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I've been considering buying a new car lately.  It will not be a nissan after seeing this page!
Matthew Fletcher

Fight on, my friend. Even the US government can't the jurisdiction of (a porn site). If you lost the suit, it only reflect the money behind the lawsuit- what a shame to the justice.
BTW, Nissan Motor makes me sick by doing this.  I came to this site for the interest of nissan cars. But i think I am looking for Honda or Toyota now.
Alex Icehouse

Shame on you Nissan Motors. You bring dishonor to your company and everyone associated with it.
I will be purchasing a new (or slightly used) vehicle at the end of this year. Nissan (among others) was under consideration. The pathfinder was one of the models worth considering. Unfortunately, your lapse of moral judgement and greed has taken all Nissan cars off my list. Consider yourself a non-entity - except when I need to site this issue as an example of your code of ethics and concern for American people. What an incredible blunder! I am astonished by your lack of humanity and reason. About 23 years ago, I was appaled by Sony corp and to this day, I have never bought another Sony product. Over the years, they have lost tens of thousands of dollars from my audio and computer budget as a result of their arrogance. I hope you enjoy lean times over the next 23 years because I intend to be Nissan-free and Sony-free for a long, long time.
By the way, the above email address is a real one and I intend to use it on as many public lists as I can. Also notice that I have a domain name which is remarkably similar to my family name. was taken so I use Live and let live - lest you reap the bad press that you so dearly deserve.
Matthew Sauble

I was interested in equiping the small place with perhaps a Nissan Vehicle however due to your type of attitude toward people I feel that I will not ever buy a Nissan vehicle and I will inform my family members not to do business with anyone of your elk. Shame Shame and when you thought it safe to pick on the little guy. Honey I'm back. In all I will never buy a Nissan Motor Co. vehicle used or new and you got a good selection. Make mine a DoDge.
Ranch Manager Preston

Dear Jap automaker,
I'm not crazy about big corporations, and I resent it when they try to trample the little guy.  I know what you are up to.  You are trying to make Uzi Nissan go bankrupt by having him spend attorney fees to keep up with you guys in court.  Some of us Americans haven't forgotten your sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Bataan March, and numerous other war attrocities you committed.
Dave ownby

To: Whom it may concern,
It is unbalivable that an ancient name lika Nissan from the Bible, can be restricted to an Israeli who's name from generation to generation is the original Hebre name. A giant compamy like Nissan Motor Co, whants to take away someone's Gods given heritage??? Where is the logic of that. Who declared Nissal Motor the Judge represanting God? The World is taking it as a joke. The joke is on Nissan Motor Co..
Ida Paluch

There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said already. Corporate attorney's are about the largest contingent of society's most clueless. Stuck in their own little world of red tape and corporate by-laws, they seem to lose touch with reality. Reality one, first come first serve (or first server in this case. Geek humor...sorry). Reality two, social ignorance is not a virtue. Because the corporate stooges are so wrapped up in what corporate law says they tend to get a bit of a god complex. However, god knows stupid when he sees it...
Contact your local news outfits, contact contact contact anyone with a news content driven website. Get this message out. Unless this story is on the tips of *everyone's* tounge, nothing will come of it. You have to hit them where it hurts. Since they seem to be lacking in cojones, it has to be the Pocket-book. Good Luck Mr. Nissan. I'll be spreading the word.

Please respect the obvious use of ones own family name. They are not trying to steal your name or your business. But your trying to seal their own name.
David Wedge

If Nissan is his leagl name it is Nissan Computers right to use it. and are Nissan Computers, because it happens to be his leagl name lucky him.
Martin Halvorsen

This is stupid.  I love nissan and what they have done for the automotive world.  Though it is somewhat wierd to get a computer site when expecting a car site, they provide a link to the website.  They are a copmuter website, and have nothing to do with cars.  Why sue them.  Your case (Nissan Motor Co.) isn't even valid.  They have not broken any copyrights or infringments of any kind.  Furthermore the use of a last name has been a business practice since before any of you were born.  Websites are not registered or trademarks and can only be used so if the business is spefically found as so and the name was not in prior use.  Nissan Motor Co. we love your cars.  Please don't tranish your name over this.  He has as much right to this website name as anyone else.  He just got to it first.  Though my opinion may mean nothing I do encourge you to read the InterNic/Network Solutions Terms and Agreements, also any laws, state or federal.  Thanks.
Daniel Yee

While I applaude the Nissan Corp for it's line of Datsun vehicles I was appalled when they abandoned it in favor of Nissan branding. I still do not understand why they were hiding from the Nissan name they so proudly emblazon today on everything.  Regardless, any legitimate use of a domain name by others not known worldwide is still legitimate and is not subject to a 'larger ' prescence usurping the domain when they were too late in recognizing that the internet may yield some fine opportunities.  Nissan Motors... go to Nissan.something else that is not yet taken....
David Williams

I find the whole situation disgusting. Who ever registers first should be the rightful owner of the domain. Nissan computers should be the owner of the domain.
Jason Rodgers

No I don't think that Nissan Motor Co. should be allowed to lay claim to surely what is not theirs!  Just because there is a conflict of Names doesn't give anybody the right to sue! I think a Man/Woman has the right to use his/her Name anyway he/she  sees fit and nobody should be able to deprive him/her of that right! Just because they have Money and Corp. lawyers doesn't give them the right to turn someones life upside down!  My vote would go to NISSAN COMPUTER CORP.!
Allen Justice

Nissan computer registerd this name first and should have every right to use it.....too bad if nissan motor was not able to register it the guy money if you want it that bad.
Rizwan Dilawar

I quite by accident came upon this information.  I own a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder.  It has been a great vehicle in many respects, but I have had to replace the struts 3 times since I bought it.  I have been trying to get Nissan to acknowlege they have a problem with this to no avail.  I have heard there is a report out there on this and would like to find it.  If anyone knows about this please write to me. 
I was not suprised to hear your story and I will do all I can to pass on the word.
Good luck,  
Dawnita Jensen

I think this law suit is ridiculous!  If Nissan is the man's last name he should be able to use it any way he wants since it belongs to him!!!!
Sharon McCoy

After reviewing this case any honest federal judge would not even hear the case.  He should also charge Nissan Motor Company for all expenses incured by Nissan Computer for the damages cause by this rediculus law suit.
Carey R. Robson

Please explain to me why when a company has already gotten and secured a web site name legally which happens to be there family name would you want to take that away? you snooze you loose......they happen to have the name you want? so you try and bankrupt them to get it?  what is the legal pretext that you are using to bring this lawsuit about?
Mrs. Sise

Domains are for sale for the entire public, and we have full rights of our own registered domain names.  Is Nissan Motor interested about my poor cat if she was named Nissan!!!  I recommend you change your company name to someother available .com!!!
Osama Al-Ayoub

I have heard about you problem with Nissan and think it's absolutely ridiculous and unfair.  It's just a case of a company with a lot of money trying to get something that doesn't belong to them because they think they can.   If you had registered the name to be malicious in hopes of getting visits from people actually looking for "their" web site, it would be a different matter.  The fact is you have just as much right to - if not more- than anyone.  I'm sure your people have been in existance longer with that name than Nissan Motor has and they have no right trying to use scare tactics and law-suits to take it away from you.  If I were to register a domain with my last name and a company came along later and decided to use MY last name as their company name - that wouldn't give them the right to take away my domain...just as they have no right to take yours.  What's next?!  Are they going to insist you change your last name so nobody thinks you are the President of Nissan Motors?  Absurd!
Good luck to you!
Robbin K. Tungett

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