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This is in response to the article I read on your (Nissan auto company) suing a small business for using his own FAMILY name because it happens to be the same as your company name. What right do you have suing someone for naming his company after himself? I think that HE should be suing YOU, not the other way around. I am sick and tired of all you big shots bullying the little people and getting away with it. I will NEVER buy a Nissan after reading this story. I have contact with A LOT of people and I will also be forwarding this story to them. I hope your company ends up going bankrupt due to loss of business. What's the matter, don't you have enough faith in your company that you fear sharing the name with someone trying to start a small business by using a name with which he was born? He has owned that name a lot longer than you. Get off your high horse and treat your customers with respect instead of pushing them away. Is it really worth losing your business because of a name?
Cheryl Gramma

Dear Nissan Motor,
You do not own a name. Everyone has the freedom to names. Therefore, please retract your lawsuit and re think another strategy to gain customers. In addition, you have to remember, by sheer weight of numbers and the power of the internet comunity, you may be target to a global boycot. Also, the customer is always right, so listen to your customers and stop making fools of your selves, just because your leaders could not project into the future and anticipate the internet as a medium for marketing your products. You are not alone in this, as many other so called industry giants have also failed to envision the internet revolution. We are here to stay as a global community and will not be bullied by your might. Back off.
David Knight

My brother in law is also a Sephardic Jew of Spanish and Portuguese descent (from Holland). His last name is also Nissan as is the surname of my sister in law, and nieces and nephews. They live in NJ. Nissan is the name for the Hebrew month that Passover occurs in. Many boys born in the Spring are named Nissan. The surname Nissan among Sephardic Jews is 2000 years old. It comes from so and so son of Nissan. Eventually the "son of" part was dropped leaving the surname of Nissan.
I would hope that Nissan Motors of Japan would not try to restrict the trade of ALL Sephardic Jews with the last name of Nissan who are operating sole proprietorships using their last names.  That would be like Fred Wang of Wang Computer suing every Chinese programmer named Wang. This is a frivolous and ugly lawsuit which stems from an obvious ignorance of Jewish culture and naming customs.  It is so very sad that the legal counsel of this Japanese company, with all of their resources, could not better educate themselves about a foreign culture with whom they do so much business. After all, we who do business among the world community have had to educate OURSELVES about the customs and mores of Japanese culture.
My husband, Rabbi Shmuel Kohn is a student of Sephardic History and would be very happy to answer any questions that the Nissan Motors legal department has regarding the development of surnames and naming conventions among Jews of the Middle Eastern countries of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, where most of our family members originate.
Renee Kohn

Give it up. The poor publicity isn't worth it to you in the long run. I haven't bought Sony products since the mid 1980's because of a similar situation.
Nissan may be next...
Dirk Nordling

Nissan Motors are being PATHETIC.
Similar law suits have determined that internet domain names that carry a name similar to a company may not be improperly used, for example Mr Smith would be breaking the law if he decided to register the domain name as he has no claim to the name kellog and would be purely infringing on the kellogs company name. However if there were a MR Kellog who had no connection to the kellog company, and he wished to register the domain name, this is legal as he has every entitlement to register his own name as a domain name - his name is legally his own property. If Mr Kellog registered the domain name this would infringe the law as his name is Kellog and not Kellogs and this would be a direct take on the Kellogs company name.  Mr Nissan has not changed any spelling of his name and has the right to use his name as a domain name for any purpose he wishes - business or personal SO LONG AS he does not use the name to imply any connection with the Nissan Motor Company.  This is a no-brainer and I find it incredibly surprising that a company the size of Nissan Motor would be stupid enough to let an insane bunch of lawyers throw away their money persuing something that is so clearly going to be thrown out of court by any judge with an IQ of above 4!  Personally, I would counter-sue anyone who tried to stop me using my legal name - it is ANYONE'S right to use their own name.
Good Luck Mr Nissan and Nissan Computer - not that you'll need it!
PS, I will also support you by NEVER again buying a car from this greedy, vindictive company.
Kevin Wagner

How DARE you try to sue Mr. Nissan, Nissan Motors!  The fact that you didn't pursue legal action four years later tells it all.  You didn't care much about whether or not you had an online presence, until a great increase in internet usage occurred, and millions of more potential customers came online.  THEN you were suddenly worried that the owner of the domain was infringing on your trademarks.  For God's sake, IT IS HIS FAMILY NAME!!!  Nissan Motors should have pursued legal action when they first became aware of if they were really serious sbout protecting their trademark.  God forbid someone has the last name as the name of your big company.
By reading some other customer comments, it is obvious that you are LOSING hundreds of potential customers who might have previously been interested in your cars.  We are not impressed by your "power" nor are we impressed by your suit towards Mr. Nissan.  The general public, ESPECIALLY INTERNET USERS, are disgusted and appalled by your shameful attempt to rob Mr. Nissan's business of his own namesake.
A. Sathe

To the motor company..... I'm sorry but I must say that this is pretty low. Is it really that important that you feel the need to go and "pick a fight" because your company had not thought of registering a domain name earlier? I have many times tried to pick a domain name, email address, log-on name, user name, ect., ect., ect. only to find that it was already in use. So I end up doing like so many other millions of people, clubs, and buisneses do...I pick another name, and get over it. Does your whole companies future rely on this one thing? No...You make cars.
To Mr. Uzi Nissan..... I under stand why you would put your name on your buisness.  To me my history is very important to me. It defines who I am, and my name is a part of that history. With out my name I would not be the person I am.  I hope things work out.
David Rogalski

If a person knows a company is going to grow as a result of that companies products and or there reputation and takes a gamble on buying a piece of property next to the plant that produces this company's product then when the company decides it needs more room to grow they buy the land from that person and the land owner makes a profit, that's the American way and is the right of everyone. If that person decides to keep the land and make a profit by building a coffee shop to sale lunch, doughnuts or anything else then the company that wants the property has to do without that land and there is nothing the American government can do at this point.
I believe that if this lawsuit passes then the American way is out the door and anything corporate America wants to take from the people will be backed by the government because an internet site is something that belongs to someone that pays the price to buy a domain name.
If Nissan Motors wants that internet domain then let them buy it as if it was a piece of land for sale, and if its not for sale then come up with another name as many of us internet users have because the name we want is already taken. In other words if Nissan Motor didn't have the foresight to get that domain name till just now then there out of luck.
Joe P. Sarandos

In a Democratic society, to prevent an individual from utilizing his or her family name to identify  a corporation, e-mail address or whatever else which he or she may establish for corporate or personal venture would engender a direct infingement of his or her human rights. we are with you Nissan computer all the wat!!!!!!!
Nick Giurleo

Hey... The problem with the name is stupid... Its like Bill Gates taking everyone named William to court because of the name... just because the Nissan auto people got to the web late it does not mean that someone else cannot have the same name for another company... In the worst case, buy it from them, but do not force it out of them... hope everyone turns out happy in the end.
Marco Barbosa

This should not be allowed to happen.  You can't claim someone's heritage.  The Nissan computer company should retain their website and the car company should pay THEM money for such idiocracy.
Michelle Iafigliola

One thing that always gets me about alleged cybersquatting lawsuits is that cybersquatting occurs when a person is attempting to make money off of a corporations name.  You are not making money off of their name, you are making money off of yours.  You have been using it longer, and it is fair use.  I'm no legal expert, but I think that you should be getting compensation from nissan for court costs, which would be suing them.  I don't really think they have a case though.
James Michael-Hill

This is just another way the "good old boys" club is allowed to continue...Knock it off and let those who had the name first get to keep it...
Kitty Wilson

What right does anyone have to steal anything from another. They're just jealous they didn't get it first.
I'm gonna cast my vote on the Computer guy...and give a big thumbs down to the 'auto club'...
Der Ben

Hope both parties can come to an amiable resolution.  I used to think that = Nissan motors.  BUT, the site prominently says that it is NOT related to Nissan motors, and even provided a link to the appropriate page, surely, that shows goodwill enough?
Just my opinion.
Wei Chun

Nissan motor corporation: wise up. Just because you own a large portion of the world's automobile market doesn't mean that you own the world wide web as well. I have written to my U.S. senators and representative regarding this issue, and will be sure to publicize to everybody I know what assinine tactics you are using to further your marketing efforts. As if not having a particular domain name is going to make or break you. The bad press can't possibly help.  Nissan Computer Corp-I appreciate your efforts to stand up to such a reprehensible display of corporate masturbation. There is absolutely no justification for such abuse as you are receiving.  Yet I can't help but wonder why if the two of you might not strike a compromise and thus set an example for others. This would, of course, be good will on your part, and surely Nissan Motors would still want your domain all to themselves, no matter what it takes to get it. The court-mandated address comes to mind. Surely it can't hurt either of your businesses to subject visitors to a simple introductory page that asks them where they wish to go: your site or theirs. Perhaps you've already considered it, or suggested it to them, and they're not open to the idea. Or perhaps you're not. But this is business. Can't both parties profit, all idealism aside?
Cameron Clark

You are big enough. Stop trying to stomp on little groups. Remember the lesson of Apple computers and the zipper.
Julie Peaker

I own a Datsun 280Z...Nissan Motors should make an offer instead of setting a court date.  I'm sure the two companies could work out a compromise of some kind, say, linking their websites. Mr. Nissan's name in exchange for Nissan's popularity.
Gail Jordan

Mr. Nissan is fully entitled to have  those domain  names. You snooze you loose to nissan auto.
Richard Bellman

I believe a precedent had been set for this type of law suit wherein a local restaurant named "Tom Jones" was sued by the singer Tom Jones on a number of counts, among them, infringement of his patented name.  He lost, hands down.  The state appelate court upheld the decision that a man was entitled to name his business using his legal name, regardless of the fact that a so-called superstar also owned the same name.  Unfortunately, all I can tell you about the case is that it took place in Brookhaven, Pa. some years back.  (And he DIDN'T HAVE TO USE A DISCLAIMER) 
Best of luck.  I think this suit stinks.

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