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I will never buy a Nissan because of what you are doing. May you rot in hell..................
Joseph B. Griffin

As there are many new extentions (.tv, etc), and as Nissan Motor had the opportunity to register in 1996 when they were aware you had & did not and as Nissan Computer Company sells non-related products, I think that it should be a non-issue. A big company with unlimited resources & lawyers beating up on a small one is so unappealing. My husband & I are in the market for a new car & I assure you, we won't be purchasing a Nissan.
Carey R.

Nice.  Nissan (car company), since you are such a poor company and I realize that you need to make money off of the backs of small companies rather than legitimately, I really feel your pain.  I know it must really hurt companies like yours when legitimate people using their birth names somehow get their domain addresses.  Why not pay Uzi 10 Million US for the domain name you so desperately want but have no legitimate right to and which he rightfully owns, and then it is yours.  Set an example of what a decent company does.  Guess I wont be buying that Q45 so the LS400 wins.  I would imagine that I am not the only person who will not buy Nissan products knowing this too and the cost will hopefully be in the millions.  The little people strike back!
Almost an Infiniti Q45 driver.

As the owner of a small business I certainly agree that an individual may use her/his last name on the internet. My business does not bear my name, but if I wanted it to, I would not tolerate some bean farmer (my last name is Fava) arguing that my name is not mine to use. It's time large corporations were held to the same standards they would like to see imposed on others. I say, let a judge decide who had the name first, and then force Nissan Inc to change its name. Let's see if the Datsun Corp (parent of Nissan) enjoys this inconvenience. I will support a boycott of Nissan and Datsun Products.
Leigh Fava

hey!  nissan motor co.:  lay off the guy.  you don't have it, don't own it, too late, so sorry, so sad, goodbye.  The only reason I know is 'cuz i'm looking at buying a nissan car.  don't worry, I still may buy a datsun, but gotta say this stinks.  can't you just buy the guy out?  yeah, I'm sure he's charging a lot, too bad, you dropped the ball.
then again, if you can't even get a domain name registered ahead of a one man team from israel living in north carolina, maybe I should buy that honda!!!!
curtiss jameson

Dear Nissan Motor Co.-
When I heard about the conflict which you are causing over a name of an internet site, I was sorely dissapointed in your response.  Instead of viewing this as an opportunity to oppress a smaller business just to get your way, maybe you should view it as an opportunity to expand your horizons... get creative.  Try to think up something that would sell your product every time your internet site name was said.  (Try or something to that effect) I know that I am not an advertising specialist- but I'm sure that your advertising department could come up with something that would sell your product.  After all "what is in a name?  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.)-Romeo and Juliette.
Dear Nissan Computer Corp.-
Thank you for spreading the news about your plight.  It raises the publics awareness to reverse internet name hijacking.  Good Luck!
Kathy Suta - Bozeman, MT

Domain names are like real-estate or streets.  Just because someone moved their operation to estate or Ave., doesn't mean they are infringing on any of the rights of Nissan motor dealers.  Nissan Motors fell asleep when the Internet boom was taking place.  Instead of paying the consequenses, they want to pretend nothing happend, throw their weight around, and STEAL! the domain name.  This practice is unethical and should be illegal.
Mario Rios

What's your problem!! If the Nissan family pay for their domain, they have the right to keep it!! You might have a copyright in Nissan name...but a copyright isn't bigger than a FAMILY NAME!!!
I say hooray for Nissan Computer Corp.!! Keep fighting we'll support!
Mister X

Is this really true, Nissan Motor Co.? I'll wait to hear your point of view if you e-mail me. If not, count on one less future customer who will continue to tell of this event.

If all the facts are as Nissan Computer states them on this website, Nissan Motor should be ashamed.  If you create an appealing and friendly website with an easy address such as your portion of the world's e-business should not be threatened.
Come on Nissan Motor, you are a multi-billion dollar corporation.  Pick on someone your own size.
Jamie Macdonaldj

Hi, should be legally owned by Nissan Computers Corp, not Nissan Motors. It is Nissan Motors negligence in protecting their own trade mark. It should be on a first-come first basis for domain names. How can giant corporation take away names (domains) when they have the man power and financial capability to do it much earlier to be safe?
It is totally unfair and giant corporations should be more alert and act fast rather than using their strength to bully others around the world.  They should pay for the price of being slow in adopting the market trend and fast-moving internet economy.
I express my fullest support to Nissan Computer Corp.
Desmond Tan

I fully support Nissan Computer Corp.  Too many times now the giants attempt to steal what the smaller businessman has accomplished.  Nissan Motors could have been farsighted enough to register this name for their own use, but were not.  I believe Nissan Motor not only owes Mr. Nissan an apology, but also reimbursement for the legal cost he has endured.
C. E. Richardson

If the Name is a Family Name that is even 2 days older that Nissan's trademark, It should rightfully belong to the NC company and not Nissan Co of Nippon. The internet should be controlled by any Govt. or entity. the First One wins the race.
C. D.

Nissan Motor Co. - You are not the only Nissan in this world. Get off your high horse, just because you're a bigger company gives you no right to think you somehow deserve the right to the nissan domain name. You were beaten to it. Give it up.  If Nissan Motor Co. wins this lawsuit, there is no equality nor justice in this world.  Nissan Computer Corp., you have my full support and I wish you the best of luck.
Heidi Hassenstein

This is ludicrous. A computer company named after the founder is not in competition with an automotive manufacturer. Unless Nissan Motor is intending to go into the computer business? In that case I think Nissan computer should be the one doing the suing.
If someone owns a domain name and are putting it to legitimate use, it is theirs. Any lawsuit to take the domain name away should be laughed out of court.  This is not a case of Joe Greed saying, "Hey, I'll register, and when they decide to put up a web site, I'll charge them $20,000 (or $200,000 or $2,000,000) for it!"  This is a legitimate business man with a legitimate site and a legitimate reason to be using the contested domains. Because his site and his reasons are legitimate, Nissan Motor should have to pay him whatever price he feels is reasonable, and if he doesn't want to sell, they should have to figure out a domain name of their own.
Bert Knabe

I am just wanted to let you know there are many people out in the world that understand your plight.  Big companies can bankrupt small companies with their frivilous lawsuits and whether they win or lose doesn't matter if they have bankrupted you.  I wish you the best.
Margaret Combs

I bought my first high-end personal computer from Mr. Uzi Nissan in the early 1990's and since then I had received computer-related services from him.  I recently read in the newspaper "The News and Observer" from Raleigh about the litigation from Nissan Motor against Nissan Computer on the use of by Nissan Computer.
I am expressing my support for Mr. Uzi Nissan because I think that it is fair for him to keep using this URL because:  - he was first to get the URL.  - he is in the computer business and not in the car business, and thus, upon my eyes, I do not see a conflict.  - he has a "passthru" link from his site to the site of Nissan Motor.
I hope that Nissan Motor could stop this litigation against Mr. Uzi Nissan.
Thank you for your attention.
Angel Rivera

It is to be hoped that the American system of justice will be able to throw these claims out of court with punative damages awarded to Nissan Computer Corp. Nissan Motor Company had an equal opportunity to acquire the domain, they failed to do so. Tough!
Derek Bush

The Nissan Motor Co. disgust me. I can understand if the domain name had been used to extort money from Nissan, but as this is used as a legitimate family business name I feel the Nissan Motor Co. should stop their lawsuit now.  This is like one corporation closing down a small business just to take a piece of land which is lawfully owned.
Greig McArthur

I think you should lay your hands off Nissan Computers legitimate Domain Name.  You should have had the foresight to buy the name many years ago, as most large corporations have done.
Des Coffey

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