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To Whom It May Concern:
I have stopped my fleet manager from getting any further quotes on your cars until you stop your lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corp.
Sincerely yours,
William R. Kreitzer - President, Advanced Biotechnology Inc

While I admire your company's products and respect your wishes to control the Nissan name, I hope you will cease all legal action against Mr. Nissan regarding his ownership of  I am presently considering the purchase of a Nissan Xterra, and came to Mr. Nissan's site by accident in my search to learn more about this car.  It is no great difficulty for me to go to, and I would not confuse Mr. Nissan's site with your own.  But harrassment of someone who rightfully owns the domain WOULD does make me less likely to purchase one of your vehicles.
Kind regards,
Paul Corning

With my current lease on my LandRover winding down, I had begun my search for a replacement. The Xtera was my car of choice, but no more. It is clear to me that Nissan Motors is a company that I want nothing to do given the way it is tipping its moral hand by the way it is aggressively attacking NISSAN.COM and NISSAN.NET. Two powerful tools come to mind as I consider how a grassroots movement can put them back in their place: (1) The power of the Internet for spreading the word, (2) The constitutional protection of free speech -- truth is a bulletproof defense. I shall do my part to bring as much attention to this outrageous case as possible.
Edgar V.

The internet has not been created so only large corporations can profit from it.  Nissan Motor missed their opportunity to register their name. I will never purcahase another Nissan Motor product if the Name is awarded to Nissan Motor corp.
Matt Hayes

Much as I disapprove of bulk mailing whatever the purpose, the story that this one contains (if true) concerns me greatly. Unless I hear an official denial from nissan motor corp. before nov. 1st  I will stop my planned purchase of a Nissan Primera in protest at nissan's bullying tactics.
Jason Wrigley - Cork, Ireland

I find this case to be pathetic on the part of Nissan Motors. It clearly shows paranoia on their part in a way which is detrimental to the growth of the online community.  Nissan Motors should have registered NISSAN.COM / NET / ORG themselves if they were so concerned about this activity. Mind you this is not your normal case of "cybersquatting" Mr. Nissan has a legally valid use of the name Nissan.  This just shows the ignorance of big-business who like to cover their mistakes with legal action.  I have gladly added your banner to my website
Good luck.
Kevin E. Mort.

I feel that the blatant misuse of trademarks and business names is bogus here, to sue a small business for owning the domain name such as in this case, where a small time shop owns that name, and the nissan motor company has a bit problem with it, when they can just as easily go out and grab or any variant of such is totally wrong. Being a web-consumer and a web profiteer, as well as a religious user, it's no major deal to have a few extra characters, you can trademark a presentation of a name, you can restrict the use of a name, but in the digital world, all is fair game, there are no preventive measures to block people from using a domain name as theirs, I could've registered for myself, and used it for a personal page, and nobody could do a thing about it, except throw lawsuit paperwork at me, and what would they get? it would be a waste of time, and I would gladly drag the company through the mud publically, and privately, and make sure they spent all they could, as soon as the lawsuit hit, my site would become a parody of them, and I would ensure that I judiciously drug their company through the mud for their measures. Nissan Motors could've easily had requested that a link swap be performed, where both sites or maybe even just the computer corp's site have a link, in case a weary computer user happens across the computer site when they want the motors site. and what's the problem with registering a name like you judiciously advertise that site on the web, in books, online, in your storefronts, on signs, and believe me, nobody's gonna not find you. done right, any insanely large web address can be fostered to the forefront of the internet. I own a web domain myself, and I would hate it if a company or a group by the name of blackfold tried to throw legal paperwork my way, when they could easily just make their name more verbose, I don't advertise my page, they do, and thus their site would get more hits in that regard. a little advertising instead of legally battering a small business is the way to play the game my friends, the amount you spend in advertising compared to legal mud slinging would save you a few thousand to a few million depending on how far out you dredge the lawsuit. Just the humble opinion of a computer programmer and webmaster, Nissan Motor's I think you should review your practices in terms of how you handle situations, and instead of throwing a fit because someone got the name first, advertise and register something like I guarentee you it'll be just as memorable with the right marketing, and it's not like you wouldn't have marketed the site address anyway, so there's no real change in your spending plans, and no money getting pitched at the legal system and lawyers who make enough money anyway. keep that money for yourself Nissan Motors, or are you not in the business for the money? **laughs at own statement** business is business, not war. don't crush someone who's not even in your arena, or your line of manufacture, just go about your business being a Vehicle superpower, and let the comp corp do it's thing, and live in peace :) I doubt you'll reply to this, but I am curious how much money you think you'll save by forcing the issue compared to getting a different domain, and advertising it instead of your planned domain name? I want the numbers, but if I fall on deaf ears, I doubt I'll even see them. and Oh, should I not get any word from Nissan Motor's on this issue, or bad words, I will be sure to scratch Nissan off any plans to buy market shares of their company, and I'll tell all of my soon to retire and 10 yr air force members to boycott Nissan Motor's Stock. :) have a nice day.
Geoffrey Finch

My dad owned a Datsun back in the 70s and early 80s. In the late 80s Datsun changed its name to Nissan. Now it should be Uzi Nissan suing them for using his family name instead of vice versa.

I think Nissan Computer Corporation should have the right to use "" as its domain name.
Xiao Mok

Though i can understand Carmaker Nissan, i'll hope they lose! A good management should have see the possibilities that the internet offers, they should have claimed there domain-name right at the start of the internet-hype. Better save than sorry.
Good luck.
Ramon from the Netherlands should be Nissan Motors'.  But could be any company's domain name that uses its name as Nissan something..
B. L.

Well, I am a 19 years old university students. I don't know much about the trademarks law or whatever law that deals with it. I don't even live in US, I'm in Indonesia.  However after reading your case I, personally, felt that Nissan Motors don't have the reason to press charge on Nissan Computers. The first who gets to register the domain name, gets to keep it. Well, I will spread this case in Indonesia, we'll see if Nissan vehicles sale will be ruined. (Nissan have already beaten up here by Toyota or Honda, very few Indonesian people get around in a Nissan. May this simple opinion help the Nissan Computer on its journey to defeat the arrogant Japanese corporate..
"Stand for what is right, even if you're standing alone (in this case, you're not alone)".

Please get real.  In persecuting the Nissan Computer Corp you are violating the founding  principle of the Internet as a free and universal source of information and show yourselves to be irresponsible corporate citizens. Be ashamed, very ashamed.
Catrina Arbuckle

I am a big Nissan Automotive fan, as my brother is a technician for a local dealer. However I think sueing a guy for registering a domain name with his last name is silly. is a very cool domain name, and is easy to remeber, so I don't see what the problem is. But if Nissan Motor Co. really wants the domain name, I think they make an offer to Nissan Computer Corp. 1-2 Million seems reasonable, depending on wheather they want both the .com and the .net or not. Law suits like this are exactly why Nissan has been in financial difficulty for the past few years. They make a fine line of cars, but they don't have any business sense.
David L. Heald Jr.

Its wrong for you to use your superior size and strength to steal what is not rightfull yours.  He has the registered name... Conducts his activities honestly, and is in no way associated with vehicles/cars.  Loss of ambiguity.  Buy him out or leave him alone
Best Regards...
Mr. Gale

I do not agree with the lawsuit Nissan Motors is bringing against Nissan Motors does not own the name Nissan. The man who began has Nissan as his last name and Nissan Motors has no right to take that away from him.  It seems to me an obvious solution has been overlooked. Why not use for a domain name for the Nissan Motor Co.? That would make a clear distinction between the two companies and prevent a needless lawsuit. This whole situation is as ridiculous as McDonald's Corp. claiming no one else can use the name "McDonald" even if it is an individual's last name. Besides, had their domain name first, and it shouldn't be taken away from them.
Thank you for your attention,
Liz Norlin - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I just want to say that I'm behind you guys all the way and that this is a pathetic example of big-business trying to can an extra edge.  It's really patheic on Missan Cars part.
The Man

First come, first served...If Nissan Motor didin't have the insight to register its domain names early on...tough luck...they should be offering to buy it from Nissan Computer for a few million dollars before spending that much in a court case!
Dean Lyon

Dear Sirs,
I resent your attempt to extort the domain names "" & "" from the Nissan Computer Co. Mr. Nissan has a legitamate reason for using the name "Nissan", and was smart enough to register it before you.  Your bullting tactics of trying to bankrupt Nissan Computer Co. with expensive legal bills IS NOT a very attractive image for a multinational corproation.
Bill Ahrens

It's not like the Nissan Computer Corp. is some Joe-shmoe in his living room with under his money-grubbing hands.  This is a no-brainer.  You got on the 'net too late to get what you wanted, Nissan Motors.  Just like the rest of us who want a domain name that is NOT for sale, you will just have to deal with it.  I'm sure that the current and RIGHTFUL owners do not have the budget for commercials that you do, Nissan Motors.  All you have to do is flash you web address across the screen like every other Multi-national corporation trying to dominate the global market. Viva la Revolucion.

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