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I will never buy another Nissan as long as I live (I am 32 and have a family) if you do not leave this company alone and just register or some other domain name.  This is not right and you have no business running this small company out of business like that. You should be ASHAMED!!!!!!!
Tom Connelly

I think your action to try to steal the domain name use away from someone to whom it rightfully belongs is unconscienable. Please reconsider light this will cast on your company. I would never buy a car from a company that thought they could do whatever they wated simply because they were big and rich.
Katharine Bartlett

Nissan Motor should get a grip and grow up.  Maybe they should just use and be done with it.  I will never buy one of their cars because of this stupidity.
Jeff Coleman

It is Nissan Motor Co.'s own fault for not obtaining the rights to those particular domain names first.  Everyone has a right to purchase something...and many companies and people have the same name.  It does stand that Nissan Computer Corp. has a right to have thoses domain names, and it is incorrigable that Nissan Motor Co. is taking action against it.  One would think that a large corporation like that would not stoop to such levels in attempts to widen their clientelle.  I know for a fact that this WILL affect the chances of my visiting a Nissan dealership.
Sharks are not something I will support.

To Whom It May Concern,
I believe that the Nissan Computer has the right to keep it's domain name, since it was the first one to own it.  I am the owner of a Nissan, but after your behavior in this regard, I will be reluctant to purchase another one.
Leah Youman

I use to love Nissan but can somebosy tell me why a company that use to be Datsun now wants to own the right to Bull, Nissan computers is a legal name and they have the right to run the website too. Nissan computers have more right than you stupid Nissan motors because the computer company regiestered the name before the big boys. I will definitely spread the word around that NISSAN MOTORS ARE JUST OUT TO KILL PEOPLE.
David More

Nissan company should have to find a domain name not used by anyone, just like everyone else.  Just because they have a company by that name should not entitle them to any domain registration.  Next they will be saying you have to change you last name.  Absolutely rediculous.
Ryan Dabney

To Nissan Motor Co.
Leave the little guy alone.  Or pay him what the site name is worth to you.
L. Wasser

This lawsuit is totally unfair.  Just because Nissan Motors is bigger, it does not necessarily have the right to that name.  Nissan Computer is a legitimate company with a right to that name and since they had it first, it should remain theirs.
Deborah Studebaker

Its a simple open and shut case of who had it first, and just because nissan motor was too slow to take advantage of the internet, they cannot think for a second that they have the right to use money to take something by force. Nissan Motor should be the one paying compensations to Nissan Computers for being so such a spoilt child.
Matthew Bates

I think it is disgusting that you should sue Nissan computers for using his own name. I believe it was registered before the auto company changed its name from Datsun to Nissan. Puts me off buying anything from any company so greedy and selfish.
Judy Chapman

Back off, Nissan Motors. The world does not revolve around you. Nissan Computer can hardly be considered a threat to your identity! Nissan Computer, you have my support. I'm definitely for the little guy!
Mary Lugar

I think the Nissan Motor Co. should take a chill pill and get on with making a better affordable product than trying to bankrupt a man trying to make a living using his own name.
Sharon Hannon

I really think this stinks. Does the Nissan Motor Co. intend to sue Nissan Computer Corp. for any advertising or informational literature they distribute? Because whats the difference between that and a website? It really stinks!
Anthony Smith

It is too bad that you didn't foresee needing the domain name.  The people who did should not be made to pay for your shortsightedness.  By strong arming a business such as this it goes to show that your corporation is no different than those American companies which you claim to despise.
Harry Smythe

I truly think that the domain name should go to the person who has had it the longest especially if Nissan Comp Corp has had it for several years before Nissan Motor decided to want that particular domain name.
Aninda Praptiningtyas

This is america and the internet is free.  Filing a lawsuit against a small computer company, because they got to a name before you is crap.  You came too late and it's not fair to use your corporate stance to bully the small business or entities from using their name, just because it so happens to be your company name.
Grow up and pull that lollipop out of your mouth!
Brendan McCormick

Dear sirs,  I feel that Mr. Uzi Nissan has the right to keep his internet address and web site.  He did this legally.  It also seems when you're on the internet that many companies may have the same name as there is so many today and usually you can see the web site description to see if it's what you're looking for.  I feel the lawsuit is unecessary.
Mack Newbanks

Are you guys nuts. Leave the man alone.
Frank C. Galford

What Nissan Motor co. is doing is just wrong, it relates back to the oldest rule our contry has ever known. Whoever gets it first is theirs. Even though the bigger party may try to force it away from them, they should not allow it to happen, for they are the ones with true morals.

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