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There is no way in a just court, Nissan Motor Co. would win this stupid and ridiculous law suit.  Nissan needs to get a life and stop picking on a company so much smaller than it.  If Nissan wanted the domain name, they should have registered for it.  End of the story.  Uzi Nissan not only has the right to register under his OWN last name, but Nissan would be hurt badly in the public eye if it goes through with the court case and forces any damages on Nissan Computer Corp.  I personally know of at least 50 people who would be willing to put much time into making sure of that fact!
David K.

Shalom Mr. Nissan
I am shocked to read of what is happening to you at the hands of the Nissan Motor Company.  They may be likened to the school yard bully who pushes the skinny kid with glasses and takes his lunch not because he is hungry but just because he can.  Well, I hope this bully is the one that gets surprised when the skinny kid takes off his glasses and, as we say here in the south, "wallops him a good one". 
I am due for a new car soon, don't think I'll be stopping in at any Nissan car dealerships.  That is, unless they were to withdraw their lawsuit immediately and not cause any further damage to your business and finances.
Baruch HaShem.
Shalom, shalom
Diana Carlton

Nissan Motors needs to be exposed to the world as just another corporate behemoth out to assert its power, whether legal or illegal, to forge the world as it wants it.  There are numerous precedents which clearly make Nissan Computer's position unassailable, Except that Nissan Motors has enough money to overwhelm a small private firm.  my very first new car was a Datsun, with which we were very happy. It just happens that we are about to buy two new cars, so the only thing I can do to help is to swerve to Toyota and away from Nissan. Too bad for them...  Small sacrifice, but I don't really care which company I do business with, and this will be my slight contribution to the retribution for this egregious, unconscionable attack.
Richard B. Collier

I find it outrageous that the auto maker Nissan wants to take away the right to use an individual's name.  This is even more insulting when you think that the name Nissan has been part of the Jewish culture and heritage for thousands of years.  The name Nissan in the Japanese vocabulary cannot compare to the greater and more intrinsic importance to the Jewish nation worldwide. A man who is honored to have this name should not be forced to capitulate to late-coming interests.  I hope the Nissan automaker executives will recognize the unjust nature of their claims.
Moises A. Cordovi - Northbrook, Illinois, USA

I am of the strong opinion that Mr. Uzi Nissan has the right to use his family name to register either his business name or a domain name.  A law suit of this kind will diminish the respect and admiration I have for the Nissan Motor Co (ex Datsun as it was known previously in Australia). I sincerely hope that Nissan Motor Co will review its position and drop this case.
Yours sincerely,
J Philippe Chaperon

I was considering purchasing a Nissan Frontier very seriously and visited a dealership today. Then I decided to visit Nissan's web site, and of course, typed in I have finished reading Mr. Nissan's statement and would like to hear Nissan Motor Co's side of the story. I will not purchase nor recommend any of your vehicles unless I receive a well though out and plausible reason why you are suing this small business owner over his use of and
Trevor Snyder

Hello Mr. Nissan.
Nissan Motors is behaving very strange.  I am (was?) very interested in buying a Nissan XTerra, Frontier Crew Cab or Quest.  I got brochures about these cars, I already visited a dealer in my hometown. But now I wonder if I should support this ridiculous lawsuit by buying one of their products.  I really sincerely hope you win this one. And my husband and I are going to visit you supportive Adpages as often as we can.  It is not your fault that Nissan Motors was so slow about the Internet.  First come first serve.  I wish you all the best for this lawsuit and your whole life. God bless you.
Annette Berger

It seems from the data I have read that Nissan Motors is definitely in the wrong on this. They missed their chance to get the domain name and now they should suffer the penalty or pay the $$ to purchase the domain name from the REGISTERED OWNER.
David Cornelius

Dear Mr. Nissan,
Hi, I just read your story involving your domain name.  I obviously got to your site by typing looking for the auto manufacturer, and couldn't help but reading the issue of the man vs. corporate empire story. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and hope you win, because you should.  They didn't get the domain first and now they are crying about it. Its their own problem, and no one feels sorry for them.  In the court of public opinion, you've got my vote!  You shouldn't have to give up your namesake because some corporate entity finds you as a roadblock to their domain name happiness.  Its their own fault and maybe if they wouldn't change their name every 10 years they might have saved themselves some grief.  I'm sure at the time, was probably available.  Ha ha. Good luck sir. If you lost this one, it would be a shame and more evidence that we do not live in a free country, but rather one run by lawyers and crooked politicians and businessmen.  Just wanted to let you know I think you are right about your case and wishing you luck.  By the way, I drive a 91 Nissan, but am looking elsewhere for a new car.  Funny.
Steve Wind

To the parties concerned in the lawsuit, While it is understandable that a large corporation like Nissan Motors would like to obtain the domain name that is being disputed, the idea that a large corporate entity, even one that uses the founders name, can cause another person (or anther corporate entity using it's founders name) to abnegate their family name, by the use of their corporate legal staff and the threats of lawsuits annoys me beyond belief. If Nissan Motors had the foresight to recognize the value of their corporate presence on the Internet, they should have registered their name prior to Mr. Nissan of Nissan Computer Corporation.  Using it's large corporate legal weight in an attempt to bully a smaller company over an issue where it is clearly in the wrong, indicates to me a lack of character in the executive offices of Nissan Motors.  I will be forwarding the website address to local broadcasters, particularly those who have segments devoted to computers, the Internet and other \"cyber\" content, in the hope that by making the populace aware of this situation large companies may think twice before trying to force their corporate will on the public.  Nissan Motors should have shown some class and style by either buying the domain name from Nissan Computer Corporation or offering to pay to have a link to the Nissan Motors website prominently displayed on Nissan Computer Corporation's website.
Craig Spredeman

Nissan Motors - BACK OFF!  You blew it by not registering earlier.  That was not the case with the Nissan family who saw the potential of the Internet.   Just because you are a huge corporation, you can't intimidate smaller companies into submitting to your will.  You blew it this time.  Sorry.
Matthew H. Booher

It's great to learn of another big corporation trying to "flex its muscles" on those smaller individuals.  It's obvious that they do not have a valid case here, but are trying to use their size to intimidate a smaller company into giving up what is rightfully the smaller company's.
Scott DeBruin

We embarked on a journey when the web began. One of the interesting effects we now feel is that the people who placed their flags on unknown areas, have ownership of something that they could not legally touch anywhere else. It seems Nissan Motor needs to purchase this domain name. It also seems that Mr. Nissan, can name his price.
Matthew Tippett

Take it to Nissan.  It is unreasonable and criminal that Nissan Corp. would issue you an order to stop using  You registered it legitimately for business purposes well before they did.  In business and in the internet arena especially, if "you snooze, you loose".
Ben Haley

I have read the point of view of the Nissan Computer Corporation in regards to it being sued by Nissan Motor over use of the name "Nissan". While I fully understand Nissan Motor's desire to protect their corporate identity and good name, Nissan Motor is undermining the very thing they seek to protect by their position and actions. Whether Nissan Motor prevails in a court of law or not, they are undermining good will towards themselves and doing far more harm to themselves than Nissan Computer could ever do. By behaving the way it is, Nissan Motor is fueling resentment against large corporations in general and, I hate to say it, against anything Japanese specifically. Mr. Nissan, to his credit, clearly identifies his site and his company are not associated with Nissan Motors. He even goes so far as to provide the correct URL for Nissan Motors' site for anyone who has hit on his site in error when looking for Nissan Motor. Nissan Motor should be greatful for that.
Michael A. Richno

Once again, we see how Corporations try to buy their way through the legal system.  Tobacco companies have done this for the past decade or more and have gotten away with it until recently.  Registering a Domain Name is no different than applying for a Patent. First come, first serve.  Nissan Motor Corp, should have been on the ball and done their research sooner.  Because they didn't, they have to pay the price of not keeping up with technology.  Mr. Nissan obviously has the right to this domain and it would be a travesty of justice to take it from him.
Wesley Moser

Please do not continue this harassment of Mr. Nissan.  I believe it is in your best interest to not hassel him and allow him to use his own NAME. This is ridiculous and I believe it to be only an oversight ON YOUR PART that you arrived at this dilemma.  You attorneys, CEO or whomever is in charge on this decision making is acting on selfish motives and if I were the judge in this case, I would throw your juvenile claim OUT....  Thank you,
Rebekah Kerwin

I believe that Nissan thinks they can push people around because they are big.  Well, BIG deal!  I thought that if you got your domain name through the right channels and you paid for it, it is their fault for not getting it first.  Nissan Motors is pretty lame for trying to sue for something they should know is not rightfully theirs just because it has their name in it. Sounds like they are playing school ground bully games.  I think if they want it, they should buy it.  At least then they got it the right way.
Travis Whitney

This is ridiculous!  Nissan Motor Corp. missed the boat on this one. It shouldn't matter if you're name is Nissan or not, you filed for the name first, it should be yours. I'm sick of corporate giants who think they own the world and will stop at nothing to step on the little guy who gets in their way.  Nissan Motor Corp. should realize that if people want to find their website, they will, and they need to stop crying about it.
Troy McCleary

You have very solid case if you are to go to court.  As you stated, your name is Nissan and you claimed well in advance of Nissan Auto (which I am trying to buy now :) ).  The law, pertaining to the internet has been first come , first serve with domain names and should remain that way.  If some company misses out, then they must suck it up or do their best to buy it.
Hang tough, you could have a highly publicized case on your hands.... Dad would be proud.
Iran Hutchinson

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