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I can't believe what I am reading, A company like Nissan, who I also recall as Datsun is going after a small business for using his own real name.. We were planning on new car this month and I was looking at the Maxima, Needless to say that car is now OFF THE LIST! How dare you be so aragent? I will be forwarding this messaage to as many friends and customers of my company as I can. Perhaps this is how they do things in Japan but not here.
A. Adler

Tell Nissan motor car company to take a hike.  Its time to show these large companies that they cannot just come in and take over smaller businesses.  Everyone should protest this by not buying a Nissan Car/van.  Run them into Bankruptsy, buy some other car.  Good luck with the suet.  God Bless!!
Steve Butcher

Shame on Nissan Motors.  Now I won't even consider your company for my next car purchase.
J. R. Napper

If Nissan Computer Corp had the address first, what right do you have to steal it away from them by legal trickery? If this is the kind of shady practices your're involved in, I want no part of your vehicles. In fact, I feel your products should be outlawed as unsafe! Because who could trust you?
Dave Baggett

Dear Sir,
In 1979 I purchased a Datsun 200SX.  I don't know what the word Nissan means in Japenese, but in Hebrew it is used for the name of a month and is used as a name for people.  Sorry a Japenese company has decided to use a Hebrew word for its corporate name.  It sounds like corporate anti semitism to prevent a Jew from useing his own name in his own buisness enterprise that has nothing to do with cars.  Even if you do have, perhaps, Jewish attorneys! ;-)
David Sacks

I would like to say that this court case is a ludicrous farce and that huge Corporations (THAT MEANS YOU NISSAN MOTORS) should not be allowed to take the Domains that LEGITIMATE SMALL BUSINESSES have registered for their own LEGITIMATE uses from those businesses who registered them first THEY (Nissan Computer) ARE NOT CYBERSQUATTERS simply out to make vast sums of money by selling them to the corporation who wants them Nissan Computer are a fully LEGITIMATE business and this court case is a COMPLETE WASTE of the DoJ's time and SHOULD NOT PROCEED OR BE ALLOWED TO PROCEED.
Morgan Reed

I am in full support of Nissan Computer Corp.  I think Nissan Motors should just kick themselves for being slow in getting on to the internet and learn from this to keep up with developments other than motor industry as well, so that they don't wake up too late to notice that they missed an opportunity.
I wonder if in fact Nissan Computer Corp if they had the funds could sue Nissan for taking their name and making it a Trade Mark.  After all they had the name first.
Anna Mulquin

America's corporations are nothing if not lazy... like they couldn't have settled for  Being a student, I'm not quite in the general advertisers target market... but our generation soon will be, and I don't think I'm alone in sharing a certain level of disgust for bullying company giants.
Stuart Denyer

It is ridiculous that this case has even made it to court. If it wasn't for the fundemental human right for all to have a fair trial, this case  should rightly have been dismissed. It is large corporations like Nissan Motors who clog up the court systems with due to thier own stupidity. Almost certainly Nissan Motors will drag this case through every court they can at the expense of not only their customers, but also those who are waiting for their legitimate cases to be heard. Real crime cannot be properly brought to court in time whilst companies such as Nissan motors hinder the judicial system by wasting precious court time.  However a lodical solution for someone like Mr Nissan would to offer to sell his domain name to Nissan in a multi million deal. Nissan will probabaly spend as much in the courts anyway. No offense but is not exactly the most impressive site on the web. Changing web address or just using could be the most profitable thing Mr Nissan's company would ever do. As a business you must think of what is the most profitable thing to do for your company and selling to Nissan motors may just be that.
I wish you all the success in your business.
Mr. H. N. Logue

Hands off our calendar!  Not every word is Japanese property.

A number of years ago I was told by a very astute businessman that buying up dotcom domain names would prove to be very lucrative in the future.  Should these people be penalised for having intuitive business sense?? Who knows.  What is true is that rightly belongs to the current owners and any litigation to steal it should be stopped.
John Campbell

Mr. Nissan has his name much longer than your company even existed.  And they legally registered their domain name.  Now that I heard that you drag them into the court for "trademark infringement".  Stop this business opression.
Jeffrey Chern

To begin with, the name of the company is Nissan MOTORS, so why do they want so badly? would be their best choice, I think. Leave Uzi alone, for God's sake!
I wish you luck, Uzi :)

This is blatant theft.  Where are the ethics in big business?  Keep your childish tantrums out of our court system.  Deal with it!  Someone else got there first.
Amy Dickenson

I believe that everyone has their right to register any domain free of any obligation.  Even I myself who has nothing to do with the name Nissan, but supposingly if I got the domain, it's a little too bad for Nissan motor.  I am sure you (Nissan computer) will win this law suit.  There are similar cases which the register owners of the domain win.  My best regards to you.  And to Nissan motor, too bad for you because you just loose your reputation to at least one more person, me.
John Williams

I would be very interested in Nissan Motor's opinion or position on this issue and why this can  not be resolved without a law suit.  Uzi Nissan fairly purchased the domain names and there are other comparable names available to Nissan Motor. Even considering only and provides two options - and there are two parties. This seems obvious to any objective third party.
Brian Scott Aiken

To whom it may concern a man has the right to use his name on any business he starts or owne. Nissan Motor has no right to rob or of the family name that it came from. On the no one has the right to make money off the trade name of a business. However this is not the case in front of us. So Nissan Motors back of the Nissan family name Don't still a guys name just because you want it.
Norman McCaskill

This is outrageous and this man should be protected as this is the name of his company.
Kevin J. Kozak

Tough s**t on the car company.  If they had their finger on the pulse they would have registered the names.  Money does not make them right.  Let the courts fine them for wasting time and money.
Dave Grantham

I think the whole deal is bogus.  The internet is the only place in the world to where we can have complete freedom.  Even then the government is starting to control that just like they do everything else.  The fact of the matter is domain names are a first come first served basis.  At least that is my opinion.  So if I whom have nothing to do with the name Nissan would have wanted to use it as my own domain name then I should have that right as long as I am the first one to use it.  It works the same way as having a user name in chat rooms.  You have to keep trying until you find a name that isn't taken and if someone has the name you wanted then there is nothing you can do about it.  The easiest solution to the problem is for Nissan Motors to get an education.  Why don't they just use

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