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You can rest assured that I will never purchase any of your products as long as you keep up this disgraceful, unjust, immoral, childish action against Nissan Computers Corp. I will make certain everybody I know is aware of this obscenity. Nissan Motors, You Make Me Sick!!
Bryan Vance

I am apalled but not surprised by the actions of Nissan Motors.  I feel they have no right to infringe upon the actions of a private citizen, who has held the Nissan name long before Nissan Motors Corp. came into existence.  I don't believe that Nissan Motors should be granted any special rights merely because they are a large business.  I am also angered by their trying to force Mr. Uzi Nissan to hand over the use of his "name" to another company.  I am angered by the way a coporporation like Nissan Motors is using money to strong arm their way.
I will not support Nissan Motors and will inform my friends of Nissan Motor's unfair actions as well.
Greg Sands - San Francisco, CA

Well, I won't express my feelings about this too much, but I am big fan for freedom...and this is infringement on it.  I will be sending emails and passing the word for help.  I hope NMC knows how much business they are going to lose from us.
Jeremy M Bell

The 300ZX Turbo 2+2 which I used to own has been my favorite car to date.  On reading what Nissan motors is trying to do to Uzi Nissan I will never buy another Nissan motors product.
Uzi you seem to have a problem with your first name as well! I know, you had that name too before they started making machine guns :)
Steve Lane

Dear sirs,
I find it absolutely appalling that a GIANT company can try to destroy a mans legitimate business. Why does not Nisson Motor Co. do the obvious thing and look for a more suitable domain name such as it would make sense as it would be the obvious way to look for such a web site, another point is that my own name is identical to a well known electronics personage who writes articles in U.K. Magazines and I would be rather upset if he tried to take my own name for his email as i have registered it good luck to Mr.Nissan in your fight with this corporate bully boy. I know that I will now never buy any Nisson Motor Products.
Mr. Barry Fox

The same thing happened between a small financial group called "The Dodge Group" (Now "Flexi International Software") and Chrysler Corporation (Now "Daimler-Chrysler")'s Dodge division. But instead of Dodge of Chrysler, and 80 some year old company, suing The Dodge Group, a 10 year old company, for having the domain a year earlier, Chrysler decided to have a different domain name (it turned out to be - matches the toll free telephone numbers). They gave the company, which was 70 years younger, no hassle since they registered the domain earlier fair and square.
Maybe Nissan should learn a lesson from the world's best and largest automobile corporation, Daimler-Chrysler.
Morgan R. Potter

You allready own have the world and maybe more we are not ants who wanna live in the same nest under one leader and have no identity of their own, we have and we wanna keep it that way, so take your hands of and stop this abomination at once and show the world that you are a peoples comp. and not some gready wanna have it all.
Huub Goossens

It has been brought to my attention that you are trying to take away a domain name from its rightful owner because you have better name reconition than the present owner. If the facts are true regarding Nissan vs Nissan then you should drop your immoral suit.  You big companies with deep pockets think that with all your money and numerous lawyers on staff and on retainer can push around the little guy. Well let me tell you Nissan, it is an outrage what you are trying to do to Uzi Nissan. I don't have the money to help Uzi and his cause but I do have the power of speach and I will be heard loud and clear. I for one will send e-mails to all I know about this situation. I will speakout at public functions and urge others to do so.
Uzi Nissan, an Israeli-American, is the founder and president of Nissan Computer Corp., incorporated in Raleigh, NC in 1991. Nissan registered the domain names NISSAN.COM in 1994 to help expand his computer business and NISSAN.NET in1996 to provide Internet Services (ISP). Nissan’s last name has been in his family for more then seven generations and can be traced back to biblical days (identifying the seventh month in the Jewish calendar), long before Nissan Motors was in existence.  Recently, Nissan Motor Co Ltd. and Nissan North America, Inc. (the automaker), filed a lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp. for owning NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET. They alleged trademark infringement and dilution in an attempt to bankrupt the Nissan Computer Company, and are now dragging them through federal court in their own back yard (Los Angeles).
You should drop this suit NOW.
david castell

This is ridiculous. Nissan Computer Corp. was there first, and therefore has the right. I mean, if this was like the Julia Roberts case where someone whose name was neither Julia nor Roberts registered her name's address, it's different. But Nissan Computer Corp. has every right to use its own name for their domain. Nissan Motor could be, or,, or something like that. But it comes down to the fact that Nissan Computer Corp. has every bit as much claim to the name as Nissan Motor Co., but the computers got there first. Nissan Motor should just deal. If they want a compromise though, why can't one get, and the other get
Geoffrey Waltz

Just like Hillary Clinton had to pay a private person to buy their domain name, hence her name, so should the motor company. The name Nissan doesn't belong just to the motor company, therefore, they too should pay up the Nissan computers or get their own name. Let justice be done! Don't allow a rich conglomerate to win this unfair situation!
Diana Grammer

I wholeheartedly support Nissan Computer Corporation's right to the domain names that they have, legally, obtained and registered, and condemn Nissan Motor Corporation's highhanded bully-boy actions.
Michael Jones

To Whom It May Concern,
I just heard about this situation and am amazed that this sort of thing could happen in America.  If it is true that Nissan Motor is suing Nissan Computer for their domain name, it is a complete injustice and directly opposed to the free enterprise this country stands for.  Stand up for free enterprise.  Do what is right.  Market the name, register the name,, etc.  FORGET  It is taken. 
Evan Crowder

If this is indeed true. Shame on you Nissan incorporated.  This man has had his name way befor you had your cars.  give it up and find some other name.

You know what?  There is a simple solutions for this. is used before Nissan Motor Ltd was aware of it.  So this domain name was used before it was illeagel to take domain names and selling it as a profit attempt.  The solution is "First Comes First Sever, baby".  I believe there is a  Go to it and see what happens and notice the government did not even touch it....
Best of luck to you
Joe Luu

This lawsuit is ridiculous.  Who does Nissan Motor think they are?  Just because someone bought the rights to before Nissan Motors thought to do does not give them a right to sue for it.  This lawsuit is even more invalid due to the fact that the owner of did not buy to make money eventually from Nissan Motor. has a legitamate reason as to why they use  I am comfortable with the idea that a judge will rule against Nissan Motors because this whole matter is absolutely ridiculous!
Amy Roos

I hope you people get bombarded until the message hits home :BACK OFF, Let the little guy keep what is rightfully his.  Get a life.  Tell your Law breaking thugs to get a real job, rather than leeching off of society.
Michael Mucciaccio

You stupid Datsun SOB's you need to go get your own domain, and get bent too!, if you need some stupid domain name then you should have registered it first.
Dade Murphy

Hey guys. Stop it. Mister Nissan was earlier than you. He has every right to own these domains. AND YOU DONT!  You guys better put your money and energy in making better cars! Cars that do not pollute our environment, if you know what I mean!?!?!
Harald Holtij

Grow the f!@#k up and use your money for something worthwhile ya capitalist pigs, you're not going out of business any time soon. I would expect a little more honour from a Japanese based company. This is corporate blackmail and it sickens me and all my democracy- and communism- loving friends alike. It is not more complicated than the big guy trying to take the little guy out and if there is any decency left in the world this will end.
Canadian Voice of Reason

I'd be really curious to know who registered first.  If it was Mr. Nissan then he should be able to maintain his Nissan web site and the motor company can take a hike.  If it was Nissan Motor Co that registered first then Mr. Nissan should stand down.  As far as I'm concerned it's the standard, 'First come, first serve' way of doing things.  Since Nissan Motor Co. used to be Datsun I would suspect that Mr. Nissan would prevail in the aforementioned FCFS way of doing things.
Wushu Tsengtau

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