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I'm shocked that a high profile, successful company such as yourselves would try to stop an individual from using their own name.  I personally think that Mr. Nissan should countersue and ask that the Nissan Motor Company change its name or pay for the use of same.  I will not now or ever purchase any product from your company and I will tell everyone I know of your shameless acts and ask that they too boycott and spread the word.
Shame on you!
Anna Cairns

I just would like to express my support to Mr. Uzi Nissan and let you know that I will do anything within my power to make Mister Nissans case heard.
Emanuel van Praag, Netherlands

I support Mr. Nissan in this matter. Nissan Motor Co.can easily use "" without hassling a perfectly legitimate and honest user of a personal family name for a url identifier. You could ask to have a link to your own site placed on his page for anyone who contacted it by mistake. Nobody likes a bully. I currently own a Nissan Altima but I will consider this behavior negatively at my next car purchase.
Barry Rockoff

No More Nissan cars for the rest of my life..  I guess that says it all..
Hit 1 Hard

Branding.  It seems to be an isue here for both partiies.  This is very obviously NOT a case of someone squatting a domain name in order to make a cash grab - but a real case of is the bigger corporation more entitled to the international brand than the little guy?  My personal opinion - NO - emphatically.  This individual has a legitimate claim to the name AND got there first.  Nissan Motors should be ashamed of themselves.
I join the boycott - and wag a finger at Nissan Motors!  There are lots of ways to creatively brand, or work out a link solution.  It would likely cost a great deal less.  Compromise - or buy him outright.
Elizabeth Toth

This is another classic version of a big large coperate compant "Bulying" a samller company well this time Nissan Computers have a real argument. I have emailed article to anumber of tv news programmes including the BBC, and they have a seriouse intrest , also the tv programe Wathchdog here in the uk
How can a name of some one be a crime.
Daniel - Jupp

I believe that since you went through all the legal channels to obtain the business name and this web site, it is yours and yours only.  Don't let a giant bully you into submission.  Stand fast.
Josh Harcharik

THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!  STOP reverse DOMAIN Name registration... FIRST THIS.. NEXT DEMOCRACY will fall... we did not fight and DIE for the LOSS of RIGHTS!!!   I PROTEST!
Kyle Shelton

Nissan Motor: I am offended that you would attempt to stop this small business owner from the legitimate operation of his business.  You have no right to do what you are doing and I hope and pray that the courts will find in Mr. Nissan's favor.
Scott Wilson

Shame on you Nissan Motor.may you be taken over by Haundai soon!
John Presser

It is morally and ethically (and in contravention of the spirit of the US constitution) wrong for size of pockets to determine the outcome of right of ownership.  If the entity was trading under a given commercial name, similar to the domain name, then the judgement should simply be first come - first served.  The early bird catches the worm.
John Macleod

I'm sorry, but I think what you are doing is wrong. I would be more likely to understand your grounds for suit if the Nissan name was being slandered. But this is not what is happening. And since the Nissan name exsisted in this person's family since before the Nissan Corporation was even considered, then he is entitled to ownership.
Thank You for your time.

I don't know the other side of the story, but I don't think Nissan motors can just come out and press legal charges against this Nissan company.  Just because Nissan motors is bigger and has more money does not give them the right to step over others.  Why didn't they have their website set up first?  Better yet, go back to the name "Datsun" and have a website under that name.  Surely, they can have that name all to themselves.  My late-dad used to drive a nissan pick-up truck.  Now, I wish he never bought the truck and stick to "Toyota" instead.  Nissan computer, I wish you good luck.  I think bigger corp. should give the small business and chance instead of picking on them 'cause they have more power.

To whom it may concern,
As a small business owner, and American citizen I am outraged at what I have learned regarding the dispute between Nissan Motor and Nissan Computer.  It is obviouse that Nissan Motor displayed blatent short sitghtedness by  not registering thier domain name before Nissan Computer.  To show the disregard for the issue Nissan Motor continued to sleep on the issue by not registering with the suffix, ".net".  I belive Nissan Motor corp. made a managment error that it is requesting the U.S. courts to remedy by punishing Nissan Computer for being a "net savy" business.  Best of luck to Nissan Computer Corp.  May justice prevail.
Andy Marcoux

To Whom it May Concern:
Nissan Motor Corp. is treading on difficult ground here -- this is not good politics, nor is it the way to deal with a real problem!  Work this out through negotiation -- surely a lawsuit is NOT the way to go!  How about asking both companies to add more information into the URL -- making and -- or something equitable -- AND compensating the "little guy" who has DONE NOTHING WRONG!!!!  I am ashamed that big business just bullies little companies around -- especially when this is not a "hostage" situation, but a legitimate business doing what it needed to do to stay in business!
Julie Shannon - Vashon, WA

Best of luck in your "David v Goliath' battle. Shame Nissan Motor cannot be more like Southwest Airlines in regards to this matter.  They faced a similar issue with a small Aviation concern in Hickory, NC. Instead of wrangling it out in court, Southwest Airlines arm-wrestled the CEO of the small company for the rights pertaining to the matter at hand.  Instead of both companies being involved in a lengthy court fight, monies raised in the event went to charity, not the money grubbing attorneys.
Eric Bruce

Mr. Nissan has had this name almost since the beginning of time, where does the motor company get the gull of stupidity to try to take legal action against someone who founded and started the site before they even thought of internet sites?  Nissan computer has the right to keep it's web address and Nissan motors needs to just deal with the fact that they were too late.....
Eric D. Powell

I agree completely with your cause.  I know that Nissan is a biblical term and month in the jewish calendar and it seems both arrogant and ignorant to believe that one has ownership over this name simply because they have more money or are a larger corporation.
Eric Rabichow

Dear Nissan Motor Co.,
I do not believe that the actions you are taking against Nissan Computer Corporation are fair.  Your trademark does not cover the generic name Nissan.  It is obvious that Nissan Computer Corp, is not trying to defraud you, and that their company and their name has nothong to do with your name.  A negative public backlash will damage your image if you continue trying to steal and domain names from this small business.
Steven Williams

Is it possible for Nissan Motor to buy the and for a very large ammount? Nissan Motor has a lot of money, just buy the whole Nissan computer, inc. and get the name as the result.
Jason Smith

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