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Dear Nissan Motors,
I am a Lexus and Toyota owner and I recently visited an Infinity dealership with a view toward acquiring a new vehicle. I was impressed by the Q45 and was seriously considering purchasing one. However, when I learned of your company's lawsuit against a small business owner who happens to have a website with a domain name your company covets I reconsidered doing business with a company with such low regard for individuals who have something you want. I believe that if your company is willing to use its considerable financial power against Mr. Nissan it can only indicate your company is a greedy, mean-spirited, bully. I can only imagine what you would do to a small individual like me if I ever did anything you did not like or had something you wanted. With that in mind, I have decided to remain a loyal Toyota customer, even though they have the worst reputation for customer relations at their dealerships, and to maintain as much distance as I can between me and your company. You probably will crush Mr. Nissan but you will not do so with any money from me or my family, friends and relatives. Thank you for your attention.
Dallas W. Johnson, MD

I too like most of the other writers came upon your site while doing research on which SUV to purchase.  The Pathfinder and Frontier were among the candidates.  Due to the actions of Nissan Motor, it seems as though they do not actually need my business!  Obviously if they have the money to bully around an honest business man who is proud of his name then they do not need any additional revenue from my family!!
Good luck! we here in Indiana will be passing on the word!!

I intend to research this thoroughly.  If it is true, I'll boycott Nissan just like I have boycotted Baskins-Robbins for twenty-years for selling the names of 18-year old males to the Selective Service.

I am appalled that this type of lawsuit has been allowed to waste the court's vaulable time. It is my understanding that with regards to the internet, it's a first come-first served business. There are many domain names that I have wanted to register but have not been able to because someone else already owns them. I am now embarrassed to own a Nissan Sentra and will probably not consider buying another Nissan because of this frivolous lawsuit.
Jennifer Keeyes

I am disgusted by your behaviour.  You are not entitled to anything just because your company's name happens to be Nissan.  Whoever gets it first should keep the rights to it.  You should have had the foresight to know the power of marketing on the internet long ago and thus you could have chosen to register before Nissan Computer.  But as it stands, to me you're just like Madonna wanting  This is a simple case of the guy with the most money warping the laws.  I'll never buy a car from you and I will encourage others to do the same.  You people make me sick.  You can't have EVERYTHING just because you have lots of money to throw around.  By the way you only have that money because you over charge for your shit boxes.
Don Booth

It is totally unfair for big corporations to run over people and drag them to court because they have the money to do so. This man registerd his own birth name as his domain name and should be allowed to keep it. He registered first and if the big corporation wants his name they can support his entire family in the life-style of the rich and famous and give them free cars to drive every year. After all, they are trying to take away his means to make a living.
Janet Alane McDanal Jones

If the names were registered by Uzi Nissan first, then they are his to do what is allowed under the law with these domains. My statement is not here to endorse Uzi Nissan and /or his company but what is right is right, and for his company to be sued by Nissan Motors is really ridiculous.
Jomar Cidoni

If the name had in fact been his name for that lenght of time then he has every right to register it as his web address.  Though nissan is big and got the name world wide recognision is no reason for them to own the name on the web.  As big as they are they failed to register it (the name "nissan" ) in time before anyone else. Tough luck.
James Conor

How dare you try to derive personal gains against another person's good name!!  If you want to be wealthy, go out and work for it!  He didn't build this fortune in one day, and somehow you feel you have a right to his money that he has slaved for??? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

I have to agree that if NISSAN motors did not have forsight enough to reserve the domanin name, then it was simply bad business.  Not a case of name infringement.  After all, NISSAN could simply acquire NISSANMOTORS.COM.  Additionally, in the US, the DATSUN name was trademark most of us knew.
Earl Lakia

Another corporate bully!  I'm glad to see that so many consumers on on your side Uzi.  I too, have encountered the unfair weight of a major automobile corporation.  Basically, Levis Mitsubishi sold me a car that was a total lemon from the start.  When I tried to get some help from them, they just flexed their corporate muscle and ignored me. The general manager actually smiled and chuckled when he told me that he wouldn't help me. Needless to say, Mitsubishi has lost a customer forever.  Resulting from this story, so has Nissan.  I'll walk before I buy another Mitsubishi!  Good Luck with your dilema.
Jason C.

Too bad someone else had the same name.  Too bad someone else had the domain before you.  Life is not fair in everyone's eyes.  Deal with it.  Name your website Datsun.  Why don't you change your own company's name...Datsun by Nissan now just make it Datsun or even.
Educated Citizen

This case will not stick in front of jurys.  Nissan Motor better buy out Nissan Computer for the name.
Chi Iwuanyanwu

Being a small biz owner myself I hope the jugde in charge of this case is wise enough to throw this case out and make the motor co. Pay all court cost.  Best of luck and don't give up.
Grant H. Vermilye

Dear Sirs,
It does not seem rationale that you can preclude someone from using their own name for a web-site.  Please help me understand how you feel your position is supported.
Anna D.

Dear Nissan Motor Co.-
You should be ashamed of yourself.  Stop acting like such a bully.  In America, you'll learn that you can't push the little guys around, because there are a LOT of little guys out there, and they're the ones buying your cars.  Mr. Uzi Nissan has a completely legitimate right to use his own name as the URL of his company.  Who do you think you are, to deny him that right?  P.S.  Your cars aren't that great, anyway.
Ken Martin

Dear Nissan Auto Co.,
Please stop harrassing that little company and its owner Mr. Nissan.  Your lawyers are just trying to make dishonest money.  Give the guy a break and behave yourselves.
Desi Escobedo

How can you possibly consider this trademark infringement - if anything this gentleman should sue you for using his family name, which has been in constant use since biblical times, without either his permission or without paying him any royalties!!!  Did you not realize there would be a chance of this happening once the internet became the way to go for small businesses?  IF his product were in any way similar to your's I might have some sympathy for your corporation, however to single out a computer business in Israel for your wrath is ridiculous!  Get real, withdraw your lawsuit, and go back to doing business in the automobile industry.  Believe me, this type of action does nothing good for your reputation, and if it becomes widely known, could hurt your bottom line - the good old dollar sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lynn Nelson

I am totally against the use of the judicial system to force a legitimate owner of intellectual property to turn that property over to you. You could have reserved that web address years ago, if you had used foresight. At the least, just make a sincere attempt to buy it from them.
Fred O'Brien

Nissan Computer Corp. should not be penalized for Nissan Motor Co. slowness and laziness in coming to the Web. They had the money, expertise and a whole staff of counselors and advisors who should have had the foresight to register their domain name. Just because they have the Nissan trademark they cannot expect to own the Nissan name in the universe. Why not have everyone who has the last name Nissan change their last name because it is a trademark. I think this is a case of big business pushing around the American people who has made them as big as they are. This is a fribulous law suit. They should be sued by the government.
Joel A. Charbonnet Jr.

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