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I own a nissan pathfinder, and it's a great car.  Good thing there's competition so I can go buy a Ford next time.  Hey, wait a minute, aren't they guilty of the same unfair business practices?  It's survival I guess...  But that doesn't change the fact that creating a lawsuit to get control of a smaller company a f____d up thing to do to.  Put me on your boycot NISSAN list, my pathfinder's falling apart anyway!
J. C. Brady

Dear Nissan Motor Co.,
Stop using your big corporation tactics against Nissan Computer Corp because your marketing team didn't have the forethought to register the name first!  It was your STOP trying to punish someone else.  Until this stops, I will not even consider your automobile when I purchase my next vehicle and I will tell everyone I know to do the same.
Danielle Staudt

I recently purchased a Nissan pick-up for my daughter. However, let me assure you that had I known of your unethical dealings in regards to trying to obtain Internet domain names already in use a registered to Nissan Computer Corp, I would have purchased another manufacturers pick-up. I am currently shopping for another new pick-up for myself. Due to your heavy handed lawsuit nonsense, it WILL NOT be a Nissan product. Perhaps you're not concerned about the loss of my business, or of those people that I have any influence over in these matters. If so, I wish your company the speedy failure it deserves.
Douglas E. Smith

Your lawsuit is unfair.  If you now desire a web site register as  It is really too bad that the other Company Nissan Computer Corp. was internet literate before you were.  It is their legimate name and they have every right to have it and not be hasseled by your large corporation.
I own a business and have a fleet of 15 vehicles.  You do your company a disservice in your lawsuit.  Get my meaning?

I sympathize with Mr. Nissan in his fight. I too, was the object of corporate might when I took on an international insurance company to press my claim. The sorry fact is that large corporations too often adopt Kaiser Wilhelm's philosophy of "Might is Right". Well, Nissan Auto, to use the vernacular, it ain't. No time soon (read, never) will I be trading in my Mercedes for any Nissan product. By the way, it struck me that perhaps you may have changed your name from "Datsun" to "Nissan", after coming across Mr. Nissan's company. Equally spurious suggestion, gentlemen.
Eric Hindson

NISSAN AUTOMOBILE CORP: Stop this B.S. with trying to steel an Internet domain name!  Nissan Computer clearly owns this domain and went through the hassle with purchasing it from Network Services many years ago.  If you want this domain, you should approach Nissan Computer in a professional manner and see if he/she is willing to SELL their domain name!!  Do not hijack his/her domain name because you think it should be yours!  STOP THIS BULLSH*T!!
Scott Copus

Shame on you.  When all is said and done at the end of your lives, you will have to face the consequences of your decisions, both moral and amoral.  Crushing a little business just to make a buck may make you rich temporarily, but will bankrupt you in the long run, when it really counts - on the big JD - Judgement Day.  Anyhow, your cars are crappy.  Have a nice day.
Joan Davin

If this is true (and I will research it) I think it is ridiculous for Nissan Motors to pursue this.  Hey guys, you snooze you lose.  The little guy had the domain names fair and square.  Call off your suits on the suit.  Maybe, just maybe, you can offer a cash exchange for the domain names, or god forbid, PICK ANOTHER, or or still own that name don't you?)
Joan Bradley

1.  Why didn't a big corporation with plentiful intellectual resources such as Nissan Motors register the "Nissan" name in a timely manner?  2.  Have you (Nissan Motors) tried to find a solution to this situation before taking strong action, legal or otherwise?  For example, perhaps you could arrange with and/or to prominently display a link in their home page redirecting surfers who were looking for Nissan Motors to the Nissan Motors web site.
No wonder Nissan Motors is in deep financial trouble:  Your managers cannot think ahead, and if a manager cannot do that, what is he/she good for?  Sorry Nissan, I like your autocars (Maxima) a lot, but this lack of foresight is unforgivable.
Jose A. Bellon

Nissan Motors...
Why don't you just make an agreement with Mr. Nissan to put a link on his home page.  You could pay him a small amount (maybe keep him in cars too) and then agree with him that you could have first chance with his domain name when he chooses to discontinue using it.  Make a supporter out of him, not an enemy.
Barry Brown

I thought that I was living in the United States where free enterprise is the rule. This action is an outrage! I also own a small computer company and rely on my internet presence. Once a domain is registered NO ONE should be able to take it away regardless of how much money they have.
Steve Regier

Dear Uzi Nissan,
Nissan Motor Co. is only a trade name, Nissan is your family name, you didn't make it up to sell cars.  Nissan Motor Co. is Datsun Japan and always will be, try typing "Find nissan in any address bar and see what happens, I think youll find it amazing.  You will win this law suit the world population will see to that !!!
Right behind you all the way.
Respectfully  yours
Benjamin aldred

I have grown weary with the story of big business sweeping aside the rest of the world to further its own profit-motivated ideas, and our legal system and government in the pockets of these disgustingly wealthy individuals.  The debate over domain names is just a facet of this problem.  Please recognize my undying support of the plight of Nissan Computer Corp. and my hope that they have the resources to do battle.  I believe that Nissan has a right to that domain name.  Good Luck
Brian Mathusek

I am a returning nissan (motors) customer and I do not appreciate what you are doing.  This kind of publicity is very bad for your image.
Frederic Mastot

Mr. Nissan has every right to the domain name,  Just because Nissan Motor was 'asleep at the wheel' back in 1994 is not justification for their legal action.  Mr. Nissan has my complete support, and I agree that too many of these lawsuits are being entertained in the courts.  There is no reason why Nissan Motor should not offer to purchase the domain for a reasonable price which would be up to Mr. Nissan to determine, in this case a possible 6 or 7 digit figure...
Keith Long

I support Mr. Nissan's right to continued use of the rightfully registered domain names.  Unlike a bogus claim, Mr. Nissan obviously is tied to his name, which I understand dates back to Biblical times.  He has a valid business unrelated to Nissan automobiles, so he is not profiting from their trademark.  Plus he registered the names first.  There is no valid reason for Mr. Nissan to give up his domains.  Nissan can easily choose names like NissanMotors instead.
M. C. Crowe

Why don't you just come up with your own unique name and leave the little guy alone.

Its insane for them to do this... First come first served. If they want the name so bad ... Buy it... they sure can afford it.

It isn't that hard to make a website called ""  If he had the name first, then it is rightfully his.
Greg Nash

I believe that Nissan Computer has a legitimate right to its domain name and lend my support to this issue.
Jeff Chalmers

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