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Message for Nissan motors.
I have been using your products for many years, dating back to the time when you were called Datsun.  I am presently driving a Maxima.  If you persist in harrasing Mr. Nissan over this name dispute, you can consider me to be a former customer.
I will never buy any of your products again.
Norm Rogers

If you have the name registered first, then Nissan Motor Company has no right to take it from you.  I wish you luck in your law suit.  I was actually looking for the Nissan Automotive site, so I could check out their new Frontier truck.  I don't think I will be going to that site now.  I am dissapointed that a huge company would try to go after an individual who is trying to earn a living.
Chad Sheddy

I think the lawsuit you have against Nissan Computers is outrageous.  If he got there first you should honor that.  If you persist in this lawsuit, I will never buy a Nissan product again.
Eva Spinner

Leave Uzi Nissan alone! You're paying millions a year to advertising agencies. Have your creative geniuses come up with some domain name that isn't taken already.
Until I hear that you have dropped this ridiculous lawsuit, I will buy no further Nissan Motor Co. products.
Mr. Data

If Nissan motors succeeds in taking the nissan domain name from the rightful owner I will get rid of the nissan car I own and give nissan motors all of the bad pr I can produce.
Tom Durrant

I feel that this law suit is totally unwarrented as Nissan Computer Corportation is named after it's founder.  In addition, this corportation does not represent the automotive industry in any way, form or fashion.  You are a huge conglomerate controling a large portion of the automotive industry.  Why on earth do you feel the need to go after "a little guy" that isn't in any way impacting your business??  My strong suggestion, save your personel,s hours, and your "drop in the bucket hefty corporatate" dollars and drop the suit!!
Thank You,
Jamie Brakefield

Back off from the Nissan Computer company! Just because the computer company thought of using the domain name first does not mean that they should be sued! There are planty of OTHER companies who do the same thing! I see NO problem with it. Nissan Motor Company can use Who cares!
Wendy Lawe

Mr. Nissan certainly has a legitimate claim to his name.  Besides, first come, first serve.  Just because Nissan Motors is larger doesn't make them above the law, and Mr. Nissan has a legal claim to it.
Max Aquino

First Come First serve! Nissan Motors get over yourself!!!!!!!!!! Should have been a little quicker....
Anthony S. Caywood

I think Nissan Motor has no right over Nissan Computer's domain. Since Nissan Computer has responsibly registered their domain first, the motor company has in no right in accusing the computer company any trademark infringment. If the motor company wants the domain name, they can offer a proposal to the current owner.
Jonathan Nollora

I believe it is going overboard to sue someone simply because they are using a name which rightfully belongs to them, in as much as it belongs to you.  If it was up to me, it should be played the way the Internet game is played...first served, first server.
Alexander B. Aquino

I think you have no right at all to take anyone to court over a domain name. I hope you rethink your actions.
Douglas Goodier

Nissan Motor Corporation is losing it's mind!  I[was] a loyal Nissan owner, but this type of childish crap is hurting their business big time.  I agree with the people that say if Nissan wants the domain name, they should offer a "to good to pass up" deal.  With all the money they are putting down to file suits, they could have already bought the name!  Grow up, Mr. Nissan had the domain name legally first, so leave him alone and start trying to get your lost business back.

I think Nissan should offer you a large sum of $ if they want the domain name.  Otherwise, you have full right to use your last name!  Good luck!
Augustin Flores

When searching for a company that is well known, I search by the main name first (example, which is how I got here. However, it is ridiculous and a violation of rights to think that any company that wants to, can sue for the name unless it is proven somehow that you are playing off of their name and have no connection to it yourself. It is a free country and a free world. How can anyone say you don't have the right to your own name as a website. If Nissan Motors wants the site, they should make you a legal offer to buy it. Now I do disagree with people registering domains of company names in hopes that they do want to buy it and they get rich from it, that is wrong, and why I say they need to prove that the person had no direct connection for the name before they would have a legal case.
Stuart Vrieze

This reverse domain name hijacking has got to stop! You're absolutely right in protecting your rights from being trampled by the big corporate guys. As far as I can tell you should have no problem winning this case!
Rob Touw

I think that this situation is ridiculous. Whoever gets the names registered first is the rightful owner. The only thing Nissan Motors should be able to do is make an offer and buy the names. It's there fault they didn't get it registered soon enough. I think Nissan Computers is the one in control of what they decide to do with the domain name.

I think that this is in fact a bogus trial. Other companies attempt to buy domain names, which is legal, but to sue for it is just wrong. That is why domain names come on a first come first serve basis. I would think that if the Nissan Motor sues NCC, then NCC ought to beable to sue their domain server. I don't see how Nissan Motor has any rights. What if it wasn't Nissan Motor. What if it were under a different name? Moral support all the way.
Summer Daes

Let it be plainly understood that the wrong headed idiocy of this situation will not be tolerated by the public for one minute longer. Nissan Motors was last to notice that (Heaven Forbid) A guy named nissan has the gall to use his OWN NAME for his company ! ! !  Nissan Motors better get over it and soon before the rest of the world finfs out how STUPID THIS IS: Or doesn't Harley Davidson already have this idiotic BS covered with trying to patent/copyright the sound of a V-Twin motor? These people get paid good money to show they aren't intelligent? Get over it and stop snivelling! I never liked their cars anyway.
Anthony D. Funches

I believe the simple maxim "first in time is first in law" should apply to domain name registration. Any day law will create confusion and we will all surfer the consequences.
Adesoji Adesugba

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