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I'm shopping for a minivan, and was interested in the Quest-- until I visited this site.  I will definately NOT support the coporate bully.  As a mother involed in multiple playgroups and extracurricular activities I come in contact w/ many people.  I'm also a nurse (more people to tell) and my husband is a college professor.  That's alot of folks to spread the news to.  Wonder how that'll affect Nissan Motors-- or was that Datsun?
Heather Thomas

How disgusting of the Nissan car giant!  I had changed my mind about Honda cars and moved to the Nissan camp-- now be rest assured I'll go back to Honda.  I am a coaches wife, and will spread this story like wild fire in support of Mr. Nissan and his computer corporation.  I belive the old saying is, "First come, first serve."
Tani Faulks

If you want to gain something that belongs legally to someone else, the only proper way is through negociations, not by bully tactics such as your law suit.  I will not be buying any of your products in the near future.  For shame.
Jonathan Snow

Your attempted hijacking of domain names of the likes of "Nissan" etc. is totally disgraceful.  It seems you are a load of overstuffed, over-rich, and bloated a_s-h___s.
I will never buy a Nissan automobile again.
Dennis Revell

It shames me that a large company like Nissan Cars can bully a samll business such as Nissan Computer Corp. I don't own a car but have driven a few Nissan's in my time and thought them reliable and economical. Let me say that from now on I shall NOT have anything to do with Nissan cars. This maybe a small gesture on my part but this domain name hijacking has been going on too long, I believe that Uzi Nissan has the sole right to his name as it has been in existance longer than Nissan (or Datsun) Cars.  I hope the courts have enough common sense to see this, and justice prevails. Good luck.
A. Humphreys

Dear sirs;
Having read about the Nissan Motor vs. Nissan Computer case I wrote the present email for the following reasons:
1. To support and comendate Mr. Uzi Nissan for his stalwart fight against an unfair and  "cheap" lawsuit filed against him. I am looking forward to his succes at court; and for hearing HIS internet domain site keeps working well.
2. To disapprove Nissan Motor for his blatantly stupid, unjust action, which should be perceived as an unlawful use of the lawsuit conduit. Such company should keep in mind that in the international market their product's popularity is waning from their past success during the past twenty years. If they couldnt foresee or accept with wisdom their change of trademark name, I can but wonder how will they take (or it will take them, rather) their bankruptcy? I cannot for one, wait for it. Not when a corporation, through destructive, violent actions damages and insults an innocent second. Specially when the first loses more money, resources and PRESTIGE, through this 'mis-action' than by accepting they can't get things always "their way".  I honestly hope that such companies can correct such errors of judgement, offer apologies and repay all losses and pains to those affected. And look for other more intelligent and wise and constructive ways or restoring their past shine.  In hopes of such a future I will do my best to communicate this case to all my acquaintansces, trusting that will also know right from wrong and act accordingly.
Carlos Chávez.
p.s. Mr. Uzi Nissan got the domain name first and fairly, get over it Nissan Motor!

Why don't you people at Nissan Motor Co. get a life! This man is entitled to use his last name for his business. What are you so worried about anyway? Are you planning on getting a computer co. together and you want the name? I hope to never have to see that happen! You people make enough money as it is so why don't you leave the "little people" alone!
Denise Mattox

I have to side with the "little guy" in this, as whatever happened to "first come, first serve"?  Mr. Uzi Nissan registered the name first, due to lack of foresight on your part.  Now that he has it, pick another name and use it instead, and learn from your mistake.  You can't have everything.  Either put up or shut up.
Fenton Hubbart

People need to take a stand against large businesses which use their superior wealth and influence to drown smaller and upcoming businesses.  If Nissan Motors wants a domain, let them find one that doesn't already exist!
Tyler Aviss

This lawsuit is ridiculous.  The domain name "Nissan" was taken by a legitimate entity.
Dan Fouts

I am definitely angry about these deep pocketed hijacker. I think is the problem of our court system to allow such a lawsuit to take place.

I strongly support what you did. You didn't against the law by the time you registered check this out, won fuji film in the court!
Jiangxiu Fu

I hope you win !!! You clearly have the right to keep in my book.  good luck

As an avowed Republican, I'm not in the habit of taking sides against corporate America. After all, the business of America is business.  Nevertheless, we must resist encroachment upon our civil liberties, whether the bully is Big Brother or corporate greed. We have to somehow empower the little guy to defend his legal rights when faced with economic coersion. Count my vote in favor of Nissan Computer Corporation.
Joe McAllister

I have one or two domain names, and support Nissan Computer's reluctance to give up the domain name.  Nissan Motor Co. should offer to buy the domain name, not try to steal it through court.  If Nissan Computer Corp. does not want to give up it's domain name, it should have the right to decline.
Scott Amos

If anyone looking for Nissan motor co. and comes upon nissan computer, they will most likley try again, perhaps with a search engine... I don't see how Mr. Nissan is disrupting NMC's business...  I hope this will be another finding for the respondents and that these cyber-bullies can be eliminated.
Thank you
Xavier Adrian

Having followed this matter for a while now, I'm very disappointed that a company that prides itself on producing a high quality product would persist in such an apparent display of bullying as is taking place here. Corporate officers who do this dishonor themselves and the company they represent.  A much more honorable course of action would have been to either continue to use the URL which Nissan Motor Company now legally posseses and pay a fair amount to Mr. Nissan for him to post and maintain a banner ad on his site that would link to the Nissan Motor Company web site, or else to make a fair and honest determination of the value of to the company and negotiate a purchase based on that price as a starting point.  To use the virtually unlimited resources of a multi-national corporation in order to bully a small privately owned firm into giving up what is legally, morally and ethically theirs is not only at odds with American tradition and practice, but also flies in the face of the Japanese tradition of honor and fairness in business dealings. Those corporate officers who have persisted in disgracing Nissan Motor Company with this shameful abuse of the legal system should offer their resignations and apologies to Uzi Nissan and offer to compensate him for the pain and expense they've caused him.
I'm glad to say that when I replaced my last Nissan, instead of getting another one, I bought a vehicle from a company that has shown by their actions that they care about their customers and potential customers -- Saturn.  I will add that our local Nissan dealer has gone to great lengths to develop a reputation here for fairness in their dealings, and I will be interested to see their reaction when I discuss this matter with them next week.
Eliyahu Rooff

Nissan Computer was started by a person with the last name Nissan long before Nissan Motor Co. was around.  It is not against the law for someone to use their name in a business.  Nissan Motor Co. does not have the only right to use the name Nissan!
Joanna Welch

Please recognise that there are people out there who have a name and are entitled to use it, specially since it is a family name going back many generations!
Karma pays back,
Monica Colmsjo

First come, first serve. If Nissan Motor wants that site so bad, then fork over the money and buy it. Otherwise, back off.
Michael Brankin

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