!
Respectfully Yours,
Robert Beliveau

Dear Sirs,
I have been alerted to what appears to be a heavy-handed attempt on the part of a large corporation to coerce a small company into surrendering its very identity.  Although I have no first hand knowledge of the Nissan Computer Corporation, the evidence I have seen is that The Nissan Computer Corporation is a legitimate commercial concern that has been trading under that name for several years.  The name of the company is derived from the surname of the founder and "prima facie" it would appear that the Nissan Computer Corporation has not tried to derive any benefit from the similarity of its name with that of your Corporation.  Given this, it is surprising and worrying that you even contemplate the heavy-handed legal action upon which you have embarked.  I would counsel you to withdraw this action as I believe it will damage your reputation and commercial interests to a far greater extent than any putative confusion over the names of your two companies.  I sincerely hope that you will desist in this action.
Yours faithfully,
D.W. Evans

Uzi Nissan, an Israeli-American, is the founder and president of Nissan Computer Corp., incorporated in Raleigh, NC in 1991. Nissan registered the domain names NISSAN.COM in 1994 to help expand his computer business and NISSAN.NET in1996 to provide Internet Services (ISP).
Should retain is domain names, Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. can get something else. They were TOO SLOW!
H. McColl

If Nissan Motor wants the domain name let them pay for it. If a price can't be negotiated, tough luck. They should have been more proactive and reserved the name when it was maade availabel.
Nissan Computer had it first and should retain the rights as long as they want.
Steve Young

This is a unfair practice. It should not require a major legal battle at great expense to settle such a mattter.
John Schuster

get out of the U.S. go back to japan and stay there a computer is not a auto.
Tom Hinz

It's a fact of life that the early bird gets it. Pity for the Nissan Motor Co for being too slow to pick up on e-Business and of course domain names. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to negotiate a purchase of one domain name.
A. Mac

I do not think that it is fair at all what you are doing to this computer company.  It's kinda like "you snooze, you lose."  If you wanted to have those email addresses, then you should have gotten them a long time ago.  You should not assume that just because you are a huge company that you can get whatever you want!!!!  Leave the computer company alone!!!  Why don't you just come up with an original address???  How about having a contest to come up with an address?  Then it would even give you some positive publicity!!!  Get original!!!

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