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Can Nissan be so shortsighted?  If they were to make a show of canceling this litigation, they could reap huge pubic relations benefits! They could enjoy tremendous positive publicity, and Americans would love them for "helping the little guy".
Sadly, they have not. So I sold my Infiniti, and won't be back.
Marc Myer

Although I can sympathize with Nissan Motor for not having a website with intuitive name, I would like to point out that they are not the only ones with this problem.  If Nissan Computer was not a legitimate business, I would have certainly been on Nissan Motor's side.  But it is.  And destroying a small business to advance your own is not the best way to deal with the issue.
Just recently I advised my mother to buy a Nissan Altima.  If Nissan Motor will not stop the lawsuit soon, I will refrain from both buying and advising other people to buy their automobiles.
Edward Ioffe

I do not condone the use of corporate money to oust the little guy from the internet. Please cease from your attempts to take away the trade name and domain of  my fellow American. If you do not I will never buy your products. Thank you for your co operation.
Clifton Byars

The world has become a sad place when corperations think they can just go after someone because of a "Trademark". Lets not forget the musician Sting who went after the owner of and LOST as the site had nothing to do with the work of the musician Sting and was based on his Multiplayer Game persona. Well, Mr. Nissan can definitely show a vested interest in Nissan as it's his family name and has been so for quite a few generations. Much longer than Nissan Motor has been around. I may be one person, but at least I know the money I worked hard to earn will never make it's ways into the coffers of such a company that would do such a despicable act.
Chris Williams

Relation with Nissan Motors dates back to ownership of Datsuns in the 70s.  Will do no more business with bullies on the net.
James Hall - McCamey, TX

Dear Mr.Nissan, As owner of my own websites I am more then happy to put your banner on my sites in hopes that others using the web will come across your banner and find out what big corperations will try and do to small buisnesses. We support you 100% Mr. Nissan. And to all others don't support Nissan auto makers.
Fred Letro - Las Vegas

It would be completely wrong to let Nissan Motor Corp. stop this man from using his name on the internet.  He has a right to using it and should be granted the freedom all of us would expect if we were in the same situation.  He obviously registered the domain name first, so it is his and should remain so.  He is not trying to manuever into their business, but run a company that has nothing to do with cars, so there is no conflict.
Sorry, Nissan Motor Corp, but you snooze you loose.
John Pywtorak

First come gets the domain name.  Proctor and Gamble uses and a guy with the last name of Proctor uses (he's developing a product for them) and all domain names must be registered and pay for it.  If Nissan Motor Company can't use its full name it should have jumped on the internet bandwagon as soon as it was available to the general public.
Victoria Wallace

The Nissan Computer Corp. had rights to the website since 1994.  You snooze, you lose.  Until their contract runs out, no other company should be able to steal their web page!
Miriam Marcus

Dear Nissan Motor Car Company...DON'T DO IT.  Don't try and walk over the little guy. You may have enough money and clout to win...but the invasion and takeover of his name will leave a permanent black mark on yours.  I'm sure your PR folks will ascertain that negative publicity grows in geometric proportion and just as I have received this case on my desk from an unknown citizen, so shall I pass it on.
Virgina - RI

Mr. Nissan...
From Colombia in South America we are with you. Is very important in our modern world to respect the domain. I am sure the prestigious Nissan Motor Co. will be intelligent and give you the reason. I hoppe so.
Joan Palau

I support Nissan Computer as the rightful owner of their domain names NISSAN.COM & NISSAN.NET.  It is immoral for Nissan Motor Co. to attempt to wrest the domain names from Nissan Computer via the use of the judicial system.
Pee Cee

It is a shame that a large corporation feels it has to try to punish a small business just to gain a webaddress.  I'm sure the name NissanMotors isn't taken, or they would be suing whatever company has that name too.  It is unethical for a large corporation to bring an useless lawsuit against a small firm because the small business beat them to the punch.  If I were the judge in this case I would have to have all the facts, especially the dates these 2 companies tried to get the daomain names.  Then it would just be a case of who filed the right paperwork and who was a late bloomer.  Whichever company applied for the domain first should get it, no matter the size of the company.  That is called being fair.
Jason Colvin

I think it is unfair and immorally wrong.  The internet is a "first come, first serve arena", its supposed to be a free enterprise, not big fish eat little fish whenever they want to. Nissan Motor Co., realized the power of the internet later than the Nissan Computer Corp. so what gives them the right to whine and complain until they get their way.
Marcus Reddish

Why dont you just give this computer corp  a couple million dollars for the domain name.  youre probably spending twice that on court cost, lawyers,  plus your getting a bad name from this.

Sorry to hear of your dilemna with the name battle. The same thing happened to Howard Johnson, who started his own hotel named after him and ran it for several years, only to come under fire from the big Howard Johnson chain. He was successful in court because it was his name. I hope that Mr. Nissan is just as successful. I support legitimate early birds getting the worm for names, especially their own! I do not support large corporations claiming rights to already registered names because they are bigger, or more well known in their minds, etc. nor do I support speculators getting names registered to sell them to large corporations later at ridiculously inflated prices. Again, best of luck to Mr. Nissan.
Rich Sutherland

If the facts I have read are true, then I am in no doubt that Nissan Motor's should not be allowed to bully Nissan Computers out of the internet address. Mr Nissan is perfectly entitled to keep the name, he has made his. Money should not be a factor when deciding who is right and who is wrong. The simple fact is that Nissan Computers obtained the name first. I am no Lawyer, but there must be, or should be, a law prohibiting this kind of action.
Matt Thomas

It is a catch 22 situation. Nissan was asleep at the wheel and was not progressive enough to buy thhe domain name first.  They may have it trademarked but do you, in NC.  You obviously have reason to use the name, it is a legitimate reason.  This situation was created by new media opportunities and is seperate from the old world.  I say Nissan if you want it, buy it!
Dennis Swain

This lawsuit doesn't make any sense.   The domain name is registered to a company who has a legitimate claim to it.
Peter A. Blemel

If I understand--you are trying to stop multi-national corps from taking domain names that small businesses, the little guys, have reserved for themselves???  Of course I agree with this.
Addie Marie Jones

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