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I have become aware of the domain name dispute between Nissan Computer Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. recently.  After learning of the tactics by Nissan Motor Co. and the methods used in discussions with Nissan Computer Corp. I have come to some important decisions.  First, I historically have never yet purchased a car from Nissan Motor Co. and have decided to now remove that company and its products from my list of possible purchases for any of my needs in the future.  Second, I will alert others to the nature of Nissan Motor Co. as they are making their purchasing decisions.  They should at least know the nature of the company that they may possibly become intangled with.  It is my hope and it will be my desire that they will realize that another company will better serve their needs in an honorable way.  Third, who died and made Nissan Motor Co. God?  No one has a RIGHT to any internet domain names.  An entity my argue that it is sensible for it to use a given name.  Unfortunately there is only one  of any given domain name but there are many entities who have a sensible use of that name.  This leaves only the individual entities the task of negotiating amongst themselves the PRIVILEGE of using a given domain name.  Fourth, it is evident that Nissan Motor Co. is trying to punish others for their lack of foresight and exhibiting egregious pride in their attacks on Nissan Computer Corp.  I have decided, based on such matters that I will throw my support behind Nissan Computer Corp (in addition to point #2 mentioned above) by encouranging those with internet access to support Nissan Computer Corp. financially in any ways possible.  No doubt your evil tactics in court are design to wear then down and cause them to bend to your selfish desires before a court has had a chance to pronounce Nissan Motor Co. case to be without cause or merit.  My own financial support and those that follow my lead will be for the cause of enabling this tactic to fail.  Fifth, I have seen other company's the same means of negotiations as Nissan Motor Co. is using.  They had several things in common with Nissan Motor Co. They were companies originating in Japan.  They were not ignorant that they were unjustified in their causes.  And last, that they had not, nor it seemed would ever, prevail.
No longer a future customer,
J. Johnson - Utah, USA

Your claim on the Nissan name for a web site is totally uncalled for.  By bringing suit against Mr. Nissan of North Carolina, you bring harm to your own name and to your business.  I will personally encourage all I know to boycott your products permanently.  He was there first and properly so.  You should immediately not only withdraw your legal actions but should also promptly apologize to Mr. Nissan.  Your actions to date are completely dishonorable.  They are like those of a thief.  You bring shame on your company and all of it's employees wordlwide.  You owe much to many for these despicable actions.  You are not worthy of respect.
Jim Bennight

I can't believe what you are doing...YOU ARE STEALING A MAN'S NAME BY BEING A BULLY...I'm telling everyone I know to stop buying your products and of your rthless and heinous methods. By the way, my family represents the largest classic car dealership in California. We know a lot of people.
Mike Parisi

Appalling Simply Appaling.  In Texas you would be shot hung drawed and quartered for brand altering or stealing. Its a straight up deal of "They Done Beat Ya Too IT".  The simple solution is pick a new name and leave the computer company alone.  What the hell is wrong with Nissan Or some other name thats is similar.
I am a tried and true Dodge fan but I had considered getting on of your new pick ups. Not now or ever after reading this.  Hope you can stand the loss of business, the bad reputation and general stink that goes with this.
Have a nice day Ya'll......
Robert Williams

It's apparent these people have had this name longer than you or your company has existed.  I had considered ordering a new Nissan car, but now I am reconsidering.

Dear sir,
As a potential customer of Nissan Motor Co, I would think that Nissan Motor Co has better things to spend it's money on than frivilous law suits for a man using his family name in an enterprising business in the United States. If Nissan Motor Co. can only find activities like these to engage in, maybe Nissan Motor Co. does not need my patronage, or that of my friends? While I wish I had acted a little quicker in registering my family name, I do not intend on suing the person(s) that have, as long as they have a legitiate claim to the name as well. Now, if Mr. Nissan had contacted Nissan Motor Co. with an offer to sell the Nissan.Com rights for "x" amount of money, then all bets are off, and I would support Nissan Motor Co.'s claim fully, and I would appologize. However, based on the infromation contained here at, I feel that Nissan Motor Co. is in a very weak, and unfavorable position, and I would suggest withdrawl.
Charles Schaefer

Dear Sir or Madam,
It has come to my attention that you are seeking legal action against one Uzi Nissan for alleged trademark infringement via the use of the domain name Nissan. I have taken care to read through the articles pertaining to this matter and must concede that you are without legal standing. Mr. Nissan, is in no way, presenting his legally registered businesses as affiliated or associated with Nissan motors. I visited this site on a search for diagnostic information and was not confused by his presence at this address; I did not think this was Nissan Motors; I did not think Nissan Computer Corp was associated in any way to your company - I knew this was a company run by a man named Uzi Nissan upon reading the About Us information.
I must say I am appalled by your strongarm tactics and frank arrogance to think that because of your corporate size and visibility you can force by threat or action a fine entrepreneur into releasing a domain name which he has held since 1994 - when the internet did not concern most major corporations. I emplore you to cease and desist these Orwellian maneuvers. To be sure, I am not suggesting you allow all comers to abuse you without fear of reprisal. Defend your brand, trademarks, and goodwill where it is threatened. This threat can easily be guaged with investigation.....and should you perform due dilligance on this matter I am sure you, as any honest and fair corporate citizen would find, that Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computer Corp are not a threat to you in any way.
I end by saying that not just legally, but morally Uzi Nissan and Nissan Computer Corp have the right to the and .net domains. I would see it as a black eye in the face of corporate america should it be forced into your hands. I can see the value in it, and why your company would want the domains......but please, play fair. Call back your legal hounds and send forth your negotiators to work a fair settlement with Mr. Nissan and Nissan Computer Corp, with the good spirit and intention that should these parties not wish to submit and sell you the domains you will leave them to do business in peace.
I please my trust in you that you will do the right thing.
Steven Smith

I want my voice be heard in protest of this ridiculous and bogus lawsuit.
Denyba Anandara

As the saying maintains, a picture is worth a thousand words. To equate, what value $$$ can be placed on a family name, given by birth and handed down from generation to generation? Money is what runs corporations and small business and everything in this world can be bought for a price.  To turn a nasty situation into win-win outcome for both of these companies, why not settle?  Settlement Option:  Nissan Motor offer to diverse and go into the computer business and buy out Nissan Computer. Cars are becoming more and more eletronic and have computer chips in them. Not a bad idea if you want to diverse. Why you could probably find some way to incorporate the technology. Why continue to waste your money in a litigation suit that will help to only pay for negative advertising and an unfavourable reputation this is going to result from all this. Going once, going twice, Nissan Computer, SOLD!

I feel that what you are doing regarding nissan computers is wrong. If you did not register the name first - hard luck - find another. Actions of the type you are taking will, in the long run, surely damage your company in the eyes of the consumer.
Adrian Violett

Let the kid keep his daddy's name.  It's his name. He was born that way.  Buy the name and do the right thing.  If the guy's last name was smith, hey, he'd be the scumbag.  It's Nissan, so fight another battle.
Mandel Harvey

Please tell me it's not true that Nissan Motor is suing Nissan Computer Corp for the use of the domain name. I'm hoping it is an "urban legend" and not the disgraceful reflection on your company it seems to be.
Norman Prince

I think it is unfortunate that Nissan Motor Corp has decided to play the role of bully and try to take away what is yours! Not to mention the fact that I own a Nissan Altima and would never buy from them again due to the poor quality of the vehicle. They are big business at its worst!

It is ridiculous that Nissan motor corp would even do this.  What happened to their creative/marketing dept?  Why not use etc.  Nissan computer has every right to the domain name--aside from the history--they registered it.  What was Nissan motor doing all this time?  I hope that the appropriate delegates of justice redeem the us constitution and property rights.  Nissan motor has no right to the name.
Dina Patel

Do NOT steal the domains NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET. It will only hurt your business.  Remember. Internet is powerful and most users donŽt like Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.  YouŽll become the real looser if youŽll continue this process!
Evert - Sweden

Hey, two Nissans raced to register, and one of them won. So let it be.
Dave Parks

The facts in this case clearly shows no conflict of interest between the two parties involved. One is a computer company and the other a motor company. Computer users don't associate a good computer with a good car, because the makers are different and the applications are different. I cannot see any Goodwill and Brand allegiance created by Nissan Motor Company over the years would easily benefit Nissan Computer Corp. It would proof if Nissan Computer Corp. have their own Advertising Budget or really on the Motor Company's fame to make sales.  Besides, if a USA State could legally accept the registration of business names with the word Nissan in them on numerous occasions, then I see no reason for any legal or trade implication to the Motor company.  The name Nissan is a family name and from my limited knowledge, it has origins in Hebrew or Aramic.  I fully morally support the name to remain and hope that the USA legal system honour their decision to register this name in the first place by ruling in favour of Nissan Computer Corp.
Jesse Ramo

Get real nissan motors !!! Too bad you didn't think of the name first.. Now please back off and find something useful to do.
Rick Cruz

It is not hard to believe that a huge corporation is bullying a smaller company that happens to share part of its name in common.  Nissan Computer company is in no way related to Nissan car manufacturer.  How can this corporation say it is a trademark infringement.  THe founder of the computer company has a name that is the same as the car manufacturer, however, his family has held this name for many millenium.  Big corporations can not and should not be allowed to push around and control smaller companies just because they may have more money to do so.
Chris Townsend

If what you described is accurate then you havemy vote against NISSAN MOTOR.
Yan Lafrance

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