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Here's the deal
A. IF its the guys name he has EVERY BIT AS MUCH RIGHT TO IT AS YOU DO!!!
B. Even if it isnt his name its like a car lot, you go there and you want the blue vette, Oh no someone was faster and smarter than you and got their money and came in early, and bought the blue vette. Do you sue them? No, you go and get a different color, or reorder, or get a new car.
C. Like any other Giganto super big corporation, you can afford to choke this guy with cash but rather than let go of any of your precious green you'd much rather sue the guy.
This is pathetic, I will never purchase a product from a compnay that can't play by the same rules that they've abused many times is growing to be as large as they are.
Wayne Head

Nissan Computers Had the name first.  Why bully an individual or small company simply because your own people acted too slowly?
I'll NEVER buy a Nissan car!  What kind of a way is that to do business.  There is enough frivolous litigation in America.

Drop your charges now!  This business is obviously not after blackmailing you on your brand name, and first come first serve applies on the internet.  All you will achieve, together with similar big corporations' lawsuit on small parties, is to make the people/citizen/consumers of your products angry and pressuring their elected governments and/or boycotting your products.  wait for the icann new top level domains to yield alternate adresses for your own benefit (this will be soon) and leave alone small players in their good right.

I dare say that Uzi Nissan has a right to a company name AND a domain name based on his surname.  If Nissan Motor went after too late, well, tough luck.  I will be writing my Congressman on this subject, and will keep this in mind when buying a new car over the next year...
John Budroe

Nissan Motors is wrong! I will not patronize a company who uses drawn out court proceedings to get their way!
M. Stephenson

Dear sirs,
It appears taht in that case, although it is understandable that you are eager to have a site with your brand name, you are wrong to try to deprive Nissan Computers from their ownership.  I must investigate further in that field , but if it appears that you are acting badly, be sure I will think twice before buying any of your products.
Christian Rubin

Nissan Motor Co.   Get a life.  you guys were slow, and now you are mad at yourselves.  stop taking it out on others.
thank you,
Joanna Nelson

I think you are in the right.  Since you have been using the nissan name for you business you should not be forced to give it up.  It is nissan motor company's fault for waiting so long to get into the internet market.
Good Luck
Trey Beard

Well, well Nissan Motors, tough life isn't it? Just because your corporate heads were deep in their respective bottoms and they missed an original Internet train, they think they can bully little guys out of their rights, huh? Just a suggestion: Internet is huge, nobody yet reserved, and believe me its doable. Do the right thing and pioneer this: ""  Hey by the way I did own 2 Nissans in the past and have a Maxima currently, so it's not an anti-Nissan hatemail.
Vadim Berengut

The man has as much right to the domain name as your company.  I'm sure a comprimise can be worked out to possbly purchase the domain or link to your site.
Do the right thing.....
Forrest Hilbish

Please stop this ridiculous lawsuit.  Nissan Computer rightfully owns the name and should not be sued because Nissan motors was late in registering their name.
Kevin Novak

It is time to make a stand, Corp America is big strong and unjust. This country and its future is in the hands of the small people, Uzi Nissan is just one of them. It is time to make a stand,
I am with you Uzi Nissan

This is obviously a first-come, first-served situation.  Nissan motor missed their chance way back at the beginning, and it's not right that they should be able to sue over the issue.
Jim Tanson

I wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear about you situation. I received a forwarded email with a short description of what is going on. I wish you luck and hope you win this battle. If there is anything any of us can do, please let us know.
Best Wishes,

First-come, first-served.  Nissan Computer Corp obtained the domain name first.  Perhaps the Senior Management at Nissan Motor Co is at fault for not having the foresight to recognize the potential of the internet and register ?  In any event, Nissan Computer Corp registered the domain name long before Nissan Motor Co had any interest.  But I have a solution!  Nissan Motor Co could PAY Nissan Computer Corp to change the home page.  It could be a simple page that offers 2 links:  one to Nissan Computer Corp, the other to Nissan Motor Co.  Why do you Americans feel obligated to settle everything in court?  I am one Canadian that thinks we all could try a bit more diplomacy, and less legal "threats", and get on with the matter at hand -- running our businesses!
Good luck!
Art Mowat

This is ridicilous.  Bigger capital doesn't give you the right to crush smaller capitals.
Berk Kapicioglu

Convince me. Show me why it is ok for Nissan Corp has the right to say that Mr. Nissan has to give up the site.  What's next? Since it's trademarked, does that mean he's going to have to change his name?  YOU have falsely taken this trademark. -HE should be sueing YOU.
James B. Schippers

This makes no sense. This man has a business to run and and are rightfully his. What is the issue?
Steve Palmer

The fact that, by sheer coincidence, your company has the same name as the last name of someone who registered that name for a website prior to you does not give you legal standing to challenge that registration. He beat you to the punch LEGALLY! Get over it already! I've personally taken on two giant corporations who thought they could browbeat me into submission--and I won! I hope he does Mr. Nissan does too!
David M. Gosoroski

First come first serve if this man's name was Nissan before the Nissan Corporation came into existence then he is completely within his rights to use it.

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